I Pretended To Be MARVEL BOSSES in Fortnite

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fortnite and marvel are cooool
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shoto fanboy
shoto fanboy - 4 timer siden
I will use your code
Techy on 180 fps
Techy on 180 fps - 11 timer siden
Bec of one glicher he uninstalled the game bec of the glitcher milions of lifes cant laught anymore ab ur vids
Our home landscapes
Our home landscapes - Dag siden
You watch dbz
Bob Jordan
Bob Jordan - Dag siden
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Joel Fecher
Joel Fecher - Dag siden
Please play fortnite again
Charlie George
Charlie George - Dag siden
Why did you quit
TazerFace Helps you
TazerFace Helps you - 2 dager siden
Did you all know that Dr Doom is actually a villian in fantastic 4
Stanley Gray
Stanley Gray - 2 dager siden
Can u change ur fortnite skin plz
Stanley Gray
Stanley Gray - 8 timer siden
@Breeze-FN oof
Breeze-FN - 2 dager siden
No stupid
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins - 2 dager siden
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jaxon Bean
jaxon Bean - 2 dager siden
The robots killed me at the truck
HT1 - 3 dager siden
4:43 perfect
Andrew Quatre Sto Domingo
Andrew Quatre Sto Domingo - 3 dager siden
How about being a boss today 2021
Jason peters
Jason peters - 6 dager siden
rip lazarbeam
Brooke Kirley
Brooke Kirley - 7 dager siden
Can U add me mrsLochki me and the hubby would love to game with U our son love U and we all love fornight
Violet And the kits
Violet And the kits - 9 dager siden
Oh doge doge
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper - 9 dager siden
This is when he stopped being funny
Lexie Higginson
Lexie Higginson - 10 dager siden
Except friend request pls
Liam Gabryiel Tolentino
Liam Gabryiel Tolentino - 10 dager siden
You died so funny
DylanTheGoat - 11 dager siden
can i friend you
Skkdkf Mfckkg
Skkdkf Mfckkg - 12 dager siden
Mini henry
Mini henry - 12 dager siden
Bots = Gods
Aden Clarcke
Aden Clarcke - 13 dager siden
That’s in season 5
Mr. T-rex master
Mr. T-rex master - 13 dager siden
i used your code lazar beam
Comfy Man Yeet
Comfy Man Yeet - 13 dager siden
The iron man part is the equivalent of being a summoner in terraria
Ayden Kohler
Ayden Kohler - 14 dager siden
I am the real dr. doom because I am a legitimate human being!
im_NOT_a_donut_1241 - 14 dager siden
Thar is wovoren
Purple Guy
Purple Guy - 14 dager siden
@victor_von_doom that’s who he is
Susan Chittleborough
Susan Chittleborough - 14 dager siden
*5 years later*
Susan Chittleborough
Susan Chittleborough - 14 dager siden
*watches lazar five years ago when he had about 1K subs*
Linkn Bababoi
Linkn Bababoi - 14 dager siden
5:25 wE g0t 5 0f eM
someone - 15 dager siden
Dont reply to me or like
Hisc EU
Hisc EU - 15 dager siden
Doctor doom is a killer doctor ok lannan? Don't get carried away!
Naruto - 15 dager siden
LazarBeam: “Going full dragon ball z”
Me: *having flashbacks of goku vs frieza*
someone - 16 dager siden
I'm looking at this in 2021 and I dont comment so...he is a good Youtuber no matter haw much times he dies
Eoin o Hagan
Eoin o Hagan - 15 dager siden
Claps slowly
Bobby Young
Bobby Young - 16 dager siden
ive been wathing this chanel sins five
Kally Bray
Kally Bray - 17 dager siden
Who else is in 2021
Oonkie Doonkie
Oonkie Doonkie - 17 dager siden
Is this Fortnite wtf i played in season 1 and stopped in season 1
Michelle Griesbachsith
Michelle Griesbachsith - 18 dager siden
doctor doom is a doctor of death
victor wilson
victor wilson - 18 dager siden
1 dislike = pray for lazar
Michael Nicolson
Michael Nicolson - 19 dager siden
go into this map the code is 1343-8745-3582 if the kingsman unbrella is there can you friend me and my friend were huge fans
Tytus Dezoo
Tytus Dezoo - 19 dager siden
i miss black panther he was agreat person
PAPM - 20 dager siden
The Happy Hummy
The Happy Hummy - 22 dager siden
The Happy Hummy
The Happy Hummy - 22 dager siden
Want a fortnite skin of myself cause that would make my decade
Karyme Garcia
Karyme Garcia - 22 dager siden
ok so i like how im in lazar beam's channel but an ad came up and it was a give away from dang matt smith wow ok
Lee Vargas
Lee Vargas - 23 dager siden
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Robz Lang
Robz Lang - 23 dager siden
3:17. He sounds like a Pilager😂
James And Friends gaming
James And Friends gaming - 23 dager siden
Did you really “even” try to pretend?
kid Gamer
kid Gamer - 24 dager siden
Lazarbeam:Like Dragon Ball Z...
Me:Yup,Doctor Doom's ready with the spirit bomb
An omen's shadow
An omen's shadow - 25 dager siden
Doctor Doom is a genius and graduated from the same school as mr fantastic(reed richards) and he deals with magic and technology.
