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LazarBeam - 8 dager siden
this game is actually really fun but normal videos should be starting soon... not been my best mental months :)
VertX :V
VertX :V - 8 dager siden
Advik N
Advik N - 8 dager siden
freepooforsale - 8 dager siden
Is it that hard? My first got i got 5 kills and a win is it that hard?
Ryukipa YT
Ryukipa YT - 8 dager siden
Tip: you can ice skate useing the ice gauntlet by shooting the grond and run/walking on it but it uses alot of stamina
ItsEds7 - 8 dager siden
Wow it went through
Eggy Edits
Eggy Edits - Minutt siden
Spellshit and break spelling shit idk fak me
Volt 19
Volt 19 - 36 minutter siden
i asked u to play this game in your last vid
Max Todd
Max Todd - 37 minutter siden
you should make more minecraft vidioes
Kellan Mandrusiak
Kellan Mandrusiak - 55 minutter siden
Helix Zenith
Helix Zenith - Time siden
6:03 You’re lip isn’t being used as a four course meal which means you are not stressed.
chaima ezzine
chaima ezzine - Time siden
have you ever thought about how people act? that's how it helps you. you and fresh have different skills so you'll have different magic that fit you. choose what you like best.
Bryan Gomez
Bryan Gomez - Time siden
LMAO so would u be mad if I told u I won first try 😂
StopMasterVideo - 2 timer siden
Omar Owais
Omar Owais - 2 timer siden
What about PUBG
StopMasterVideo - 2 timer siden
I won my first game on this and had 4. Kills
Syn ツ
Syn ツ - 2 timer siden
I’ve been playing for about a month , fire plus earth is pretty strong , if your aim is pretty good , use lightning and ice
Matthew Pechan
Matthew Pechan - 2 timer siden
Absolutly quality content.
Isaac Ross
Isaac Ross - 3 timer siden
Legend says that lazarbeam..... IS A WIZARD
Master Yoda
Master Yoda - 4 timer siden
my first time playing this game i got a win with 9 kills it was easy
brittany fleurichamp
brittany fleurichamp - 4 timer siden
Is it free on Nintendo
trippie Drips
trippie Drips - 4 timer siden
Lazarbeam:(gets a 4 kill win) YEESSS HARRY POTTER IS NOTHING TO ME
Fresh:(gets a 20-30 kill win) gg ezy game
TheSaiyanYouKnow - 4 timer siden
Harry Potter and The mystery of the haunted storm barriers
notmarcgg - 4 timer siden
Sub to notmarcgg
Jie He
Jie He - 4 timer siden
to this day hes till playing
Zachary Lago
Zachary Lago - 5 timer siden
plz try warzone
The random fam Boiii
The random fam Boiii - 5 timer siden
Fornite and fortnite related games are dead let it die lazer beam let it die
Rylan Rob
Rylan Rob - 5 timer siden
I killed you in the first top 2
POP CICLE - 6 timer siden
And the games dead on Xbox took me 30mins to have enough players but I'm good at it
Vykintas Zutautas
Vykintas Zutautas - 6 timer siden
I play spell brake it is super fun😀😃😄😁
•Ice Bear•
•Ice Bear• - 6 timer siden
Faze Vines
Faze Vines - 8 timer siden
I got a win on my first match
Weebest Central
Weebest Central - 9 timer siden
Lazarbeam: takes 99999999999 tries for his first win
Me: Somehow won my first match
Mim Snelling
Mim Snelling - 9 timer siden
I won my first game and I think ice is best
Dominic Owen
Dominic Owen - 11 timer siden
I play this game and it only took me five attempts to win how am i better than u
Benjamin Kara
Benjamin Kara - 12 timer siden
is a good game if Lazarbram fight locks epic
ng shayna
ng shayna - 12 timer siden
hey lazar i got a win on my first round
iiMxM_91 - 12 timer siden
You should take the 🔥 gotlits
Luka The King gg
Luka The King gg - 12 timer siden
In this game i won first time and 3 times right after that match
Harley Bigg
Harley Bigg - 12 timer siden
Red dead wizard 2
Jose Treminio
Jose Treminio - 13 timer siden
Question: do you need to pay monthly for the game on Nintendo Switch
Isaiah Amaya
Isaiah Amaya - 13 timer siden
I’m not trying to flex but I’m 10 and I won like 5 times already I’m not flexing just reminding you guys
Heremia Bennett-Ogden
Heremia Bennett-Ogden - 13 timer siden
I got 10 wins on my first day
Baren Brati
Baren Brati - 14 timer siden
Get a win in warzone😜😏
LazarBeam Commented On My Video
Read my name btw
*Phantomツ - 15 timer siden
imagine not playing this game in season 0 in 2020
Raid Playz
Raid Playz - 15 timer siden
Did anyone notice the name of the last guy was ALLIEN lol muselk got bodied by lazarbeam
ItzTheRealJordan YT
ItzTheRealJordan YT - 15 timer siden
The first game I played before lazarbeam-
Tazerydoo - 15 timer siden
Who’s gonna tell him?
