I made the worst PHOTOSHOPS ever

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photoshop has returned very cool
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Orr Bar-Dvir
Orr Bar-Dvir - 2 timer siden
When you win a war but you remember that you are god. Alfred initiate world war 3, 4, 5, and 6.
giselle.e - 3 timer siden
CaydWolf Fireye
CaydWolf Fireye - 6 timer siden
Mld -bot
Mld -bot - 7 timer siden
420l likes nouice imagine lazar saw this
Novus - 11 timer siden
6:19 even though it's photoshop it doesn't look real because there would be shadows underneath the tire
Amanda 4
Amanda 4 - 11 timer siden
William Anderson
William Anderson - 18 timer siden
More of this now
Eric Dunkirk
Eric Dunkirk - 19 timer siden
Andrew Dodd
Andrew Dodd - 20 timer siden
you will probbly be wanted in the uk
Jeff Jeffery
Jeff Jeffery - Dag siden
420 k likes nice
Chunky Boi
Chunky Boi - Dag siden
Uhh Lazarbeam the queen of the uk is also the queen of Australia
Nugg Boi
Nugg Boi - Dag siden
Your a bloody legend!
Alx - Dag siden
At the time this video has 420k likes
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez - Dag siden
Lazarbeam: I don’t care if the crab is cute it just means it’s more tastier. Me: just the facts with lazarbeam
破壊の神 Goku
破壊の神 Goku - Dag siden
9:12 You should've photo shopped the police officer getting rick rolled
Antonio Salfi
Antonio Salfi - Dag siden
0:59 the Aussie crab
Denney Conley
Denney Conley - Dag siden
vin diesel
vin diesel - Dag siden
I am Vin Diesel
Aaron Arevalo
Aaron Arevalo - Dag siden
Make the movies good again😂😂😂
Joel Gonzalez
Joel Gonzalez - Dag siden
2021 anyone
R- BL0X - Dag siden
Cook the krab.
Pug Lover
Pug Lover - Dag siden
Jamison Gott
Jamison Gott - Dag siden
Tom brady is trash aaron rodgers is number#1
paarth mittal
paarth mittal - Dag siden
The time when he didn't have a mustache
Psycho - Dag siden
Dwaynes new baby's restleing name is gonna be called Jerry the stoner
What ???!!!!!!
What ???!!!!!! - Dag siden
pomeigranate SEEDS!!!!!
I would of made the cat sit inside the toilet
Alex Zanjani
Alex Zanjani - Dag siden
3:43 u forgot something important (look at the mirror)
Goose - Dag siden
10:05 just squeaked it in
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith - Dag siden
he do be cracked at editing tho
Josh Hewitt
Josh Hewitt - 2 dager siden
Omg I’m from michigan
DDboss 2000
DDboss 2000 - 2 dager siden
3:14 Donald Dump
cole10 - 2 dager siden
Woop Dooonnnaallddd
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson - 2 dager siden
For the cat one you should’ve done it in an among us
Pedro Corrales Tavera
Pedro Corrales Tavera - 2 dager siden
Do a series
Ethan Hill
Ethan Hill - 2 dager siden
Lazar: I won some i lost some
What rlly happened:
I win i won
w did it i win
thats a dub
Intress Badger
Intress Badger - 2 dager siden
( -_・) ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━ 💥
Richards Savins
Richards Savins - 2 dager siden
all the time ya think ya win-then granny comes around the corner
Snowball - 2 dager siden
You won 4
Scott Dinsmore
Scott Dinsmore - 2 dager siden
I love the intro 😂😂😂
Scott Dinsmore
Scott Dinsmore - 2 dager siden
Tim Bransden
Tim Bransden - 2 dager siden
he said $1000000 it is actually £10000000
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz - 2 dager siden
Rip baby it didn’t see it coming
Headlam Sisters
Headlam Sisters - 2 dager siden
How do people not like u
alquaka chan
alquaka chan - 2 dager siden
the crab one scared namjoon
YNWA - You’ll Never Walk Alone
I love the intro
H20Panda - 3 dager siden
Little did lazar know he became number 1 in Australia
Okcapy 12
Okcapy 12 - 3 dager siden
I am polite Gordon Ramsey

You donut 🍩
Kaeden Maria
Kaeden Maria - 3 dager siden
He most subbed in Australia
Megan Wall
Megan Wall - 3 dager siden
Ummm I am sorry I did a photo shop and I deleted birdy and fresh and the memes lol I love it
Cameron Fred
Cameron Fred - 3 dager siden
Lazarbeam : AHH TO EASY!! also lazarbeam he chose that he won that round.
