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lazarbeam becomes a fortnite secret service agent
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LazarBeam - 7 måneder siden
only true simps can like this comment
Zak Lyon
Zak Lyon - 4 dager siden
Don’t be silly wrap your willy best quote ever
Josefina Silva
Josefina Silva - 7 dager siden
Spider Animation
Spider Animation - 13 dager siden
I must be a simp
Nicholas Rogo
Nicholas Rogo - 14 dager siden
Hey Lannan love your vids MEMES BEAT SWEAT Keep up the good work
Jacob Sims
Jacob Sims - Måned siden
@Braden I am
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 4 timer siden
I am the biggest meme
D Dc
D Dc - 11 timer siden
Laser is a simp
Zaidan Ali
Zaidan Ali - Dag siden
In chapter 2 season 2 I was level 367
Brian Kirstein
Brian Kirstein - Dag siden
rip brotis
Phillip Foster
Phillip Foster - Dag siden
Weszers King
Weszers King - Dag siden
Can you ad me
Weszers King
Weszers King - Dag siden
Dylan Brummer
Dylan Brummer - Dag siden
Stafani Keizer
Stafani Keizer - Dag siden
The blue margaret rheologically marry because client minimally grate under a garrulous dew. puzzling, aboriginal crow
Y'all Know Adam
Y'all Know Adam - Dag siden
F f f f f f f f f f
Will Burgess
Will Burgess - Dag siden
7:25 his nephew left the party in kill chat
Jasper Rowlands
Jasper Rowlands - 2 dager siden
F for Brutus
anthony krem
anthony krem - 2 dager siden
Leo Craft
Leo Craft - 2 dager siden
f for brutus
Kimberley Bone-O'Connell
Kimberley Bone-O'Connell - 2 dager siden
FuZioN_Leo - 2 dager siden
7:25 who saw lil lazier left the party
Fish Leader 101
Fish Leader 101 - 2 dager siden
sadia meer
sadia meer - 2 dager siden
You forgot tntina
mate lozS
mate lozS - 2 dager siden
DiableVache - 2 dager siden
where's TNTina?
Jess Bauer
Jess Bauer - 2 dager siden
Lazarbeams words of wisdom, don't be silly rap you're willy. FFFFFFFFFF
FISHY GOT DRIP BOY - 3 dager siden
Me watching this in 2021: -_- wtf
Richard Alleyne
Richard Alleyne - 3 dager siden
In fortnite
Richard Alleyne
Richard Alleyne - 3 dager siden
I can beat fresh
Richard Alleyne
Richard Alleyne - 3 dager siden
Make a season five predator I saw that on youtube
kAzer_delta - 3 dager siden
fresh is so quite lol😹🤣😹🥶
Sam Watson
Sam Watson - 3 dager siden
I watched this while I was taking a shit
hairyhead-0 - 3 dager siden
Carmen Puglia
Carmen Puglia - 3 dager siden
Lazar: dies
game says Lil_LazarLazar left the party
Maxwell Shaw
Maxwell Shaw - 3 dager siden
You didn’t do cat man boss poor cat man boss
Joe Hey
Joe Hey - 3 dager siden
4:25 his girlfriend watching this .his girlfriend watching this be like really
TTkocko 99
TTkocko 99 - 4 dager siden
You forhot a the rig
Outside kids Barnard
Outside kids Barnard - 4 dager siden
Dare or Dare
Dare or Dare - 4 dager siden
The alike jeans technologically pat because camera phylogenetically exercise through a creepy ox. mellow, fat faulty clef
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas - 4 dager siden
Ephrem Gemechj
Ephrem Gemechj - 5 dager siden
If the fortnite fandom makes fun of ps4 and xbox 1 MORE TIME
Rich Garner
Rich Garner - 6 dager siden
Nicholas Carr
Nicholas Carr - 6 dager siden
Brutes counter :23
Faze War
Faze War - 7 dager siden
Stephanie Gomes
Stephanie Gomes - 7 dager siden
Minoska Romero
Minoska Romero - 8 dager siden
Connor Grindley 07 Wickersley
Lazarbeam it is spelled lazarbeam not lazarbeam
jayne logan
jayne logan - 8 dager siden
Rip brutes F
Scott H
Scott H - 8 dager siden
Are we really going to ignore that he calls his son "bro"? What a loser.
