broken lightsaber memes

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omg lightsabers
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Lalamoose - 2 timer siden
but the green lightsaber is clearly luke's one
Kham David
Kham David - 23 timer siden
Kid become savage jedi
Ella Desbois
Ella Desbois - Dag siden
I used your code.
Miguel Portal
Miguel Portal - Dag siden
He went x games mode omfg
BananaZ03 - Dag siden
Obj wan I have the high ground anikin
Anikin you under estimate my power
5 seconds later obi wan dead
vinwor Sihlabo
vinwor Sihlabo - Dag siden
That one kid at the end🤣🤣
Kamron Nguyen
Kamron Nguyen - Dag siden
You dumb
Hassan Majid
Hassan Majid - 2 dager siden
Hassan Majid
Hassan Majid - 2 dager siden
Jack Dare
Jack Dare - 2 dager siden
“As Master Jedi MC Hammer once said, ‘You can’t touch this.’”
Ethan Solomons
Ethan Solomons - 2 dager siden
They need to add these to creative
Sigurður Hólmgrímsson
Sigurður Hólmgrímsson - 2 dager siden
Who else wants lightsabers in 2021 fortnite
John Tsokanos
John Tsokanos - 3 dager siden
he was hacking
Kee Kee
Kee Kee - 3 dager siden
Riddick Vin
Riddick Vin - 3 dager siden
qui gon jinn is my favorite jedi master
Benjamin Jametski
Benjamin Jametski - 3 dager siden
He should have played duel of the fates
idksom - 4 dager siden
Also that one light saber with 2 things on it is kylo rens lightsaber
Not Darth maul
TEAM MAGICIAN - 4 dager siden
(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ಠ_ಠ
Local_stabber - 4 dager siden
Lazar: I have 5 of em
:me you pickaxe is not a lightsaber
Frixㄓ - 4 dager siden
It’s the first time lazerbeam is good
Yifan (Evan) ZHANG
Yifan (Evan) ZHANG - 4 dager siden
fucking memers
Manuel Careaga
Manuel Careaga - 5 dager siden
Treavon Williams
Treavon Williams - 5 dager siden
Stop cursing
Cloud - 5 dager siden
Shadowzz9000 - 5 dager siden
fresh is just so clueless about the whole star wars thing tho XD
YT FaZe Miguel
YT FaZe Miguel - 5 dager siden
9:14 what the
Stephan Shove
Stephan Shove - 5 dager siden
Olivier Jaskowski
Olivier Jaskowski - 5 dager siden
May the force be with you
Skaraptor2 - 6 dager siden
Incredible 4 v 1 moment
Xavier MULLINEAUX - 6 dager siden
I wan1 5 of 3m
Oof mcgee
Oof mcgee - 6 dager siden
Uhm all of the already died council died
Rayhab Goraya
Rayhab Goraya - 6 dager siden
ilsa gets pregnet:

Lazerbeam: i want five of them
Fionnlagh McDonald
Fionnlagh McDonald - 7 dager siden
He pronounced naruto wrong
ThegamingGOAT - 7 dager siden
I am so pissed that he called Kylo ren darth maul
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - 7 dager siden
He’s a bot he said the 3 bladed red one was darth mauls it was kylo ren
Jonah Goldenberg
Jonah Goldenberg - 7 dager siden
Not God dam lord Palpatine. God dam lord hacker. At 9:29 when it shows "palpatines" health it is in the thousands.
dreamwasfound xD
dreamwasfound xD - 7 dager siden
lanna:i have the high ground
5 seconds later
lanna:i have the low ground
me Anakin gets cut in half
lanna:oh no
rup507ruq ;nar'kib
rup507ruq ;nar'kib - 7 dager siden
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Nash Kwant
Nash Kwant - 7 dager siden
kuno went god mode
SamDaHam - 7 dager siden
Lazarbeam: I’m a Jedi master
Also Lazarbeam: *holds red lightsaber*
Richard Skogh
Richard Skogh - 7 dager siden
Duel of fates starts to play
Alison Abbott
Alison Abbott - 7 dager siden
He is
Sari Palmero
Sari Palmero - 7 dager siden
When the lifesaver was in the game
Sari Palmero
Sari Palmero - 7 dager siden
I played in chatper 2 season 2
Sari Palmero
Sari Palmero - 7 dager siden
In chatper2 season6
Sari Palmero
Sari Palmero - 7 dager siden
Plssss bring back the lifesaver
Daniel Nuraliyev
Daniel Nuraliyev - 8 dager siden
9:29 can we look at how much sheld this dude has
braylonbetts - 8 dager siden
bnbnbnbbnbnbbbnbbbb bbn
bb gvvgbbv b
Doge - 8 dager siden
2:47 should have done the I have the high ground
Carbon _
Carbon _ - 9 dager siden
LazarBeam: Oohh the green one thats Qui - Gon - Jin's.
