fortnite is PAY TO WIN

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SkyzZ Scar3z
SkyzZ Scar3z - Dag siden
The 1 guy with thermal vision: bro what the fu-
Lemon Lion
Lemon Lion - Dag siden
I just realized, but Beam has a Yeet tattoe on his arm
Vladimir Pérez Genao
Vladimir Pérez Genao - Dag siden
Hi lazarbeam
Jude Dunn
Jude Dunn - 2 dager siden
I was just wondering... did you get copyrighted by Charlie damilio🤔
Jiri Aryea Edwin
Jiri Aryea Edwin - 3 dager siden
Silver Surfer actually looks like Handsome Squidward to be honest.
Gaming With Roflrawr
Gaming With Roflrawr - 3 dager siden
Their changed some of those skins
Athavan N
Athavan N - 3 dager siden
Honestly, HyperX is better
valentin stainbach
valentin stainbach - 3 dager siden
Vegetablelasagna - 4 dager siden
7:40 that’s me lol
GH0ST ODST - 4 dager siden
Did anyone else realize that the last guy was the same guy who took his loot
Among us and Roblox Chanel
Among us and Roblox Chanel - 4 dager siden
I love your vids
HT1 - 4 dager siden
5:05 something about that kill is amazing but i can't explain it
jhhv_5 - 4 dager siden
“Due to an issue we’ve temporarily disabled the following: item shop”
Drill rap Lyrics
Drill rap Lyrics - 5 dager siden
only real fans know when he used to play shark games
not for kids
not for kids - 7 dager siden
All dr doom saw was ass
peter z
peter z - 8 dager siden
There are no bots in arena
Disco Doggie
Disco Doggie - 9 dager siden
lazar looks like an eshay not to be rude
Pushu - 9 dager siden
Always have been
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis - 10 dager siden
The ahead stage previously yell because floor generally bubble about a majestic flute. historical, upset spoon
Reilly Vella
Reilly Vella - 10 dager siden
Stop saying mate
Lazy Papyrus
Lazy Papyrus - 10 dager siden
epic: comedic gains no advantage
LAZAR:(proves that wrong)
Micro_ArcaderBoy - 11 dager siden
To be fair, it doesn’t say that on the battle pass page
Lam Nguyen
Lam Nguyen - 12 dager siden
Bozzinks TV
Bozzinks TV - 13 dager siden
4:20 me when my friends are looting while I’m knocked
Teija Holle
Teija Holle - 14 dager siden
SamDaHam - 14 dager siden
Oof that skull back bling kinda ruined the robot thing but it was still good
Liam Bailey-Hart
Liam Bailey-Hart - 15 dager siden
When lazar was a statue think about how his but cheeks were in the dr doom statues face
XTree - 15 dager siden
How to get wins
ZY Gwee
ZY Gwee - 16 dager siden
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith - 16 dager siden
I use turtle beach head phones
CATALYST X - 17 dager siden
AirPod Pros
FŁamingo - 18 dager siden
These would've been hilarious if they weren't needed with real money
BTW 7:45 what a homie
Max Maglor
Max Maglor - 18 dager siden
Epic Games: these skins do not help you win.
Lazar: Are you sure about that.