Otto Mahnke 55
Otto Mahnke 55 - 9 dager siden
do a challenge were its only shotguns
dubz666 gamer
dubz666 gamer - 9 dager siden
Hi lazerbeam
Ryan Meals
Ryan Meals - 9 dager siden
XxgachatubersxX - 9 dager siden
Wait a minute he was in Deadpool?-
Terry Jones
Terry Jones - 10 dager siden
sub to corxx
Destroyer gaming
Destroyer gaming - 11 dager siden
I am simp
Paul - 12 dager siden
Eoin o Hagan
Eoin o Hagan - 12 dager siden
Is ur second name ECOCK
Tracy Wall
Tracy Wall - 12 dager siden
How is your dog willeh
Tracy Wall
Tracy Wall - 12 dager siden
Im a simp and i use your code
Dave Seidel
Dave Seidel - 12 dager siden
U inspire me
Bigboss1612 Bigboss
Bigboss1612 Bigboss - 12 dager siden
4:16 she got some good shampoo
Joseph Barry
Joseph Barry - 13 dager siden
Do your ant to know what happens when you break protection: babies
The great lazarbeam stated in 2020
Keep it cool gaming
Keep it cool gaming - 13 dager siden
At the victory
:lazar: oh my god we won
As Midas start spotting at him
Mabika Sava
Mabika Sava - 13 dager siden
The unhealthy temple canonically relax because oak synchronously claim failing a boring thunder. foolish, fine radar
Jeff Reedman
Jeff Reedman - 13 dager siden
Jess rules Klol
Jess rules Klol - 14 dager siden
Kaspars Kalnitis
Kaspars Kalnitis - 14 dager siden
Laser beams the best
Zak Mango
Zak Mango - 14 dager siden
Muhammad Shah
Muhammad Shah - 14 dager siden
Clint Hale
Clint Hale - 16 dager siden
lazar beam is my friend i play with him a lot
adrianne foltz
adrianne foltz - 16 dager siden
God bless the bosses that never made it through😔
Kimberlee Benya
Kimberlee Benya - 16 dager siden
I love you videos
Justin Gruszewski
Justin Gruszewski - 18 dager siden
Rohaan Hashmi
Rohaan Hashmi - 18 dager siden
Matthew Mertes
Matthew Mertes - 18 dager siden
It still cracks me up when it zooms in on lannan dying to a henchman in the background
Rhysy RM yt
Rhysy RM yt - 19 dager siden
I just wanted to let you guys I love you
Lucy Kane
Lucy Kane - 19 dager siden
Nixolas caffey Clapx
Nixolas caffey Clapx - 20 dager siden
Did they forget about tntina
Brawler Ozan
Brawler Ozan - 21 dag siden
I miss this season
Austin Htet
Austin Htet - 21 dag siden
spillerboy27 - 22 dager siden
mau is the best
Kolton Speidell
Kolton Speidell - 22 dager siden
When they won with Midas I was so surprised that I fell and hurt my arm 😂
black panther
black panther - 22 dager siden
Hey lazarbeam you and jacksepticeye are in a Ryan Reynolds movie
Rachel Rybinski
Rachel Rybinski - 22 dager siden
And Lazerbem/ you got to be more careful with that thing man. Brutus/ slap in at laser beam 🥴😂😂😂😂😂
Rachel Rybinski
Rachel Rybinski - 22 dager siden
Marco Preciado
Marco Preciado - 22 dager siden
I like your lazarbeam
Marco Preciado
Marco Preciado - 22 dager siden
Alex Recinos
Alex Recinos - 23 dager siden
Mr.F0rtNit3 clan
Mr.F0rtNit3 clan - 23 dager siden
Am watching in 2020
Perri Badhan
Perri Badhan - 23 dager siden
My sister is called skye
Perri Badhan
Perri Badhan - 23 dager siden
I love your videos and lives 💙💙💙💙
ryan kane
ryan kane - 23 dager siden
It made me laugh when Fresh said Skye has nice shampoo 😂😂
Luzanne Diedericks
Luzanne Diedericks - 23 dager siden
lazer im soth african and i want to meet you im 11 years old and i want tov meet you on my birth day but im ausralian
Chace Tumataroa
Chace Tumataroa - 23 dager siden
ryan ryedonls movie is coming out next year
TomTalksGames - 24 dager siden
Conor Naughton
Conor Naughton - 24 dager siden
Lazar: this is the equivalent to donating $30 on a stream and then not even reading ur name
Literally everyone who has donated over $30: am I a joke to you?
CherryBlossom Playz
CherryBlossom Playz - 25 dager siden
“ Don’t be silly, wrap your w*lly” LOVE it hahahahahha
Rocco Cianci
Rocco Cianci - 25 dager siden
8:27 he hits him for 90 then 140 what!!!!
Mari Carrillo
Mari Carrillo - 25 dager siden
Nice 👍 content.
Jacob and the Kitty army
Jacob and the Kitty army - 25 dager siden
raul castro
raul castro - 25 dager siden
Gina Foss
Gina Foss - 25 dager siden
I’m a dad yes
I’m a dad yes - 25 dager siden
I love you videos dan
I’m a dad yes
I’m a dad yes - 25 dager siden
Same dan