I cant stop breaking fortnite..

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LazarBeam - 11 måneder siden
*EDIT* think I managed to fix but man youtube is broken :( It reset the title/description of the video to the default on upload. I haven’t changed anything. Not sure what’s going on but I can’t change it back!!
YoutubeMatthew FN
YoutubeMatthew FN - 2 dager siden
Deleted Accountñ
Slaughter Gang
Slaughter Gang - 22 dager siden
Poppa Poppa
Poppa Poppa - Måned siden
I'm miss the lazarbeam I have a I have been animation to show you I'm sending this to you now
Melon Master
Melon Master - Måned siden
Alexis Cardinal
Alexis Cardinal - Måned siden
D. Bleger
D. Bleger - 6 timer siden
My b day is March 4th mr lazzer lazzer
Biz - Dag siden
First of all how is fresh bigger then lazarbeam?
Igalaxzee production's
Wait they predicted the future
Bonzker - Dag siden
They should make the LazarBeam monster just a red beam
The Magical Chicken Nugget
The Magical Chicken Nugget - 2 dager siden
Lannon: We've killed most of the lobby from the sky
Also Lannon: *has 1 kill*
Mason Ford
Mason Ford - 4 dager siden
Walters Boss
Walters Boss - 4 dager siden
When u realise ITS SEASON FIVE
Ismail Drawz
Ismail Drawz - 4 dager siden
you maid car before fortnite did
Xd frost
Xd frost - 4 dager siden
Laser beam we’ve killed most the lobby
Amount of kills they got 3
RickRoll'd - 4 dager siden
7:30 "we've killed most of the lobby"

has 3 total kills
MADMAXSOLOS - 5 dager siden
Nice video
Simon De La Rosa
Simon De La Rosa - 6 dager siden
The link didn’t work
Gaming with chaz !!!!!!!!
Gaming with chaz !!!!!!!! - 6 dager siden
1:22 they predicted the future
3:28 5 year old me running up the stairs
Glenn-Ann Bruno
Glenn-Ann Bruno - 6 dager siden
What was that snipe
Zorán Kovácsevics
Zorán Kovácsevics - 7 dager siden
Lazarbeam was the one who gave Epic the idea of putting cars into the game...
Michael Ross
Michael Ross - 7 dager siden
the attack should have been fresh carrying you
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - 7 dager siden
I like your shit
name - 8 dager siden
1:11 skip the sponsor
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts - 9 dager siden
My Birthday is also march 5th fresh!
PR3C1SE_FL1CKZZ - 9 dager siden
Dang, Lazar is shorter than fresh even though Fresh is 18
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 10 dager siden
I’ve never seen this vid. Huh
Finnlay RBLX
Finnlay RBLX - 10 dager siden
I got it from ur link and didn't get the monster
Shogun Xd
Shogun Xd - 10 dager siden
1:46 lannan predicted the future 🤣
Mcguffin Ditta
Mcguffin Ditta - 10 dager siden
whos watching in 2021 when you can drive
BananaBoy - 10 dager siden
6:29 fresh said my name 😄
Eliasi Abdul
Eliasi Abdul - 11 dager siden
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Oneh1ghkid - 12 dager siden
My birthday is March 7
cillian nolan
cillian nolan - 12 dager siden
lol the car glitch at the start isnt needed anymore
Rens Kamstra
Rens Kamstra - 12 dager siden
You will survive storm
Sam Karlsen
Sam Karlsen - 12 dager siden
Me when cars are added 🤔🤔
kalg5390 kalg5390
kalg5390 kalg5390 - 13 dager siden
wait if your fresh's father then that ilsa is fresh's mother
pinky gaming
pinky gaming - 13 dager siden
What the hell he's 18
Mandy State
Mandy State - 13 dager siden
So that's how I got sniped:(
Kilah Vanderstelt
Kilah Vanderstelt - 13 dager siden
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Jaden S
Jaden S - 14 dager siden
George Romanis
George Romanis - 14 dager siden
Taxi driving foreshadowing
Skorch74_36 - 15 dager siden
Am I the only one who noticed league of legends on the tv @0:24
Samuel Raj judo
Samuel Raj judo - 15 dager siden
Don't install the game he is lying it doesn't give character fake loser
Samuel Raj judo
Samuel Raj judo - 15 dager siden
Yes it doesn't
Japheth Soledad
Japheth Soledad - 15 dager siden
Lazarbeam: I made a nuke
Fresh: Im going in.
N. Berk
N. Berk - 16 dager siden
Lazarbeam can you please accept my friend request my epic name is racing_motive6 I wanna play with you plz
Andrei Oprea
Andrei Oprea - 16 dager siden
When you realize
That you can't get the lazar beam pet
Abdullah Shihoumi
Abdullah Shihoumi - 16 dager siden
OMG GUYS... u should get the new laser beam monster legend monster!!! And it’s in the description link below.
So u guys can claim the lazarbeam monster as he said it can one tap stuff.
And it has so cool moves😱😱😱!
So I say go ahead and check it right now!!!
And btw go ahead and hit the like button for lazer beam is video and subscribe to him.
And go ahead like my comment!
