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wooo amazing websites nobody should look at
👕LAZAR Merch -
Runtime: 10:22


Cameron Ainslie
Cameron Ainslie - 30 minutter siden
"Do you know the muffin man?" " the muffin man? " "THE MUFFIN MAN!"
Martin Évora
Martin Évora - 55 minutter siden
Martin Évora
Martin Évora - 55 minutter siden
Martin Évora
Martin Évora - 56 minutter siden
Martin Évora
Martin Évora - 59 minutter siden
3:25 yea true don't even open that web site if you don't wanna puke
Mason Hassman
Mason Hassman - Time siden
Hannah Bellingham
Hannah Bellingham - Time siden
Lannan: “literally had to blur it 1000x”
Me: * searches up “meat spin.con”
Also me: I WANNA DIE
JayLash - Time siden
f in the chat
Gaming With Osmar
Gaming With Osmar - 2 timer siden
FunnyDuckling 685
FunnyDuckling 685 - 2 timer siden
In cookies clicked I have 69.quinnquinquagintilion cookies
kaak dhdhd
kaak dhdhd - 3 timer siden
Im 11 and my IQ is 125.
Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark - 3 timer siden
I'm way younger than you and my IQ is 118.😂
Asha Mahay
Asha Mahay - 3 timer siden
spam 0:00 its so funny
mxme - 3 timer siden
fudge i went to meat spin and im 10
Happykittycat - 3 timer siden
Mechanical Pussy cat - lazarbeam
William Pallas
William Pallas - 3 timer siden
I get a couple mil a sec 9n cookie clicker
George Southworth
George Southworth - 3 timer siden
Did anyone else slap that guy with an eel 1000 times?

Or just me
victational - 4 timer siden
I got a IQ of 200 CU's the website u used to check it IQ told me cuz I use that website. Is that normal??? m
Jeric Goin
Jeric Goin - 4 timer siden
Imagine Ilsa walks in while lannan is on meatspin😂
Cheater clipzz
Cheater clipzz - 5 timer siden
whats meatspin
Miles Bauer
Miles Bauer - 5 timer siden
Me solving the Rubin cube three times in this vid
Miles Bauer
Miles Bauer - 5 timer siden
AnimeNa1 - 6 timer siden
The maximum IQ score assigned by the WAIS-IV, a commonly-used test today, is 160. A score of 135 or above puts a person in the 99th percentile of the population. News articles often put Einstein's IQ at 160, though it's unclear what that estimate is based upon.
Black Panther BOI
Black Panther BOI - 6 timer siden
GamingBits - 7 timer siden
Not trying to flex... But I get 4000000000 cookies per sec
WildNom - 7 timer siden
i wish i didnt search up meat spin
Hillefoozy - 7 timer siden
True story, I was once told that unicorns existed in Australia so what's up with that
Simon Sabro Sørensen
Simon Sabro Sørensen - 7 timer siden
Specter - 9 timer siden
I can't stop Clicking Cokeys xD
don DESTA - 9 timer siden
3:46 Sweet home alabama
Nothing_at_ all_idk
Nothing_at_ all_idk - 9 timer siden
Dv - 11 timer siden
Lazarbeam and his girlfriend should be Lazarbeam and his LazarQueen
Tania Roberts
Tania Roberts - 12 timer siden
F to pay respects for cow but dam I bet he tasty
Karl44m Im The bg noob
Karl44m Im The bg noob - 13 timer siden
minigamer _skb
minigamer _skb - 14 timer siden
Youtube lets recommend crap after 1 year
Ethan Atkinson
Ethan Atkinson - 14 timer siden
The ninja flex thing, You're supposed to click on them.
Merijn Frijters
Merijn Frijters - 14 timer siden
Me playing the invisible cow game during the video
Adam Brunton
Adam Brunton - 15 timer siden
Freesytle Fortnite
Freesytle Fortnite - 15 timer siden
When you were playing cookie clicker that reminded me on how I get 656 secatilion cookies a second
Ninja Smoke
Ninja Smoke - 15 timer siden
Pay respects to the cow (1 like is one sub)
ruaidri mcmanama
ruaidri mcmanama - 15 timer siden
im 12 and my iq is 139
Logan Clarke
Logan Clarke - 15 timer siden
you are da homey
Synderzz - 16 timer siden
Me at 11 years old and has an IQ of 116
nereyda hernandez
nereyda hernandez - 16 timer siden
Cant do it
nereyda hernandez
nereyda hernandez - 16 timer siden
Ricardo791 - 16 timer siden
Lazarbeam: kids don't go on this website
Kids: what's this
Omar momen
Omar momen - 16 timer siden
2:14 f for the cow
Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller - 17 timer siden
nice very nice
John Gabriel Mercader
John Gabriel Mercader - 17 timer siden
Meatspin gross
Elijah Barker
Elijah Barker - 9 timer siden
@Morgan Gamez lmao U must be young
Morgan Gamez
Morgan Gamez - 10 timer siden
What is it?
DaGeepCreep 123
DaGeepCreep 123 - 18 timer siden
DaGeepCreep 123
DaGeepCreep 123 - 18 timer siden
Alonzo Huerta
Alonzo Huerta - 18 timer siden
i thought you meant p website
narutoo uZuMaKi
narutoo uZuMaKi - 18 timer siden
Watch sponge Bob are I'll unsubscribe
Kyle Silliker
Kyle Silliker - 18 timer siden
Fish assholes are actually a thing
Lucas No
Lucas No - 18 timer siden
One time I reached 1,000,000 cookies per second on cookie clicker
Andrew Bergler
Andrew Bergler - 19 timer siden
im so bored im stare ing at a wall
Plasma - 19 timer siden
OG lannan
Cxmpz_49ers - 19 timer siden
he said this guy i got mad i love rbt and he has 1 mil i think
SuperTigey - 19 timer siden
SuperTigey - 19 timer siden
Caleb Turner
Caleb Turner - 19 timer siden
Me being 11 thinking it was actual meat spinning
1 like = 1 less kid having to see that
Sean Oooo
Sean Oooo - 25 minutter siden
Everyone needs to like this save the children
Chilly XD
Chilly XD - 19 timer siden
Anyone going to talk about that it looks like he's filming in a jail cell
Yeeet Yeet
Yeeet Yeet - 20 timer siden
7:42 when a lazarbeam video ends
Dreamar__Awsome - 20 timer siden
Plays music thing*
Lazar: Well heya Freshy. I’m Lazarwise =)
Addison Stratton
Addison Stratton - 20 timer siden
Lazer: we found it
Website: moo
Riley Miles
Riley Miles - 21 time siden
I'm 10 and when someone tells me not to look at something I look
Looks at meatspin