Skate Squad52
Skate Squad52 - 16 timer siden
U inspired me into this game
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell - 16 timer siden
It's funny it take Lazer the whole video to get a win. I simply install the game play my first match and win
Lori Vogel
Lori Vogel - 16 timer siden
Yo you should play red dead 2
OSITA REBELDE - 17 timer siden
When I first played the game I got my first win instantly and after that I got trashed so badly 😂😂😂😂😂
Artemis FN
Artemis FN - 17 timer siden
Does Lannan know that you can electrocute the ice.
Carol Lindemann
Carol Lindemann - 18 timer siden
Attempt 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
Haya Alqahtani
Haya Alqahtani - 18 timer siden
😆Harry Potter
Zxcvk Dyfo
Zxcvk Dyfo - 18 timer siden
Fortnite sucks
Bray Breezy
Bray Breezy - 20 timer siden
Bray Breezy
Bray Breezy - 20 timer siden
Ew it sucks
Bray Breezy
Bray Breezy - 20 timer siden
I dont like this
SuperGrey - 20 timer siden
I have spellbreak
no one
no one - 20 timer siden
I play this on switch and i am a GOD
Sause E
Sause E - 20 timer siden
Who else won their first game on this game
potato - 21 time siden
I’ve been playing since before tdm
Datboy E
Datboy E - 22 timer siden
Why don’t you do any more fortnite
Logan Batman
Logan Batman - 22 timer siden
You’re a wizard lazer
Kyle Brookland
Kyle Brookland - 22 timer siden
You're a wizard Lannan
Hamza Tastekin
Hamza Tastekin - 23 timer siden
Mate I freaking love you you are my favourite YouTube in the whole world 🙂🙂🙂
great milk
great milk - 23 timer siden
I won the first game i played in spellbreak
Not_Kez - 23 timer siden
Is it sad I 1 my first game with 8kills
Jack Guy
Jack Guy - Dag siden
This game ass
Megan Spence
Megan Spence - Dag siden
I sub to you can you add me on fortnite
Jay playz rblx
Jay playz rblx - Dag siden
Everyone gangsta till the cowboy shows up
Dawn Egan
Dawn Egan - Dag siden
I remember watching lazer for the first time when he had three houndred thousand subs now he has 15 mil
Striden226 - 13 timer siden
17 mil
The-June-bois 2
The-June-bois 2 - Dag siden
Play realm royale
Jianni German
Jianni German - Dag siden
Is it free
Will Roark
Will Roark - Dag siden
Go check out Heyify
wes we
wes we - Dag siden
I won on my first mach
PickleZackie - Dag siden
This game looks really confusing. But on something like Fortnite, you can tell what a lot of things are pretty easily and learn things pretty quick
 - Dag siden
im now dounloading spellbraick now it looks cool
Abby Gaming
Abby Gaming - Dag siden
am I the only one who thinks this game copys fortnite
Ksawery Jackiewicz
Ksawery Jackiewicz - Dag siden
i won my first ever game
Chris miller
Chris miller - Dag siden
This is really fun to watch can you play this more
FredzZ_ - Dag siden
Me: Currently has a win streak on 6 :D
Ashley Gifford
Ashley Gifford - Dag siden
I love this video
I need 1000 subscribers
Yo lazbmbm
Danial Passion
Danial Passion - Dag siden
not to brag but i won my second match
Burrito - Dag siden
😂😂😂ninja nut
Ethan Yates
Ethan Yates - Dag siden
I got my first win first game
Boe Walton
Boe Walton - Dag siden
Harison Henson
Harison Henson - Dag siden
lol i have only played 3 games and have won all of them
Ziromations - Dag siden
This has been out
Jaime Prieto
Jaime Prieto - Dag siden
Bruh I played this like 11 or 12 months ago😂😂
Jace Plume
Jace Plume - Dag siden
When you win first game that game is easy
Salty_SweatsBoar - Dag siden
Will lazarbeam play red dead redemption? :?
ThunderPants - Dag siden
are we not gonna talk about how he killed a ttv
J Eva
J Eva - Dag siden
Pls allow anyone to chat on lives not just members I’m broke as hell I can’t be member (btw I’m use code lazar)
athirs - Dag siden
6:20 Come out wizar-duh
CC_Abstract Clipzz
CC_Abstract Clipzz - Dag siden
I got a win on my 1st ever game
Edit: it was in beta
Lediel Quintana
Lediel Quintana - Dag siden
That’s a clip from Harry poter
Lediel Quintana
Lediel Quintana - Dag siden
Your a wiserd lanon
Brad Spicher
Brad Spicher - Dag siden
so goooooooooooooood
Stanley Chouinard
Stanley Chouinard - Dag siden
Laserbeam in the Roblox there’s a game that you like no you’re old you youth role-play green hills and Youssef and it
Adeela shah
Adeela shah - Dag siden
fun fact:everytime he died the music got shorter
Sad Loaf
Sad Loaf - Dag siden
Honestly the frost gauntlet is the best