i broke my kill record..

162 217
2 027
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LazarBeam - 8 måneder siden
they were all 100% real players
EmobplayzTY - 8 dager siden
DZ aarctic
DZ aarctic - 25 dager siden
Ya boy
Anthony805er - Måned siden
Seer Roblox, Minecraft, And More!
Hmmmm, ok.
Harrison Stewart
Harrison Stewart - Måned siden
 - 4 timer siden
Why are they all named player[numbers]
Felix Gratton
Felix Gratton - 5 timer siden
i get the feeling that they weren't 100% real...
Fire blast 616 Scorpion
Fire blast 616 Scorpion - 6 timer siden
Come back to fortnight
ignas lozoraitis
ignas lozoraitis - 7 timer siden
lazarbeam: im wetter than ever
me: thats what she said
The Adventures of Lila Bee
The Adventures of Lila Bee - 10 timer siden
Yeah I don’t know how are you didn’t give me with five HP
mg vkogs
mg vkogs - 12 timer siden
Can u give NY chalanal a shoutvup
Melanie Eskeets
Melanie Eskeets - 15 timer siden
How many players are there
Nichole Masullo
Nichole Masullo - 18 timer siden
Go to school kid
Kai Vaara
Kai Vaara - Dag siden
Fresh what’s ping me trying to tell him
Derik Party boy
Derik Party boy - Dag siden
My high score kill record is 25 but your still better than me 😁
Athan Pedersen
Athan Pedersen - Dag siden
Your awesome lazarlazar
Melany Vos
Melany Vos - Dag siden
Has anybody realized that they're all named
Melany Vos
Melany Vos - Dag siden
Gabe Talaga
Gabe Talaga - Dag siden
My record on solo squads is 17 kills
Nikolaos Ftilakis
Nikolaos Ftilakis - Dag siden
If there real they would kill yo7 your a bot
Chapman Pelsue
Chapman Pelsue - Dag siden
U ruined your hair
Bob Jenkins
Bob Jenkins - Dag siden
You beat my kill record by 1
Joel Fecher
Joel Fecher - Dag siden
please play fortnite again
Tara Sheridan
Tara Sheridan - Dag siden
Riley Douglas
Riley Douglas - Dag siden
Lanan says im wetter then ever listens to WAP turns out im not even wet
Riley Douglas
Riley Douglas - Dag siden
Even dressing like fresh get me better guns says lannan me aim still the same
Riley Douglas
Riley Douglas - Dag siden
My kill score is 42 bot all by meh self
Drifty Plays
Drifty Plays - 2 dager siden
Lazarbeam not only finished with 20+ kills, but with a NO-SCOPE at 1m?!
Christian Pascual
Christian Pascual - 2 dager siden
the reason why he was able to win bc his breed its just different
Pastie 608 1
Pastie 608 1 - 2 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021
Manveer Singh
Manveer Singh - 2 dager siden
He killed bots
Eni Cool
Eni Cool - 2 dager siden
Hi guys, im new to the fresh/lazar channels but I noticed him and Lazar don't look alike.. is he his real father?
Freddie M
Freddie M - 2 dager siden
I’m uh likin ya cut lazar
Nenya Bhushan
Nenya Bhushan - 2 dager siden
Lazarbeam : You're doing really good for an amphibious creature
Me : o_o
Joseph Cardenas
Joseph Cardenas - 2 dager siden
lazar is mad
D Dc
D Dc - 2 dager siden
My kill record is 30 kills in all game modes but creative
Dax Willis-Cooper
Dax Willis-Cooper - 2 dager siden
My kill Call record is 36
goldwolf 360
goldwolf 360 - 2 dager siden
No offence but you look insane but your not insane your god