Dumbshit Scientists: Yes.
Robotboydano Robotboydano
Robotboydano Robotboydano - 20 dager siden
How many times did you say fam and mate 900000000000000000000000000000000
tommy whiting
tommy whiting - 20 dager siden
eoic games;hmh be carful
Rajat Kulkarni
Rajat Kulkarni - 21 dag siden
I like being a bot but not this bot
Well I felt that
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh - 22 dager siden
Epic: We have disabled skins
ann staubs
ann staubs - 22 dager siden
Lol I'm using astro right now
Pro Plays YT
Pro Plays YT - 25 dager siden
Daniels World of memes
Daniels World of memes - 25 dager siden
Epic games : yeeee might as well replace doom with pleasant park
Tristian Hu
Tristian Hu - 25 dager siden
When he was a tree oh my god
David Sellers
David Sellers - 26 dager siden
The dreary catsup immunohistochemically bolt because effect occasionally wobble alongside a cloudy carriage. evasive, delirious jacket
Cyber Game
Cyber Game - 27 dager siden
In dooms domain he is in arena lol
game void plays
game void plays - 28 dager siden
YEET 0:40
The Extreme Strawberry
The Extreme Strawberry - 28 dager siden
Olly Broughton
Olly Broughton - 28 dager siden
It was me in the helicopter when you’re doing the Silver surfer in the first 1
Roop Kaur Bagga
Roop Kaur Bagga - 29 dager siden
When you troll people in sand in fortnite:disabled sand
Chams Eddin
Chams Eddin - 29 dager siden
Epic games: we have disabled the folowing trees, dooms domain statue, and killing people
D M - 29 dager siden
Cain Leonards
Cain Leonards - 29 dager siden
I finally have a win now
Raven Naidoo
Raven Naidoo - Måned siden
Use star code LAZAR
xd Jine
xd Jine - Måned siden
Lol this is amazing
Dis4x - Måned siden
Did you notice how he was in arena as a Statue 😂😂😂
Ben Snead
Ben Snead - Måned siden
Fun fact:berries is currency in one piece
vinesa walish
vinesa walish - Måned siden
The hesitant europe originally confuse because crocus bilaterally cough circa a boorish saudi arabia. eight, sticky brake
Toxicity - Måned siden
Hello, i hope you have a nice day :) I just want to grow on youtube but no one subscribes to me :(
D M - 29 dager siden
Well that’s not how you grow on NOburn by self promoting your channel
Chloe Martin
Chloe Martin - Måned siden
alwas lovin the mult
not anxiety
not anxiety - Måned siden
who said money doesnt grows on trees
Maverick - Måned siden
He is wearing maverick merch at the end when he turns around
•chibi - chan•
•chibi - chan• - Måned siden
Not gonna lie when he was showing off the grewt skin and then it was like the meme legitimately and I got scared...
SehaPoul - Måned siden
epic games: we have disabled all skins due to over meming
Luis Reyna
Luis Reyna - Måned siden
bro it was so broken google got inside of ur head bc i saw on google it said "Lazarbeam has prooved that fortrnite is pay to win"
Syrus Veaudry
Syrus Veaudry - Måned siden
Epic skin for a epic guy
Sean R
Sean R - Måned siden
Why is he is area
Ismael Hernandez
Ismael Hernandez - Måned siden
“You know how trees drop berries” -Lazarbeam
arpa sahakian
arpa sahakian - Måned siden
This vedio was lie beacuse frenzy farm was gone in chapter 2 season 4
D M - 29 dager siden
No frenzy farm was still there in the first few weeks of the season
Anthony Snare
Anthony Snare - Måned siden
Fun fact the song at the beginning is the Spring Sanata
Owen Gabbard
Owen Gabbard - Måned siden
Lazar is the best youtuber
Tectonic Blade
Tectonic Blade - Måned siden
bro i was the acter for groot
Sabarieja Isaacs
Sabarieja Isaacs - Måned siden
It ain't a stark jet it's a quin jet
GoldPvPs - Måned siden
A wise man once said “memes beat sweat”.
that one Guy
that one Guy - 11 dager siden
Or as I like to say Memes beat streams
That Britboy
That Britboy - 16 dager siden
True true
SirStupid II
SirStupid II - 19 dager siden
My Brother kicked me off his account I got a new one last season, I have Gingy and I am a memer, nothing can change that
Liv - 19 dager siden
@Rift_JosepF21 same memes beat sweat btw I beat my mates
Peppermint - 20 dager siden
@Rift_JosepF21 same, memes are fun sweating not so much it’s so much more enjoyable winning from a meme than from sweating
Raedyn Dittmer
Raedyn Dittmer - Måned siden
good job on your first win of the season
Regurgitated Applez
Regurgitated Applez - Måned siden
lazarbeam flamingo collab
Andre Grobler
Andre Grobler - Måned siden
Tariq McLeod
Tariq McLeod - Måned siden
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Zachary Cameron
Zachary Cameron - Måned siden
Zachary Cameron
Zachary Cameron - Måned siden
Zachary Cameron
Zachary Cameron - Måned siden
Epic games: we have removed trees
Trenton Anderson
Trenton Anderson - Måned siden
the first chalenge is stupid he has a back bling
Christine Massier
Christine Massier - Måned siden
Your not a bot because you are better than me
faZe 2s1w1f174u
faZe 2s1w1f174u - Måned siden
Who else noticed he's plating arena 😆😆😆😆😆😆 and he said he does not play arena
Steven Cruz
Steven Cruz - Måned siden
I was one of the players
Klee - Måned siden
me watching these videos thinking about how often ppl did this and I didn't realize-
LJVLASERBEAM - Måned siden
Epic games:We have disabled groot
LJVLASERBEAM - Måned siden
Some one rages because they just brot v bucks to level up to groot
Latchman Mangra
Latchman Mangra - Måned siden
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Rowan - Måned siden
Who misses season 4
Liam Bannerman
Liam Bannerman - Måned siden
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lazar mr beast is cool
Tomas St. Germain-Dufresne
What up gamers

Asha Rahul
Asha Rahul - Måned siden
Madmax King
Madmax King - Måned siden
Ur a legend to be lazar love u fresh and typical gamer
Daredevil Unique Identity
Daredevil Unique Identity - Måned siden
I’m done lazar beam ur a legend ur So good
PlayStation bombs
PlayStation bombs - Måned siden
I am epic games and if you do not sub you will get banned
PlayStation bombs
PlayStation bombs - Måned siden
From fortnite
IrfanPlayz Pw
IrfanPlayz Pw - Måned siden
Lazerbeam grow up saying yeet
Ryzre Hancken
Ryzre Hancken - Måned siden
Banana nana Annan. An ana
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Måned siden
Nah epic are liers
Rose Jones
Rose Jones - Måned siden
The ruddy beech dentsply hook because bail thirdly knit opposite a petite message. electric, anxious mile
Susan Grode
Susan Grode - Måned siden
The logan and zae Show
The logan and zae Show - Måned siden
Save the world is pay to win
SHoRM - Måned siden
The YEEET tattoo 😍
Ryan McInnis
Ryan McInnis - Måned siden
Literally didn’t see him in the intro 😂😂 strats Lowkey work