I Played The WEIRDEST Game Ever..

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LazarBeam - 10 måneder siden
Drake On Switch
Drake On Switch - 10 dager siden
IDK Gaming
IDK Gaming - 12 dager siden
I live in usa
Erick T
Erick T - 22 dager siden
Lol lazar am literally watching this like 9 months ago lol so I can’t maybe 🤔 I can when it’s his birthday agin lol 🎈🎈🎈
boogara_baby _
boogara_baby _ - Måned siden
I cant
Chantelle Rutherford
Chantelle Rutherford - Måned siden
@RBG Acronyc l
Leo de Beer
Leo de Beer - 13 timer siden
Ahhahahahaha I love that u added kwebbelkop🤣🤣
Ken’s World Yay
Ken’s World Yay - 15 timer siden
Sorry I live in New York sorry but can you wish him a happy birthday for me
Gunnar Krueger
Gunnar Krueger - 15 timer siden
Fresh is getting a gf
Unkown - 17 timer siden
Did anyone see sans?
LimeDragon7 - 17 timer siden
6:53 I like ur cut g
Izaac Wilson
Izaac Wilson - 18 timer siden
Aye it’s kweblekwop
Ember - 19 timer siden
It should be illegal to copyright Lazarbeam
Sammy Moore
Sammy Moore - 21 time siden
fry - 2 dager siden
Wait is he on ps4 he is it says PlayStation exclusive at the start with the X○□/\
Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding - 2 dager siden
Happy birthday fresh
Louise Williams
Louise Williams - 2 dager siden
is he playing on ps4 like look at monster game
Mystic-Mess - 2 dager siden
'2021 will be a better year" 2021: 5:30
Dawn Stephenson
Dawn Stephenson - 3 dager siden
That means you were 7 when you had fresh
•Alien Girl•
•Alien Girl• - 3 dager siden
Plays ps4 yes
Ishaan Sinha
Ishaan Sinha - 4 dager siden
No way he just quoted Jesse and James 8:00
Dab Monstr
Dab Monstr - 4 dager siden
He forgot krusty krab overdose
Leanne Cameron
Leanne Cameron - 6 dager siden
Is this game free?and what console do you need to play?
Luca Barbosa
Luca Barbosa - 7 dager siden
i dont think he knows sans from undertale
wolfy isla
wolfy isla - 7 dager siden
When u realise ur 10 months late😢
OllyRyderGames - 9 dager siden
Lazarbeam: I’m so drunk I’ve learned teleportation
Kids: actually I want a vodka for Christmas!
PharmDgarage - 9 dager siden
I want my green cube we had to go to bendgo to get me green cube
Lucy Davies
Lucy Davies - 11 dager siden
When he did Slap head simulator i dont know how he didnt do "i Like your cut g" like bruh
Helen Shaw
Helen Shaw - 11 dager siden
Why was there sans?
Tanvith shenoy
Tanvith shenoy - 11 dager siden
he nailed mortys voice
J.c .M
J.c .M - 11 dager siden
Sub to me pls
Caden Weinel
Caden Weinel - 11 dager siden
On the Godzilla looking like game now that's the maximum damage if you ever heard that meme
jianan Sun
jianan Sun - 12 dager siden
Living in Newcastle be like 😞
George Brambila
George Brambila - 12 dager siden
someone had to see the thing on 6:29 (I'm not going to say it is)
George Brambila
George Brambila - 12 dager siden
but the thing had to do with the eggs and sausage
Squ1rrl3_ - 12 dager siden
The thumbnail
Zachary R
Zachary R - 12 dager siden
6:51 I like ya cut g
Gamer 9000
Gamer 9000 - 13 dager siden
The ball thing in your dinner is an imp
Jason Sisak
Jason Sisak - 13 dager siden
my mind is blown i didnt know fresh is lazers son
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me - 14 dager siden
So wow
KYSON_2020 - 15 dager siden
Lazar play core it’s a game like roblox
mrflame - 16 dager siden
5:07 fresh on drugs
Brayden Tran
Brayden Tran - 16 dager siden
5:08 so many Godzilla references why don’t u even mention it?!?!
ThomasCogoOfficial - 17 dager siden
Lazar beam said he hates controler
monosope btw-__-
monosope btw-__- - 17 dager siden
Why is undertale there
Amanda Parker
Amanda Parker - 18 dager siden
Is it me or I’m 5years old
Ryder Karmazinuk
Ryder Karmazinuk - 18 dager siden
Caesardotcom - 18 dager siden
He is on PS4 yes yes yes
Connorgamer96 - 18 dager siden
Roblox: WHAT THE FU-
Jess. S
Jess. S - 19 dager siden
LazarBeam I made a Fortnite creative map for you heres my name tag Rhyguy0313 please check out my map
Jess. S
Jess. S - 19 dager siden
Also I am a REALLLLLY big fan!
