I spent $1,000,000 Robux

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i am no longer roblox millionaire
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LazarBeam - 10 måneder siden
guys only the first 2 games were on stream... this is not a stream VOD lmao
Plus Power
Plus Power - 5 dager siden
Can you give me account have 1m robux
Blitz - 16 dager siden
Winson Tan
Winson Tan - 19 dager siden
I need 1 milion robux
Techno playz
Techno playz - 20 dager siden
Alexis Arruda Barrette
Alexis Arruda Barrette - 27 dager siden
yo you'r the best i have the lazer beam pet iv ben buging peppol sence it came out and add me if you want im XangeXM on roblox
Cony Lee
Cony Lee - 6 timer siden
The therapeutic traffic randomly slap because beaver complimentarily untidy aside a didactic chive. luxuriant, bumpy test
Ali Florin
Ali Florin - 9 timer siden
code lazar yes me code lazar ;D
garish suresh
garish suresh - 12 timer siden
Man said 18 mil with 8 figure number
Cadygamez - 13 timer siden
You should try adopt me in roblox and spend robux there i think you might like it you just buy a bunch of pets and pet eggs and you can decorate houses and grow up your pets trade your pets and make neon houses please can you try it
Nik playz192
Nik playz192 - 13 timer siden
He is a big baby
GunSwinger - 14 timer siden
2:00 do you know there’s a buy all button
NB klopyer
NB klopyer - 15 timer siden
harambe defeated lazerbeam
Tobyplaysroblox - 15 timer siden
Can you please play adventure simulator you don’t just walk around and stuff it’s actually pretty fun or smacking simulator
JunSeok Lee
JunSeok Lee - 15 timer siden
10:59 it has happened. A fortnite god has got a girl friends bottom right corner
Braw Bnar
Braw Bnar - 17 timer siden
I’m so jealous of your laserbeam I’m super jealous
Braw Bnar
Braw Bnar - 17 timer siden
I’m your one of your biggest fans please can you make me a Roblox video please
Braw Bnar
Braw Bnar - 17 timer siden
Laserbeam can you make a new Roblox videos please
Tong Woh Twe
Tong Woh Twe - 18 timer siden
Saw the word 3:45
Zalán Csőke
Zalán Csőke - 19 timer siden
8:46 look under the webcam
easy play
easy play - 21 time siden
Hey lazar beam is I send you a friend request so I wold be so happy if you accepted name 1234prousagg8
legs8714 - Dag siden
2:30 i have no robux and i was at this point in 30 minutes ez
Bye bye boo
Bye bye boo - Dag siden
you now on boxing simulater u could just press buy all
SupremEOS - Dag siden
Teh creator of all the games are in the money like damn my ass spoiled thanks to lazerbesm BTW STAR CODE Lazar
Snap Dog
Snap Dog - Dag siden
Your the best
Talen Brown
Talen Brown - Dag siden
At the end he just snaped
Rachana Lim
Rachana Lim - Dag siden
There is a buy all button🙄
Mahas Dervas
Mahas Dervas - Dag siden
This is my roblox account Amex_13
Add me in friends and give me robux if you can plsss
Darth4Arth - Dag siden
Mahas Dervas
Mahas Dervas - Dag siden
I Need robux
Gacha Jacob
Gacha Jacob - Dag siden
Harambe still stands no chance
Lil Toxic
Lil Toxic - Dag siden
The happiness works like clifford the big red dog 😂😅
Scrs scrubzzz
Scrs scrubzzz - Dag siden
me on boxing simulator spending robux getting to the biggest gloves: CAPITALISM
Liamval - Dag siden
The baby at 8:52
Lil Lazarbeam 2.0
Lil Lazarbeam 2.0 - Dag siden
it was hilarious that right when you join boxing sim they thank you
Baby Eats By JustLixa
Baby Eats By JustLixa - Dag siden
Anwar Gaming
Anwar Gaming - Dag siden
Anwar Gaming
Anwar Gaming - Dag siden
Darth4Arth - Dag siden
Winning Crunch
Winning Crunch - Dag siden
Why didn’t you buy a Dominus :(
Jennifer Everhart
Jennifer Everhart - Dag siden
At 8:52 right bellow Lazar, the baby is flying !?!?!
BuncGaming - Dag siden
you still are a big baby jk lazar i love ur vids
Liamcool gaming
Liamcool gaming - Dag siden
10:17 LOL
Fikin Fortnite
Fikin Fortnite - Dag siden
But why..?
mage350 - Dag siden
This man could reserve a seat at the Bloxy Awards and not show up
Marit Bus
Marit Bus - Dag siden
Pls play bee swarm its a realy fun game
adapt platypus
adapt platypus - Dag siden
'I am a attack helicopter" holy moly that will go down in historyyy
Blue FlopFlop
Blue FlopFlop - Dag siden
Play Jailbreak
Nate L
Nate L - 2 dager siden
Spend a ton of robux to be a bee swarm simulator pro
Malachi Hodge
Malachi Hodge - 2 dager siden
I have news this is the first video i clicked on on this channel and i already was laughing that's why i subbed emedently LOL
Devin Nyman
Devin Nyman - 2 dager siden
he should try to spend that much on the valorant microtransaction store. He would run out of money so fast
BMXkamdin 11
BMXkamdin 11 - 2 dager siden
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 2 dager siden
Hey LazerBeam keep up with your vids mate
Oofies 1035
Oofies 1035 - 2 dager siden
Lol they just update it to praise Lazar LOL
Mango - 2 dager siden
pls pls pls pls my mom and dad dont let me buy robux pls give me 10000
Darth4Arth - Dag siden
shre k
shre k - 2 dager siden
in boxing sim his money _________ LOLS I shall get better than you love UR vids
DEMBGAMER007 - 2 dager siden
Darth4Arth - Dag siden
tarantula adam
tarantula adam - 2 dager siden
tarantula adam
tarantula adam - 2 dager siden
Narcis Bighiu
Narcis Bighiu - 2 dager siden
13:48 what the hell is that bro xD
Bigmacjuice - 2 dager siden
Hi LazarBeam I made my first Roblox game Called Attack of the Zombies. It isn't that bad but it is quite fun. Can you Plz play my game and buy some tips, The Ak-47 and speed coil.