Joy Bruner
Joy Bruner - 3 dager siden
Joy Bruner
Joy Bruner - 3 dager siden
Rostom0on 7211
Rostom0on 7211 - 3 dager siden
Rest in peace cat
Sponge. bob. Dude39
Sponge. bob. Dude39 - 3 dager siden
Aurora - 3 dager siden
The crab should have been pinching a pp
The little Green engine
The little Green engine - 3 dager siden
Nostalgia 100
Lone-Wolf-gaming - 3 dager siden
How dare you do that with Captain Tom and the queen 😂😂
Braxton Giacomo
Braxton Giacomo - 3 dager siden
Why the crab he was my brother *makes crab noises*
Braxton Giacomo
Braxton Giacomo - 3 dager siden
The Norwegian kid
The Norwegian kid - 3 dager siden
1:17 John kreese when Johnny said “cobra kais gotta change”
Isiah McKay
Isiah McKay - 3 dager siden
Lazar i'm from here they hunting you dont come england
ChipChoppro - 3 dager siden
Deven Vegas
Deven Vegas - 3 dager siden
fu Lazar
Hailey Higgins
Hailey Higgins - 3 dager siden
Do u live in Australia I do I’m at Wattanobbie 35 golf links drive
Fishy _ZR
Fishy _ZR - 4 dager siden
Dude u should have put the cat in an among us polus vent
Brittany Fowler
Brittany Fowler - 4 dager siden
0:56 w h y
butterfish 1
butterfish 1 - 4 dager siden
Taylor Engle
Taylor Engle - 4 dager siden
I wish I had 😃 every day don't u
Charlotte Powell
Charlotte Powell - 4 dager siden
Laser beam: we are photo shoping mr beast: TO DAY WE ARE DOING PHOTO SHOP!
gingerfishy_plays - 4 dager siden
The Queen : track him down NOW
Paula Brannen
Paula Brannen - 4 dager siden
Hi laser beam
gamer_q809 - 4 dager siden
Tom Brady killed a baby he deflated it
kelli ivanisko
kelli ivanisko - 4 dager siden
Why do you like seeing people get killed
Matthew Plays
Matthew Plays - 4 dager siden
WHY MR.CRANS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
lukas trepsius
lukas trepsius - 4 dager siden
S l m is b l m
Einfach Ville
Einfach Ville - 4 dager siden
0:06 you are supposed to photoshop not paint
Alfie Nolan
Alfie Nolan - 4 dager siden
The one where the queen is nighting the man you might get arrested as the guy did 100 laps in his garden on his 100th birthday
Courtney Baker
Courtney Baker - 4 dager siden
More PSB
moimer bean
moimer bean - 5 dager siden
Hes that good they call him lazer Ross
Jacob Willoughby
Jacob Willoughby - 5 dager siden
thedummyheehee lol
thedummyheehee lol - 5 dager siden
fun fact:ive once met the rock in hawaii in a hotel where he was filming a movie ofc i took a selfie with him my dad fainted and my sisters yeetskined them selfs in the pool like they didnt exist they were like bye felesha
Reggie Allen
Reggie Allen - 5 dager siden
Hey I'm from the UK and you are not on the watch list u good
Emad Sarour
Emad Sarour - 5 dager siden
Why did I watch this after a gas meme...
Francis - 5 dager siden
Are you astralian bc i wanna ask you a something ok how can you walk uosidedown?
Arlz - 5 dager siden
The Queen will not stab him lol!
I live i Britain.
Anime Turtle
Anime Turtle - 5 dager siden
JerMarrius Pam
JerMarrius Pam - 5 dager siden
Carb legs super good
JerMarrius Pam
JerMarrius Pam - 5 dager siden
Siren Head
Siren Head - 6 dager siden
Hell to the no no no
Beau Edwards
Beau Edwards - 6 dager siden
Lazarbeam: cutting a crab out is to much for youtube
Jincheol Jeon
Jincheol Jeon - 6 dager siden
Donald dump
Volcanic 01
Volcanic 01 - 6 dager siden
u realise tom brady has been traded to the buccaners
Little_Leo - 6 dager siden
Hello I'm a fan just on a different account
AMOUNG US hacks and more
AMOUNG US hacks and more - 6 dager siden
Lol when he did the Donald Trump one he forgot about the niror
Vinxify - 6 dager siden
R.I.P. sir Tom you will be remembered
Bunny Crazy Vlogs
Bunny Crazy Vlogs - 6 dager siden
Who else laughed there head off with the baby one
Josias Ventura
Josias Ventura - 6 dager siden
Michael Bruen
Michael Bruen - 6 dager siden
You know the queen of the UK is also the queen of Canada Australia new Zealand and a few carrabien island's so when you said you be arrested in the UK you be arrested in your own country and all the other
White screen
White screen - 6 dager siden
White screen approves
Valerie Cleveland
Valerie Cleveland - 6 dager siden
Patricia Porcayo
Patricia Porcayo - 6 dager siden
It's time to d d d ddule