100 Minecraft Players vs NATURAL DISASTERS

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minecraft is back yea boii
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LazarBeam - 10 måneder siden
ive had this video planned for weeks and ive made 30+ minecraft videos but lets just say im copying Pewds despite this video being nothing like his. Some of yall dumb lmao
Gavin Benter
Gavin Benter - 14 dager siden
Doet Er Niet Toe
Doet Er Niet Toe - 16 dager siden
Pewdiepie sucks lol.
Dr.Annoyin - 16 dager siden
@Chris Fishys noice
Joseph Chen
Joseph Chen - Måned siden
your dumb mate]
that random kid
that random kid - 3 måneder siden
Cheem - 13 timer siden
If I was in the challenge I will just make a super deep bunker if I can
Shinmadzilla Fun Adventures
Shinmadzilla Fun Adventures - 2 dager siden
pizza yeee PIZZA
pizza yeee PIZZA - 2 dager siden
When the volcano erupts it looks like a bunch of burnt hot dogs for smoke LOL
Helping Hand
Helping Hand - 2 dager siden
Man i wish i could go online but my stupid xbox one wont let me go online.
Daniel Soukup
Daniel Soukup - 2 dager siden
Beast copycat
Tyson Tran
Tyson Tran - 3 dager siden
cant they just hide in the nether
Mary Bresnihan
Mary Bresnihan - 3 dager siden
Someone was wearing Preston merchandise in a lazarbeam vidio
SafDaBoss Gaming
SafDaBoss Gaming - 3 dager siden
Eptastic left the game
Eptastic left the game
Nathan Turner lol
Nathan Turner lol - 4 dager siden
Amos Manggougun
Amos Manggougun - 4 dager siden
I cld hear the tension n stress of the edited when ppl didn't die of the meteor
Mohamed beshir
Mohamed beshir - 4 dager siden
Can I have money
Jaclyn Williams
Jaclyn Williams - 5 dager siden
Mrbeast offended not 10 g
Tomas Stefan
Tomas Stefan - 6 dager siden
Soo Technically It's like fortnite
Danny Noyes
Danny Noyes - 6 dager siden
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LunaticCrisp - 6 dager siden
8:21 elppa does not sound like he is enjoying himself
Cristi Dobrin
Cristi Dobrin - 7 dager siden
The winner was hacking 100% i saw him fly and u killed him already and he was back...
Silas Xander
Silas Xander - 7 dager siden
Whos here in 2021👉
BoB Clan
BoB Clan - 8 dager siden
It’s funny how elppa sounds like helper
Yoel Soto
Yoel Soto - 10 dager siden
you could of just spawn everyone at the sky and kill everyone
Bhumika Mohanty
Bhumika Mohanty - 10 dager siden
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The Seamoose
The Seamoose - 11 dager siden
Raquib - 14 dager siden
I didn't knew LazarBeam was a Natural Disaster.... But if you think about it I can see how it can be
Rishan Bhuju
Rishan Bhuju - 14 dager siden
((((((((() can see
CyberTilted - 18 dager siden
Ellpa is his 'elper
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera - 21 dag siden
All you did was bully everyone that’s all that was 😂 and at one point I just felt bad for the people and it wasn’t funny
Ben Hurst
Ben Hurst - 22 dager siden
Code lazar guys
Pizza Pug
Pizza Pug - 22 dager siden
Has very well, unfair.
Misaelthefrostar - 23 dager siden
The song that’s from jaws he puts it so scary
William Summers
William Summers - 23 dager siden
I'm I just want to be noticed
William Summers
William Summers - 23 dager siden
Shannon Mustari
Shannon Mustari - 24 dager siden
R3C0NS1D3R - 24 dager siden
something mrbeast gaming would do
Lara Toffolon
Lara Toffolon - 27 dager siden
Go bing
Cillycill gaming
Cillycill gaming - 29 dager siden
Please upload more Minecraft vids I LOVE EM
Rayjan Domingo
Rayjan Domingo - 29 dager siden
when you throw a meteorite that means yeet
Letrish Sayianjin
Letrish Sayianjin - Måned siden
How could you kill people by teleporting them to the sky? IT IS OUTRAGEOUS, IT'S UNFAIR!!!
Jaxson Koch
Jaxson Koch - Måned siden
I mean lazar
Jaxson Koch
Jaxson Koch - Måned siden
They ain’t natural now that laser beam s here
Marina Espeseth
Marina Espeseth - Måned siden
look at bottom of screen and listen closely
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee - Måned siden
Is this like minecraft 1.0 or something
Jessica Woodruff
Jessica Woodruff - Måned siden
In the begging their is a preston plays fan cause someone has his merch
John Lewis
John Lewis - Måned siden
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Myrtle Gibson
Myrtle Gibson - Måned siden
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Gacha_Music - Måned siden
Random people just keep on dying in the most ridiculous ways lmao
Kristin Gabriel
Kristin Gabriel - Måned siden
They could've hidden underneath the ocean, or a lake
Bernardino Buñag IV
Bernardino Buñag IV - Måned siden
Wait if dream is in that he will win because his pro
Bernardino Buñag IV
Bernardino Buñag IV - Måned siden
Kavyashree - Måned siden
I was playing
a random guy
a random guy - Måned siden
Its literally if lazar finds u lose $1000
Alfie Fish
Alfie Fish - Måned siden
Killing people must be fun
Alfie Fish
Alfie Fish - Måned siden
Yes I agree
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark - Måned siden
Someone was wearing a Prestons fire merch lol
Godzilla king of the monsters
Why were there no tsnumis?