After i will definitely make you a huge statue in the middle and yes ... i am that Desperate:(
Lewis and Alex’s World
Lewis and Alex’s World - 2 dager siden
I split you I h
Larry Wiltshire
Larry Wiltshire - 2 dager siden
why was there a floating baby lol
aiden Jans 2
aiden Jans 2 - 2 dager siden
i played roblox in 2018
Andres Arellano Ruiz
Andres Arellano Ruiz - 2 dager siden
play driving simulator
Rizq Dzikry
Rizq Dzikry - 2 dager siden
mr beast vs lazar = LAZAR LAZAR LAZAR!
Pinot Gretchio
Pinot Gretchio - 3 dager siden
Lolllllllll wowwwwwwwww lollolololol
baviysh mahesh
baviysh mahesh - 3 dager siden
code lazar
xd SafwanBoi
xd SafwanBoi - 3 dager siden
who else got pissed when he never clicked buy all in the first game
Elon Musk
Elon Musk - 3 dager siden
Sub 2 lazarbeam
ProjectLuisX - 3 dager siden
you can buy the buy all button
Michael Raad
Michael Raad - 3 dager siden
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Micah Haydal
Micah Haydal - 3 dager siden
lazar beam do a vid that you spend 50million robux
Ellen Slenk
Ellen Slenk - 3 dager siden
guys pls subscribe to elisnyder23 he cant offored robux
Skeppytical - 3 dager siden
Did lazar just say the s word
Jeter SpaceMan
Jeter SpaceMan - 3 dager siden
8:48 so nobody is gonna talk about the flying baby in the top left?
Beau Sabotta
Beau Sabotta - 3 dager siden
Lazar beam i play baby sim i have 70000k happiness
Ethan Berry
Ethan Berry - 3 dager siden
Stop talking and come on
erion nikolli
erion nikolli - 3 dager siden
im beter than you
Lik Skillet
Lik Skillet - 3 dager siden
Roy Stith
Roy Stith - 3 dager siden
My guy is a Millionaire in real life
viper wolf
viper wolf - 3 dager siden
I have got to page 13
Roman Rzemieniecki
Roman Rzemieniecki - 3 dager siden
The fact that hes making fun of his girl is..... GANGSTER.
Aisier klyne Dionisio
Aisier klyne Dionisio - 3 dager siden
Give me robux pls for free user name:dkgkgkeykydhyc 1210.605m pls just for free
FaZe5 yeet_urgone
FaZe5 yeet_urgone - 3 dager siden
9:57 *bhangra boogie*
Lorraine Timmons
Lorraine Timmons - 3 dager siden
In the first game you played in the vid there is a buy all
Fe Alimboboyog
Fe Alimboboyog - 3 dager siden
how to get robux
Tasingo Sabugo
Tasingo Sabugo - 3 dager siden
I need roblox money I lose ti all I'm sad but I need a roblox money
yeet god
yeet god - 3 dager siden
10:42 imagine playing a nice little game with your friends and a gingerbread man comes and ruins your fun 😂😂
Shane Hoctor
Shane Hoctor - 3 dager siden
Code Lazar (=
Shane Hoctor
Shane Hoctor - 3 dager siden
Shane Hoctor
Shane Hoctor - 3 dager siden
Shane Hoctor
Shane Hoctor - 3 dager siden
Yazid Merino
Yazid Merino - 4 dager siden
like vidoe
insane gaming
insane gaming - 4 dager siden
This video came out before my birthday
My birthday is March 21
Benjamin Reed
Benjamin Reed - 4 dager siden
Emily - 4 dager siden
you should play royle high .-.
Mir_oqq - 4 dager siden
me: there is a buy all button
Lazar: 1:50
Koen Peters
Koen Peters - 4 dager siden
New tip if you make a game make sure it is PAY TO WIN. Because this might happen.
Koen Peters
Koen Peters - 4 dager siden
Give me RABAX.
Chad Jorae
Chad Jorae - 4 dager siden
Dum ass how dare
Jahmar Buddle
Jahmar Buddle - 4 dager siden
I wish I had this money to spend on my Xbox
jaco1601 jaco1601
jaco1601 jaco1601 - 4 dager siden
why didnt u play gaint sim
vincent buagas
vincent buagas - 4 dager siden
its rly funny that the developer is just doing what lazarbeam said and lazar beam just paying the game and not actually playing it lmao
Gwenda Page
Gwenda Page - 4 dager siden
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Salena Evans
Salena Evans - 4 dager siden
lazar having a good day=spends 8000 dollors on a roblox game
The diamond trio kids
The diamond trio kids - 4 dager siden
XD im richer than you in saber simulatar i have 7qutrilion
Thomas Burke
Thomas Burke - 4 dager siden
Hi I am for Australia to go the and I live nearby
Jegs Chilling
Jegs Chilling - 4 dager siden
i want more of this