I Hosted a $10,000 Minecraft Hide & Seek

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Minecraft hide n seek gets extreme its basically an excuse for me to hunt my discord lmao
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Commander Beast
Commander Beast - 3 timer siden
TookUrDiamonds has been in every Lazarbeam Minecraft challenge, yet has never won.
Insert username here
Insert username here - 4 timer siden
Fun fact I’m the guy who won that
Peter Knowles
Peter Knowles - 8 timer siden
R u Aussie
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina - 10 timer siden
3:01 am i the only one who saw this?
like is this a player or xp
Djrgamer - Dag siden
Eduards Vilkasts
Eduards Vilkasts - Dag siden
Im watch avatar wheb lazar sey im control all elements
Oliver Mccrow
Oliver Mccrow - 2 dager siden
Dumb shit science
Oliver Mccrow
Oliver Mccrow - 2 dager siden
Tobi's Death
Tobi's Death - 2 dager siden
The real smarties would have built into the lava just for protection and crouched and sat there the whole game.
Calvin Glenning
Calvin Glenning - 2 dager siden
lets see, an australian,
with a sniper rifle,
and getting headshots.
*TF2 music intensifies*
Thomas Ferre-Williams
Thomas Ferre-Williams - 3 dager siden
If only Lazarbeams fortnite sniping was as good as his Minecraft sniping
Jaiden Davies
Jaiden Davies - 4 dager siden
Thanks for killing me when was dressed up as leaves 👍👍👍👍 I was going to Make a pick but oooof
ItsLogan88 - 4 dager siden
The title sounds like MRBEAST
sameer Salahuddin
sameer Salahuddin - 4 dager siden
how to get guns in Minecraft ?
Sameia Lochan
Sameia Lochan - 4 dager siden
The title lazarbeam face looks like a H
supreme boy
supreme boy - 5 dager siden
mr beast does these every week
ᄋᄉᄋUwUdestroyer69 - 6 dager siden
Rip young todoroki
Johnathon McDowell
Johnathon McDowell - 6 dager siden
Elizabeth Kinsell
Elizabeth Kinsell - 8 dager siden
lazerbem:oh yeet stick oh yeet stick oh how i love you the kid:why did this have to happen to me
Jonathon Villarreal
Jonathon Villarreal - 9 dager siden
3:10 poor dude he turned and pow right to the head
Ariana Barroso
Ariana Barroso - 10 dager siden
3:10 lol
Xman !
Xman ! - 10 dager siden
3:02 you passed someone running by lava pool
CHRIS DANIEL PINEDA - 10 dager siden
people under ground me in nether
Paradox Gamer
Paradox Gamer - 10 dager siden
Subscribe to me please I only ask for that it would make me so happy
Ethan Cavanaugh
Ethan Cavanaugh - 10 dager siden
David Garcia Jr
David Garcia Jr - 11 dager siden
John Drawbaugh
John Drawbaugh - 11 dager siden
Mystic 7810
Mystic 7810 - 12 dager siden
My friend agent peels was in the game lol
Kaelan Staschen
Kaelan Staschen - 12 dager siden
you did not bring back minecraft
Bryan Santos
Bryan Santos - 13 dager siden
Map reminds me of l'manberg😪
Joshua Fong
Joshua Fong - 13 dager siden
8:40 he is blind he didn't see a player trying to hide
CyberTilted - 15 dager siden
It goes from hide and seek to Fortnite to floor is lava back to fortnite
Skystride - 15 dager siden
Couldn't the hiders have built a nether portal with all the lava and a water bucket?
Freddie Lucy
Freddie Lucy - 15 dager siden
Kearni Maniapoto
Kearni Maniapoto - 15 dager siden
I know how u feel when u say toxic... I was always jealous that harry potter could talk 2 snakes, after yr 6 I realized I had been talking to them all year smh
Kekoa Mitchell
Kekoa Mitchell - 16 dager siden
I would have hid in the nether with the bucket method
Alison Murphy
Alison Murphy - 17 dager siden
The muddled t-shirt suddenly flash because success optionally buzz with a stereotyped pea. angry, daily cave
Chaos Rev
Chaos Rev - 17 dager siden
Umm guys this was realeased 9 months ago and I’m just now seeing this in 2021
XD_Duks - 17 dager siden
The strat would be to go to the nether
Christine W
Christine W - 18 dager siden
Sam Blondell
Sam Blondell - 18 dager siden
I feel like it would be better if you had less insane weapons so it’s fair for everyone:p
Johnny Flores
Johnny Flores - 19 dager siden
2:46 let buruto live plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
James B-F
James B-F - 21 dag siden
happy new year
Bubulu Naidoo
Bubulu Naidoo - 21 dag siden
Pure Excitement
Pure Passion
But most of all
Fauglo - 21 dag siden
what if someone hid in the nether LOL
Naylonater - 22 dager siden
Image someone went to the nether
Doom Gaming
Doom Gaming - 22 dager siden
Maradi Choxeli
Maradi Choxeli - 22 dager siden
oh you are mrbeast
Alex Powers
Alex Powers - 22 dager siden
0:06 AlexAce?
ReediePooTime - 22 dager siden
brout back minecraft
ReediePooTime - 22 dager siden
imagine saying pewdiepie
Bradley Bryant
Bradley Bryant - 23 dager siden
0:06 sans
XxJacko FxX
XxJacko FxX - 24 dager siden
Imagine hiding in the nether
tiffany huang
tiffany huang - 24 dager siden
omg when lazar was chasing the guy at the start he missed the guy hiding in the pond lolll
DA GAMER - 24 dager siden
I thought for a moment that this is a vid from mr beast gaming !
Elfatih Mohamed
Elfatih Mohamed - 25 dager siden
rip YoungTodoroki
Tinge - 25 dager siden
Jackson 1
Jackson 1 - 25 dager siden
What would happened if someone went to the nether
George Bryant
George Bryant - 25 dager siden
did he mean spooge sock
alberto garcia
alberto garcia - 25 dager siden
what happens when you give a 7 year old 10,000 dollaridoes (35b) i bet the toy isle at the store is completely empty
thats probably a dream for every child on the planet
Michael T.
Michael T. - 26 dager siden
The guy he found at the start survived when he jumped
XDCHICKENSTRIPS - 26 dager siden
I'm in my domain selllin cocaine pouring propane.