Samuel Gentry
Samuel Gentry - Måned siden
Mr beam
Discord Bot
Discord Bot - Måned siden
sToP cOpYiNg pEwDiEPiE
Akaidia Morgan (Disgybl 2017)
Lazarbeam one is Wearing a Preston t-shirt
Caden Hatchew
Caden Hatchew - Måned siden
This is what mrbeast would do on his gaming channel
Dat boi is Da homie
Dat boi is Da homie - Måned siden
I just realized that my friend at the bottom of the playerlist, wegeethins, completed
Games21 - Måned siden
In the video if you look closely it’s not a natural disaster

It’s a vodka bottle
Rex philip
Rex philip - Måned siden
*Thanks guys for referring me to white_hack10 on Instagram he recovered my account successfully.*
Rex philip
Rex philip - Måned siden
*Thanks guys for referring me to white_hack10 on Instagram he recovered my account successfully.*
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher - Måned siden
Soooooooooooo you had 101 people not 100
Alpharelic 2021
Alpharelic 2021 - Måned siden
*Lannan:* Wants Gingy to win
*ALSO Lannan:* Blows up Gingy with a meteor
Hank Bluz
Hank Bluz - Måned siden
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Abdul Basith khan 19
Abdul Basith khan 19 - Måned siden
title of the vid: 100 Minecraft Players vs NATURAL DISASTERS
reality: hunting players down and killing them by a meteor or fall damage
bernie bare
bernie bare - Måned siden
Yeah, I thought that was kinda unfair
Joseph Salomons
Joseph Salomons - Måned siden
Pewdiepie comes up with it and you put a lazarbeam twist on it to make it more entertaining
Anna Szymanska
Anna Szymanska - Måned siden
🔮 Moonlight 🔮
🔮 Moonlight 🔮 - Måned siden
Lazar: I want the gingerbread guy to live
Also Lazar: Kills gingerbread with lava
Rick Astly
Rick Astly - Måned siden
Tm.Invasion - Måned siden
Hey Rick
Brett baron Gaming
Brett baron Gaming - Måned siden
tkbasumatary - Måned siden
you bicth
Mr. Moxfixe
Mr. Moxfixe - Måned siden
How the dinosaurs died
Dennisdailycom1 - Måned siden
Imagine someone went to the nether.
Aavi Patel
Aavi Patel - Måned siden
did any of you notice that at 0:07 there is a Preston fan
ggarelos 69
ggarelos 69 - Måned siden
2020 in a nutshell
Lisa Lau
Lisa Lau - Måned siden
Hi laserbeam
elliot ramsey
elliot ramsey - Måned siden
N1GHTBLAD3 - Måned siden
New title: minecraft disaster manhunt
Fishy boi 27
Fishy boi 27 - Måned siden
No 99 someone died from silver fish
Selin Birkan
Selin Birkan - Måned siden
This is so INTENSE
Ethan Leeming
Ethan Leeming - Måned siden
Angelica Garcia
Angelica Garcia - Måned siden
trying to copy mr beast
Cody Polk
Cody Polk - Måned siden
Can you make more like this
Woofscle - 2 måneder siden
Imagine getting disconnected😂
delilah mikaelson
delilah mikaelson - 2 måneder siden
ok mr beast i see you
Mira Kunzin
Mira Kunzin - 2 måneder siden
What would of happened if someone went To the nether to hide in this and avoided the storms
Galaxy void Boy
Galaxy void Boy - 2 måneder siden
it would be sick
Amogh Kukreja
Amogh Kukreja - 2 måneder siden
4:49 I died 😂😂😂
THE PEKKA - 2 måneder siden
Hey mr.beam I'm in the discord but I can't get past the verification
Phoolgupta25 Phoolgupta25
Phoolgupta25 Phoolgupta25 - 2 måneder siden
An then you will WIN!!! O my Tattu! O my TATTU 😁says HIDIMBA 😈😱😨
Phoolgupta25 Phoolgupta25
Phoolgupta25 Phoolgupta25 - 2 måneder siden
Please say O my Tattu! O my Tattu! O my Tattu!
not_misael on instagram
not_misael on instagram - 2 måneder siden
Ethan Santos
Ethan Santos - 2 måneder siden
Im just really surprised that noone getting the drop used the mlg water trick
Midi Chef - Kids TV
Midi Chef - Kids TV - 2 måneder siden
god in 2020 be like:
Mr. Sloth man
Mr. Sloth man - 2 måneder siden
TheHappyBacon - 2 måneder siden
What do you need weapon is you can’t kill
Ouija Experience
Ouija Experience - 2 måneder siden
Lazar was being a. Cheating fuck here
TrepidBacon - 2 måneder siden
2020: Great idea lazerbeam!
Me: no
AIBOT 123 - 2 måneder siden
I am like why don't you go to the nether
Nicholas Moran
Nicholas Moran - 2 måneder siden
You should of done a title wave