Sigurður Hólmgrímsson
Sigurður Hólmgrímsson - 2 dager siden
If you think Lannan is a bot your a bot you would like 50% 50% win him
Alex Keen
Alex Keen - 2 dager siden
My highest kill game is 29
tye gibbons787
tye gibbons787 - 2 dager siden
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy me name jerfrf
ROBLOXIA IS FUN - 3 dager siden
We be missing the helicopters
Brayden Schlosser
Brayden Schlosser - 3 dager siden
I have not even watch the vid and now how many kills you got 27
Toby Guzman
Toby Guzman - 3 dager siden
When lazar said he got bullied I thought to myself now he’s more famous then all of them
Brodie Campbell
Brodie Campbell - 3 dager siden
If someone does not know who Fresh is well their going to know today :)
Moana Cleaver
Moana Cleaver - 3 dager siden
Chris C
Chris C - 3 dager siden
Pickle power!
Pro Gaming
Pro Gaming - 3 dager siden
My player kill record in a solo match is 12 but solo got me most kills
EXOfate Clan
EXOfate Clan - 4 dager siden
This is like mobile
Ben J
Ben J - 4 dager siden
Fresh jumps out of heli lazar rams emm
chris berzac
chris berzac - 4 dager siden
My highest kill record is 12
Yip yip adin
Yip yip adin - 4 dager siden
1 time for every thing
Jimmy Sobyson
Jimmy Sobyson - 4 dager siden
Not great at fortnite for an og (no offense) , but great content (:
Jimmy Sobyson
Jimmy Sobyson - 4 dager siden
@Cade McDowell Idk lol. You agree with great content right kid?
Cade McDowell
Cade McDowell - 4 dager siden
@Jimmy Sobyson well what was the point of commenting that?
Jimmy Sobyson
Jimmy Sobyson - 4 dager siden
@Cade McDowell No need to be mean, that's mean, shut up kid, AND I said not great, I didn't say bad or a bot, I even said no offense, and respect the elderly.
Cade McDowell
Cade McDowell - 4 dager siden
He’s better than u
SnowTheWolf 981
SnowTheWolf 981 - 4 dager siden
When Lannan isnt a bot:
Its because he is fighting literal 5 year olds
Ragnar Rolls
Ragnar Rolls - 3 dager siden
olivia taylor
olivia taylor - 4 dager siden
The music makes it even better
Viraj Rastogi
Viraj Rastogi - 5 dager siden
13.06 it's you got killed by Elliott
le lu
le lu - 5 dager siden
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Fortnite Playz
Fortnite Playz - 5 dager siden
That was fresh
ggg gupta
ggg gupta - 5 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021 (like if you are)
I’m cracked At fortnite
I’m cracked At fortnite - 5 dager siden
I love when you say pickle pickle it is so funny I love your f*cking vids
Endri Jahaj
Endri Jahaj - 5 dager siden
If anyone is watching in2021 do you just miss the pump 😔
Harry Vu
Harry Vu - 5 dager siden
Nicole Bidelman
Nicole Bidelman - 5 dager siden
can you guys look at what he did just for a vid
Joseph Luke
Joseph Luke - 6 dager siden
That bruh moment when you get an assist while solo squading
Hashim Ahmed
Hashim Ahmed - 6 dager siden
He literally took a shower with water bottles
Hashim Ahmed
Hashim Ahmed - 6 dager siden
They awnser is simple I must swear even harder 😂
axle dorohoy
axle dorohoy - 6 dager siden
lol no some of them are bots
Harry Potter fan
Harry Potter fan - 6 dager siden
It's so weird I'm better than most youtubers I've got 26 kills before
OofMyaccow Zys
OofMyaccow Zys - 6 dager siden
Colten Lucas
Colten Lucas - 6 dager siden
Octopuses? It’s octopi.
Colten Lucas
Colten Lucas - 4 dager siden
Issa joke
Cade McDowell
Cade McDowell - 4 dager siden
scrumfool - 6 dager siden
oi lannan, whats the music u use when theres lads on ya? PiCkLe PiCkLe
Lengends are GOATS!
Lengends are GOATS! - 6 dager siden
The time laser beam is a transformer
YouTube OG
YouTube OG - 6 dager siden
your amazing
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez - 7 dager siden
5:49 lol
Mateusz Szczepanik
Mateusz Szczepanik - 7 dager siden
They were actual 1 gr old and im say better than u bro
Elijah Raphael S. Cabatay
Elijah Raphael S. Cabatay - 7 dager siden
im 7 yrs old and my kill record is 26
P - 7 dager siden
this video shouldve been "taking a bath using a water bottle"
Franky Romero
Franky Romero - 7 dager siden
I'm 12 and my kill record is 18
MyMy’s_ TOPRAMEN - 7 dager siden
He said 15 kills mine is 29 kills on solo Ehehe
Dior Barnes
Dior Barnes - 7 dager siden
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Pria P
Pria P - 7 dager siden
Thinks hes good but verses bot 🤔
C L - 7 dager siden
How you be good at Fortnite
alia ferguson
alia ferguson - 7 dager siden
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Ashley Norton
Ashley Norton - 7 dager siden
i knew the number my guy
Ashley Norton
Ashley Norton - 7 dager siden
btw i did not even have to click on the vid and i still now its the following: 27 NERDS!!!
MC man
MC man - 7 dager siden
can i play with you some day I'm good my max kills are 13
MC man
MC man - 7 dager siden
my kill record is 13
Aiden Le
Aiden Le - 8 dager siden
oh hey
Jack Revell
Jack Revell - 8 dager siden
Your halarious
Francesca Tagliaferro
Francesca Tagliaferro - 8 dager siden
20kkxevil - 8 dager siden
My kill record is 19
Yadriel Velez
Yadriel Velez - 9 dager siden
my kill record is 26
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards - 9 dager siden
Haleigh Carlton
Haleigh Carlton - 9 dager siden
My kill record is 22
KarterPG3D - 9 dager siden
“I’m gonna follow fresh’s advice and jump on people with a helicopter
Nek minute

Uno reverse
me master12Q ON PC
me master12Q ON PC - 9 dager siden
bro nice game youre good
and use starcode lazar when you get roubux
jessica felton
jessica felton - 9 dager siden
can't believe ive been killed by this lad
Paul - 9 dager siden
27 kills
BeanyBoi - 9 dager siden
When someone asks why there is so much water on the floor
Elijah Strother
Elijah Strother - 10 dager siden
Kill dem potatos
KissJc - 10 dager siden
We all know fresh is playing lmaoooo
Xyrous kxze
Xyrous kxze - 10 dager siden
Everyone remember God is in control, so put you faith in him all through your lives, Amen. I pray oh Lord May you help us to have good faith in you and trust you all through our lives, Amen!
Have a good day/night!!!!!
ciarbin brady
ciarbin brady - 10 dager siden
can u plz do a actuall just playing fortnite thx in advance
FLAMING SKULL - 10 dager siden
The most cracked player ever
The UnitedHood of Steel UOS
The UnitedHood of Steel UOS - 10 dager siden
I broke MY kill record.....

It was 5 kills.