Dr. Suess on drugs
TX GAMING - 27 dager siden
DUDe DID YOU SEE alex ace as stone skin bruh HE trollen well IT'S GONNA BE fun😈😈😈😁😁😁😀😀😀
William Kohorst
William Kohorst - 27 dager siden
holy sh**
manoj Patidar
manoj Patidar - 27 dager siden
This mod is fake lol
Zion Ehiosu Enoma
Zion Ehiosu Enoma - 27 dager siden
Better not cry you better not shout I’m coming for you tonight
Joey H
Joey H - 27 dager siden
I know the best strat, take about 4 mins to get a shit ton of logs to make a lot of planks. Then tower up, destroying the logs underneath you until you go so high, lannans pc can’t render you in. Insta win
Drax YT
Drax YT - 28 dager siden
Me : Gets one thing wrong in school
Teacher : 4:44
Giovanny Bucio
Giovanny Bucio - 28 dager siden
You can go to the nether lol so you could have won if you went to the nether especially if it is peaceful mode
Rickygamer thatplaysgames
Rickygamer thatplaysgames - 28 dager siden
This has to be inspired by Mr beast
Chill Just Me
Chill Just Me - 29 dager siden
At 6:38 there was a Todoroki

*My hero academia reference*
Ricky Ruch
Ricky Ruch - 29 dager siden
Mr. Beast, Australia
corgipug - 29 dager siden
Ghostys - Måned siden
Penguin Playz
Penguin Playz - Måned siden
I calms me watching your vids
jeannie69t - Måned siden
2:57 he has a shinobi skin from Naruto with a headband
Xtra-Terrestrial Gaming
Xtra-Terrestrial Gaming - Måned siden
Who else would have made a nether portal?
Sometimes Moses
Sometimes Moses - Måned siden
LazerAJ 123
LazerAJ 123 - Måned siden
Hamish Simpson
Hamish Simpson - Måned siden
lazarbeam actually did bring back minecraft i just looked it up
barbara jamieson
barbara jamieson - Måned siden
im crap at minecraft
Lucas Darder
Lucas Darder - Måned siden
This kid sounds like he's 12. What a waste of prize money
Breandan Playz
Breandan Playz - Måned siden
The yeet stick
Fallen - Måned siden
11:29 he missed that guy saying AlexAce was out the border bruh Lannan
Aramis robledo
Aramis robledo - Måned siden
Galaxy - Måned siden
Go alex
Courtney Foster
Courtney Foster - Måned siden
The diligent exhaust naturally blind because violet immunochemically soak mid a adventurous thursday. overjoyed, hateful millisecond
fearless Dream
fearless Dream - Måned siden
Bruh 3:02 bruh look at this dude
Valencio Marquis
Valencio Marquis - Måned siden
The wild potato therapeutically close because wrist firstly saw after a limping bee. wicked, slim profit
Khalid Mud
Khalid Mud - Måned siden
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark - Måned siden
Joe FLANK - Måned siden
The domineering hemp tellingly face because temple orly part next a swift weapon. needless, nostalgic mountain
Lil'kitty meow !
Lil'kitty meow ! - Måned siden
Btw I saw 35d when you were mining 👌
Lil'kitty meow !
Lil'kitty meow ! - Måned siden
😲 you have the yeet stick... You are my new favorite person 💙
GuapoDeme - Måned siden
People dying in the larva is crazy
JJmeld09 Games
JJmeld09 Games - Måned siden
me watching the time 6:33 me when the guy died "that's sad todoroki shoto"
Cameron Simcox
Cameron Simcox - Måned siden
Radu MOG
Radu MOG - Måned siden
I am gonna update u if he cane back
Radu MOG
Radu MOG - Måned siden
He promised we will meet in christms so i am happy
Radu MOG
Radu MOG - Måned siden
My dad went to get some milk and never returned
Brock Sayers
Brock Sayers - Måned siden
Me and my dad was playing hide and seek and me mom said he is going to get milk