turns off VPN and gets diagnosed with insomnia
scoops - 22 timer siden
NewPlayer TTV
NewPlayer TTV - 22 timer siden
I look up meat spin lol
Jackson Weekes
Jackson Weekes - 22 timer siden
I’m smarter then u my IQ is 120
Jackson Weekes
Jackson Weekes - 22 timer siden
I mean 150
Jackson Weekes
Jackson Weekes - 22 timer siden
And I’m only 11
Dan Huntroyd
Dan Huntroyd - 22 timer siden
COVID is gone in astralia🙏💀💀😆
Jayden Shakespeare
Jayden Shakespeare - 23 timer siden
Morgan Gamez
Morgan Gamez - 23 timer siden
whats meat spin
Erin Marchant
Erin Marchant - 23 timer siden
What happened to that background did you kill 1000 people 🤔
Ruthless Mango
Ruthless Mango - Dag siden
i would share but.... i have no friends
Louis Segers
Louis Segers - Dag siden
Hes stupid im 146 iq 115 is low
Autunomium - Dag siden
Lazarbeam:"Forget About Meatspin"
Me: *flashbacks* i.. i... i ca...can...t
Autunomium - 16 timer siden
@Potions meatspin is a website that has a gif of a man spinning his ding dong while another man is fricking him! ;-;
Potions - 16 timer siden
What is meatspin I don’t wanna look it up lmao
GS Robot
GS Robot - Dag siden
How did this not get taken down no hate tho. In terms of stuckman
JASWAG GAMEZ - Dag siden
9:34 me who has 120 iq in the age of 10 be like: ._.
Eric Saleh
Eric Saleh - Dag siden
I have a yodeling pickle irl lol
Wiktor G
Wiktor G - Dag siden
Wiktor G
Wiktor G - Dag siden
That Was CORPSE With him
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake - Dag siden
This is what i got freal
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
Dino Boi
Dino Boi - Dag siden
2020 was the worst
Romeo Navarro
Romeo Navarro - Dag siden
What is meatspin?
Morgan Gamez
Morgan Gamez - Dag siden
look it up. only kidding dont i dont know what it is
fishboi 1234
fishboi 1234 - Dag siden
BlaringRocket23 - Dag siden
I am the cookie clicker master
ItsMe REEE - Dag siden
Anthony schaeffer
Anthony schaeffer - Dag siden
I love cookie clicker
The Boys
The Boys - Dag siden
why did i look up meatspin... EEUUGGH
Blue hollow Gacha
Blue hollow Gacha - Dag siden
My God This is so Nostalgic i watched this when i was one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂(obviously Joking)
bill is after you
bill is after you - Dag siden
you have temples, i have portals. i am clearly better than you at cookie clicker.
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs - Dag siden
115 is an average iq
Smily - Dag siden
Did any body notice they he looked like a robot at the beginning
Quirky Ellie
Quirky Ellie - Dag siden
thought this video came out in 2020 covid 19 but no, i guess he is just really bored instead of being sad and looking out the window wishing to go outside lol and then thinking what its like to be a dog, but i guess thats just me and my mindset....
Muhammad Shaafiul Huq
Muhammad Shaafiul Huq - Dag siden
Oh, it's called 'patience' is a virtue so it's supposed to load.
Evan Barker
Evan Barker - Dag siden
That sounds like a harmonica
Floss Dab
Floss Dab - Dag siden
Hi hi
CamxBoss Gaming
CamxBoss Gaming - Dag siden
When I remember my IQ is 148 wait a minute
Dante Inferno vlogs
Dante Inferno vlogs - Dag siden
Ik i am a year late to say this but i am praying for Brenton
Joey Roark
Joey Roark - Dag siden
Um lannan my IQ in 3rd grade was 75 IQ is that normal