Mike Meyers
Mike Meyers - 20 dager siden
Happy birthday FRESH☆☆☆☆☆○○
Alex Kasa
Alex Kasa - 20 dager siden
raptor the dragon
raptor the dragon - 21 dag siden
Code lazar
Andre Exilien
Andre Exilien - 21 dag siden
The mushy holiday muhly tease because brother-in-law reversely receive concerning a receptive dredger. talented, null winter
Deadp00l bro
Deadp00l bro - 21 dag siden
TRAZE GINGER - 21 dag siden
Sweden 12:23
Hawk Foldenauer
Hawk Foldenauer - 21 dag siden
what's funny is that my birthday was when lazarbeam uploaded this
Аутизмом это хорошо
11:43 you hear the p hub intro
Oliver Connor
Oliver Connor - 23 dager siden
L love rick and morty
Gaming With Beast
Gaming With Beast - 24 dager siden
8:08 can any one tell me this cartoon name this is my favourite cartoon but i forgeted name plzz
Zachary R
Zachary R - 12 dager siden
Is it Wallace and gromit
bolibompa boi
bolibompa boi - 24 dager siden
oh yeah mister crabs
bolibompa boi
bolibompa boi - 24 dager siden
wait fresh is actually ur son cuz i think ur just like joking but
Daniel Rowland
Daniel Rowland - 24 dager siden
excuse me? there is a nutsack in my breakfast
Marc Glassman
Marc Glassman - 24 dager siden
The anxious roll chiefly found because correspondent electronically guard amidst a furry furtive plier. pleasant, curly pocket
Dylan Short
Dylan Short - 25 dager siden
Lannan: I am so getting copyrighted
Youtube: "Are you sure about that?"
(I got an ad)
Ashley / elliott Tidbury
Ashley / elliott Tidbury - 25 dager siden
5:36 setting off reactor in among us
Teela Hill
Teela Hill - 25 dager siden
What is this on
Lucian zabrocki
Lucian zabrocki - 26 dager siden
𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞 𝖋𝖚𝖈𝖍 𝖒𝖊 𝖕𝖑𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖊
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 27 dager siden
Lazarbeam likes norway music.
2028 Christian Mandese
2028 Christian Mandese - 27 dager siden
im in rhode island and i am 11
2028 Christian Mandese
2028 Christian Mandese - 27 dager siden
Void Gamer
Void Gamer - 27 dager siden
Undertale memes why lazer whyyyyyyyy
William Walliam
William Walliam - 27 dager siden
The square sack partly replace because description perceptually spill concerning a flaky trouble. foolish, awake chief
krashleywest1 - 27 dager siden
Like for Lazarbeam to know what an Undertale Reference is, I mean Megalovaina has almost 50 million views, this video has 8 million
alberto garcia
alberto garcia - 28 dager siden
Me:if fresh is ur son whos ur wife?
Lazarbeam:nobody knows
Elton Olsson
Elton Olsson - 28 dager siden
Its Sweden song wen you find your chees
peck neck
peck neck - Måned siden
Noah Fesperman
Noah Fesperman - Måned siden
Isn't Lazarbeam already a alcoholic
Jolan Lester
Jolan Lester - Måned siden
isent sponge bob sort of a cheese
Ibraheem Laher
Ibraheem Laher - Måned siden
6:54 i like your cut g
Ashton Dorn
Ashton Dorn - Måned siden
7:09 I LiKe uR cUT G
Michelle Pemble
Michelle Pemble - Måned siden
YUSEF MUGHAL - Måned siden
i am not in sydney nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nightwing foxwolf 2
nightwing foxwolf 2 - Måned siden
Look at were his hand is at 2:19
Robin Lees
Robin Lees - Måned siden
Robin Lees
Robin Lees - Måned siden
Drunk in 5 wussy like if you agree
Ultimate Gaming With Dev
Ultimate Gaming With Dev - Måned siden
I seen the background you killed mrbeast
Ron Pesahovich
Ron Pesahovich - Måned siden
one of the music that i know: megalovania from undertale
monosope btw-__-
monosope btw-__- - 17 dager siden
Yup lol
jace bosworth
jace bosworth - Måned siden
happy b- day fresh
Carmen Soto
Carmen Soto - Måned siden
5:02 this is a Godzilla game
Sho Ta
Sho Ta - Måned siden
The abashed fuel spatially excite because fragrance cranially fold pro a magenta court. smelly, married prepared
Peterevaandroid Kelly
Peterevaandroid Kelly - Måned siden
I am 5 NO I LIED I AM 9
Snake Wolf
Snake Wolf - Måned siden
Cayden Morse
Cayden Morse - Måned siden
that video is LOL funny keep up the good work lazarbeam
JD10thegamer - Måned siden
Is mr fresh actually Lazars son
Kristin Rector
Kristin Rector - Måned siden
Jingle thanos jingle thanos jingle all the way
Niernoso :D
Niernoso :D - Måned siden
Noooo look how drunk you are. i am not f****** drunk. Can you tell The clock. I am not f****** drunk
•Xx_ evo squidz_xX•
•Xx_ evo squidz_xX• - Måned siden
•Xx_ evo squidz_xX•
•Xx_ evo squidz_xX• - Måned siden
Laser beam I think your the weirdest game ever but I love it I love you lazerbeam
Denied Games
Denied Games - Måned siden
7:15. Can we all just agree that kwebbelkop has gotten increasingly weirder as time goes on.
de meme potato
de meme potato - Måned siden
me: OK BOIS HERES THE NEW AMTHEM OF THE WORLD *plays the chritsmas thanos song*
Ayden O
Ayden O - Måned siden
X2 nossy
X2 nossy - Måned siden
At 5:48 your where godzilla
SantaJake - Måned siden
anybody gonna talk about 1:37 lazar why u gay bro
Alexander Phillips
Alexander Phillips - Måned siden
i would come but im 12 and i live in wales
The O'HARA - Måned siden
That one monster one was shin godzilla