Die hard Star Wars Fans: Boi thats a candle stick emiter so it is Luke Skywalker's.
Adrian - 9 dager siden
clap clap clap bruh how did he kill yall
Dis Is Jeff
Dis Is Jeff - 9 dager siden
It’s Kylo ren not darth maul
Darth maul is cooler tho
Chase's Lane
Chase's Lane - 10 dager siden
you are amazing
MP King
MP King - 10 dager siden
When you Block it looks like you dab
Vytx - 10 dager siden
when fresh had the name mrfreshasian.
DashieBoi503 - 10 dager siden
Y9u have the power of Jedi and anime on ur side
Schmigglz - 10 dager siden
"Jedi is a state of being, it has nothing to do with the color of your lightsaber." Nerds be like, "WELL ACTUALLY, sith have to corrupt the crystals to make them red, and to cure them, you have to be a jedi and they turn white sooooooooooo."
Schmigglz - 10 dager siden
It still pisses me off that they called it Rey's Lightsaber.
SPICY SAUSAGE - 10 dager siden
Savino Pasceri
Savino Pasceri - 10 dager siden
i was in there
aashman sabharwal
aashman sabharwal - 10 dager siden
I have
Danny Firmin
Danny Firmin - 10 dager siden
“I hAvE FiVe oF tHeM”
Lazarbeam (insert whatever year this was, I forget to check)
No one Cares
No one Cares - 11 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021?
Wilma May Health & Lifestyle Inspiration
im a sith
Comic Maker20
Comic Maker20 - 11 dager siden
Some youngling soup bruh I was laughing
Comic Maker20
Comic Maker20 - 11 dager siden
It’s it’s a gender neutral thing
mary reyes
mary reyes - 11 dager siden
Add mythic only epic games cause we want this back
Biking and gaming
Biking and gaming - 11 dager siden
hassan abdeen satti
hassan abdeen satti - 11 dager siden
what seson is it
Owen Brady
Owen Brady - 11 dager siden
luckily mccreamy wasent able to block so then lazar got content lol
Andrew Lamebear
Andrew Lamebear - 11 dager siden
Lazar we love but your a streamer btw
Eneko Martin
Eneko Martin - 12 dager siden
That guy has gone god Mode and kills evryone
Oli Scooterz
Oli Scooterz - 12 dager siden
Lannan is the Jedi grand master
Olivia Wodzynska
Olivia Wodzynska - 12 dager siden
My favourite gun in fortnite is the blaster aka star wars
Zeke Mcnicol
Zeke Mcnicol - 13 dager siden
Gavriel Rubin
Gavriel Rubin - 13 dager siden
A wise man once said I want five of them
Ethan Temo
Ethan Temo - 13 dager siden
James Rattacasa
James Rattacasa - 13 dager siden
Laserbeam is Obi-Wan Kenobi why Freshes in Aniken
I’m a gorilla
I’m a gorilla - 13 dager siden
Lannan is making me mad calling the green lightsaber qui-gon’s lightsaber when it’s luke’s
Mason Signorini
Mason Signorini - 13 dager siden
A great man once said
I want five of em
Ryder Angiolani
Ryder Angiolani - 14 dager siden
You guys were cheating by just blocking the whole time.
Charlie Ballema
Charlie Ballema - 14 dager siden
Jedi beam Jedi beam
Hunter rulz10
Hunter rulz10 - 14 dager siden
Lazarbeam is literally general grievous ×100
He has 5 lightsabers instead of 4, he is a master
FishyBoi - 14 dager siden
* Laughs in Mandolorian *
Sohan Madaram
Sohan Madaram - 15 dager siden
5:54 This is the Fortnite council with chancellor Lazerbeam
Sohan Madaram
Sohan Madaram - 15 dager siden
Darth Lazer and Emperor Fresh
Oguh - 15 dager siden
Gingy ren
aram - 15 dager siden
the day light sabers come back I WANT FIVE OF EM
gabriel ramirez
gabriel ramirez - 15 dager siden
Astral_ _Valkyrie
Astral_ _Valkyrie - 15 dager siden
Astral_ _Valkyrie
Astral_ _Valkyrie - 15 dager siden
Purples my favourite colour 🤜🤛💯👍😁
Alfie Creighton
Alfie Creighton - 15 dager siden
You killed Kyle ren
Chuggy Chug
Chuggy Chug - 15 dager siden
Super fortnite Kid gaming
Super fortnite Kid gaming - 15 dager siden
ShiftX - 16 dager siden
"1 year ago" me first
XanMan10 Kappos
XanMan10 Kappos - 16 dager siden
So it seems that lazar chose the purple one, witch means that he weals the power of the dark side and uses it to defend the rebellion
Bilal Musa
Bilal Musa - 16 dager siden
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Kierav Kush
Kierav Kush - 16 dager siden
I killed the squad
LoBros - 17 dager siden
Congrats on the stream
LoBros - 17 dager siden
Dude lazar at the beginning is funny yet sad