Abdullah Shihoumi
Abdullah Shihoumi - 16 dager siden
Edit/ I really want to be top comment but i can never all these famous people will comment so I really wanna get famous by my comments getting likes
John DoeJoe
John DoeJoe - 16 dager siden
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Davion Luke Q Sagcal
Davion Luke Q Sagcal - 17 dager siden
I thought lazarbeam is not a streamer BTW
An omen's shadow
An omen's shadow - 17 dager siden
-Monster Legends Lazarbeam
Blitztop_ - 18 dager siden
I did the zip line glitch
Emma Morris
Emma Morris - 18 dager siden
Happy birthday 🎂 hope you luck
Emma Morris
Emma Morris - 18 dager siden
I went on a game of forging
e and got 15 kills I am like lazar beam use code lazar
Lethal Chicken
Lethal Chicken - 18 dager siden
Fresh is barely 4 months older than me and is already more successful than I will ever be 😂
Buttonmasher_7X - 19 dager siden
tyipcal pro
tyipcal pro - 19 dager siden
Ultra Shark Gaming
Ultra Shark Gaming - 19 dager siden
His first broken meme was leaking one of the biggest updates 1 season early
Chibi Fuji
Chibi Fuji - 19 dager siden
Lazerbeam new mccreamy
Kyle Riesen
Kyle Riesen - 19 dager siden
a bit late but im 18 in a sidney, not the one your talking about
Lloyd Nixon
Lloyd Nixon - 20 dager siden
Fresh and LazarBeam look just alike 😃😃😃
xx Lemon Tea gacha xx
xx Lemon Tea gacha xx - 20 dager siden
Gottem Boi
Gottem Boi - 21 dag siden
They used cars before you could drive them
Dan Goodman
Dan Goodman - 21 dag siden
What day is fresh’s birthday
Memez 4 You
Memez 4 You - 21 dag siden
I can’t tell if fresh is standing on something or is he actually that tall
jumbojenn8 - 21 dag siden
Is he your sone
Gabi Glos
Gabi Glos - 21 dag siden
dude 2020 over i watch this and now i now why 2020 was so bad because he predicted the future but he forgot to predict the horrible year that will come very very soon
OOFZeman - 22 dager siden
I just realised I’m 1 day before fresh’s bday
saylove2882 - 23 dager siden
He says he killed most of the lobby from the sky meanwhile he has 1 kill
saylove2882 - 23 dager siden
Fresh is tall compaired to lazar
RICH - 23 dager siden
I am in Sydney
SEWERYN Zablotny
SEWERYN Zablotny - 23 dager siden
Lazar fresh is your son does that mean I am his grand father?
Amaury Hernandez
Amaury Hernandez - 23 dager siden
Beam laser I wish I could have that monster but I don’t know how to Link in the bio them
Daniel Kennedy lyons
Daniel Kennedy lyons - 23 dager siden
My birthday is March fifth like fresh cool
Pxaff - 23 dager siden
i just realized how short lazar is in this xd
F1 Lego Stop Motion
F1 Lego Stop Motion - 23 dager siden
Lazarbeam rarity L oser
Random ROBLOX - 23 dager siden
Click bait title: *playing Fortnite normally and NOT trying to get myself banned*
maxgamingandmore - 23 dager siden
i did it but i did not get it
W.R.G gaming
W.R.G gaming - 23 dager siden
I’m just suprised lazarbeam is it banned
yeet man f
yeet man f - 23 dager siden
can u shout me out when i get 1 new sub im macking better vids cause they bad
SlushySplash - 24 dager siden
Koopa12 died like 4 times in this vid
PC Yah
PC Yah - 24 dager siden
0:48 Vanoss and Wildcat breeding 👀
LordMeme548 #
LordMeme548 # - 24 dager siden
Ooh I’m 11 but happy bday fresh I hope one day you will play at least 2 matches but it’s ok lazerbeam when it’s your bday happy bday btw love the streams and vidz keep it up 👁👅👁 and I’m a Aussie btw.
LordMeme548 #
LordMeme548 # - 24 dager siden
Bit earliey to say happy birthday
Chencho Gallegos
Chencho Gallegos - 24 dager siden
Fresh is 18?.
RICK R - 25 dager siden
Where is the lazarbeam monster
Charles Ashwell
Charles Ashwell - 26 dager siden
Charles Ashwell
Charles Ashwell - 26 dager siden
By the way I’m a kid using my dads NOburn account
Clare Breanna
Clare Breanna - 26 dager siden
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Amber - 27 dager siden
Season 2 nestolgia
iliikka i
iliikka i - 27 dager siden
sad that he didnt know what would hapen in a few months
NUCLEAR - 27 dager siden
So can someone send another link cause i love dat skin
NUCLEAR - 27 dager siden
The monster legends link did not work
InF4mouseG4mer 64
InF4mouseG4mer 64 - 27 dager siden
Little did he know cars would be drivable
bear6980 bear6980
bear6980 bear6980 - 27 dager siden
Brando Lando
Brando Lando - 28 dager siden
Where's the party
Maria yasmin Lopez
Maria yasmin Lopez - 28 dager siden
i i didint realize fresh was your son 😅
mass meme
mass meme - 28 dager siden
spam 3 while wathing vidwo
Shuffler - 28 dager siden
It's actually VanossGaming and Wildcat 0:47
Skittle Pockz
Skittle Pockz - 29 dager siden
*little did they know a couple seasons later...*
Merrick Bantz
Merrick Bantz - 29 dager siden
:) i used code lazar
Ashton ONeill
Ashton ONeill - 29 dager siden
is that vanosscrew wow they are good but i think the bloody legendcrew is better
Franky Nelson
Franky Nelson - Måned siden
Are you his dad
K1TTENG4MER - Måned siden
Are we going to talk about how he has vanoss and wildcat monsters or
Samson Lund
Samson Lund - 29 dager siden
fuck you
mental health
mental health - Måned siden
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Luke Ragnauth
Luke Ragnauth - Måned siden
عيادة الدكتورة فداء الغرابلي
Lazar beam: so far this has been a taxi to hell
YouTube captions: taxi to health