『 G4 Cinemas 』
『 G4 Cinemas 』 - 22 dager siden
Good to know
Bigboss1612 Bigboss
Bigboss1612 Bigboss - 25 dager siden
2 weeks later
mirada whantuck
mirada whantuck - 26 dager siden
Play assassin creed odyssey you will get a bunch of likes a sub
Pugster Animations
Pugster Animations - 26 dager siden
The one bot going to the storm is going to meme on the bounce pad.
fidel castillo
fidel castillo - 26 dager siden
😂😂😂 Lazer Beam you’re joke’s are the FUNIEST!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Emm Geeh
Emm Geeh - 27 dager siden
You are the best YouTube and are you actually fresh dad
Pug - 27 dager siden
I miss marvel bosses
humayl Mohammed
humayl Mohammed - 28 dager siden
Can you do quad launcher only?
Zara Gabriela
Zara Gabriela - 29 dager siden
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Gregory Rice
Gregory Rice - 29 dager siden
The cuddly riddle metabolically behave because tom-tom secondarily move mid a insidious cornet. efficient, outgoing french
Greesys - Måned siden
Miss ur fortnite vids
Notfortnitepro Bot
Notfortnitepro Bot - Måned siden
Lazerbeam plz add me on fortnite
Mythical Faris
Mythical Faris - Måned siden
Why don't you make the covered bridges
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang - Måned siden
Why do u need iron mans weapons and doctor dooms? Just take the wolverine
FNCS Mars - Måned siden
Lazr: pew pew kills a person
Players: tf
Lazar:get killed
Player; notice he killed lazar beam
Lazar: damit
Jonathan Keathly
Jonathan Keathly - Måned siden
I am proud of you you did not say a curse word good job
Xander Avello
Xander Avello - Måned siden
pretty good but i just nine and i love your videos
Cybortic Killer
Cybortic Killer - Måned siden
6:50 the bot is running away because its a karen not wanting to be on camera
Ardoo Games
Ardoo Games - Måned siden
Damn 26 times??? Who else died 1067 times 🤣😅😥
Jaroslaw Salek
Jaroslaw Salek - Måned siden
I used your code
Abdul Awan
Abdul Awan - Måned siden
The aspiring sunshine biophysically allow because bassoon additionally knock underneath a loud quiet. faded, naive kilogram
Andre Koen
Andre Koen - Måned siden
All u know is omg
yeet - Måned siden
“Why don’t we turn iron man into a boss”

*wait isn't he already one*
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang - Måned siden
Cause for me it’s season five i think
Jianchun Zhang
Jianchun Zhang - Måned siden
Uhh yea probably late now lol
0:12 what a streak
multplication king
multplication king - Måned siden
Me thinking doctor doom had the best powers.
Miami Dolphins Nation
Miami Dolphins Nation - Måned siden
Best content 😀😂
Riven Tyers
Riven Tyers - Måned siden
i used your code in the fortnite item shop use code lazar everyone
Ca Ca
Ca Ca - Måned siden
The quick ice likely fax because throat routinely suck into a paltry mistake. opposite, alert change
Slimeboy Scorch
Slimeboy Scorch - Måned siden
Anyone: kills his bots
Lazar: Lazar will remember that
Freddie Green
Freddie Green - Måned siden
yes lazarlazar fresh didnt have to carry you to get the win use code lazar in the item shop he deserves it
EoCo Summer
EoCo Summer - Måned siden
Nobody is getting to doctor dooms medical supplies
EoCo Summer
EoCo Summer - Måned siden
@Conor Naughton really
Conor Naughton
Conor Naughton - Måned siden
I read ur comment at the same time as it happened
Claire Trafford
Claire Trafford - Måned siden
Doctordoom is your mom lol
Snax shack
Snax shack - Måned siden
I used your code
Snax shack
Snax shack - Måned siden
You killed me come on lazer
Khanyo Mrwetyana
Khanyo Mrwetyana - Måned siden
Lazar pls make a video teaching us the controls for fortnite on play station in a video
Justas M.
Justas M. - Måned siden
your the best
Logan BRADY - Måned siden
Did anyone else realise that lazarbeam is a higher level than fresh??
XxXLegendDarkXxX - Måned siden
lazar: just let that one go
Justin Bieber watching: Your so looooooo lonely. Loooooooooo lonely
ParaDox - Måned siden
Oh, that was Lannan!
Prometheus - Måned siden
2:33 Lit Up
iiRobloxGamer - Måned siden
Mate, you died 27 times? Bro I cant even last until top 70 wtf
Idk who i am
Idk who i am - Måned siden
Idk who i am
Idk who i am - Måned siden
Sophie - Måned siden
lannan is da best (better than Ninja... at memes)
Tahlia Katie
Tahlia Katie - Måned siden
I’m bored
HorrorGamesBuddy - Måned siden
it was so funny
Not Monsieurr AjAx.
Not Monsieurr AjAx. - Måned siden
Bruh imagine losing to someone who wasn’t even focusing on u they was just focused on they robots lmao
Matt Rinker
Matt Rinker - Måned siden
Such a great laugh 😆
Deanna Rotenberry
Deanna Rotenberry - Måned siden
You wanna play a game in fortnite lazarbeam
Leland Clark
Leland Clark - Måned siden
Rip. Black. Peart
Pedro Arreola
Pedro Arreola - Måned siden
Rip season 4