SEASON 3 MEMES (best season ever)

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fortnite season 3 is very epic
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LazarBeam - 7 måneder siden
i am so cooked lol
Januelle Delgado
Januelle Delgado - 4 dager siden
@Axly me
Hemy Katz
Hemy Katz - 14 dager siden
Bryson Robinson
Bryson Robinson - 17 dager siden
Lazarbeam I try to get you the fortnite president but it says you're not accepting friend requests
midas - 17 dager siden
Yes sir
Papi Thanos
Papi Thanos - 22 dager siden
It sucked
MrBeast Is cool
MrBeast Is cool - Time siden
MrBeast Is cool
MrBeast Is cool - Time siden
0:29 thought he would have been killed
Tripton Puffinbarger
Tripton Puffinbarger - 10 timer siden
This comment will get hearted
Ragnar The cat
Ragnar The cat - 16 timer siden
I hate the charge
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez - 18 timer siden
If your watching this in 2021 your a fricking legend
Martt Tube
Martt Tube - 18 timer siden
Places with no Sweat insurance is Not Covered In water.
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis - 22 timer siden
Whos watching dis during half of chapter 2
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis - 22 timer siden
Chapter 2 season5
Joel Fecher
Joel Fecher - Dag siden
Please play fortnite again
Meow meow
SamSibPlays 96
SamSibPlays 96 - 2 dager siden
Remember when this game was fun 😔
Eastlondonleo13 - 3 dager siden
Am I the only one who loved the map being flooded
Ryann Mueller
Ryann Mueller - 3 dager siden
Me watching this is season 5 like....
Harry Stokes
Harry Stokes - 3 dager siden
If ur seeing this in 2021 then ur a bloody legend
mr dogio
mr dogio - 4 dager siden
I love how he puts best season ever on every season
Tabitha Scott
Tabitha Scott - 4 dager siden
Super Mario brothers
Super Mario brothers - 4 dager siden
me: watching laser beam he said pussy cat me be like skippppp
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki - 5 dager siden
im here for the chug song
V1BIN F Y B E R - 6 dager siden
What's that song tell me what is it 2:17
Lori Jones
Lori Jones - 7 dager siden
gingiecat lazarbeams yeet weapon
gamersaif08 - 8 dager siden
There are 6 year old kids watching this
WilliamPlayz - 10 dager siden
getting famous off comments day 3
Annie White
Annie White - 10 dager siden
I only liked for that roast
King Cubby
King Cubby - 11 dager siden
Of course nyan cat
Thebest 747
Thebest 747 - 11 dager siden
Every season at end of the title (best season ever)
TigerGirlPlayz - 11 dager siden
This is the most weirdest and funniest vid ever 😂!
Madison Krail
Madison Krail - 12 dager siden
A moment of Silence for lazarbeam singing his drinking song............ what a legend
DaRK HYPER - 12 dager siden
Lazerbeam is TTV Memer
ramonjr2 YT
ramonjr2 YT - 15 dager siden
real title: chapter 2 season 3 memes (best season ever)
Hex: Nea main
Hex: Nea main - 15 dager siden
I did a challenge as well. ( winning with only sharks ) EZ WIN
Hisc EU
Hisc EU - 15 dager siden
The cat is called Kit
Lucas Rescigno
Lucas Rescigno - 15 dager siden
“ that’s a twelve footer right there” me: that’s what she said
KitFN - 16 dager siden
Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - 16 dager siden
I Remember
Keiden ASMR
Keiden ASMR - 16 dager siden
When you hear somebody charge up kits charge shotgun you shit your pants
It’s Lee
It’s Lee - 16 dager siden
I actually loved this season (season 2 is still better)
holyryan8gamez - 16 dager siden
who else is watching this in 2021
Omer Golan
Omer Golan - 16 dager siden
You have a good aim but not so much at building
Josh R
Josh R - 17 dager siden
Yep I’m watching this in season 5
midas - 17 dager siden
I'm also cooked
Kane Montgomery
Kane Montgomery - 17 dager siden
.? Hey 👋
Reekostame Rules
Reekostame Rules - 17 dager siden
I would trade IO guards for marauders
Jebril Sadek
Jebril Sadek - 17 dager siden
Holy shit
polish cow
polish cow - 17 dager siden
2:37 thought that windows 10 sound came from my pc lol
Pierson Charles
Pierson Charles - 18 dager siden
as soon he said look theres a crockie i laughing my ass off
Googleyouroogle - 18 dager siden
its legal for a 18 year old to adopt a 17 year old
Jebril Sadek
Jebril Sadek - 18 dager siden
Lazarbeam makes me laugh
Jakub Grzybowski
Jakub Grzybowski - 18 dager siden
I won my two furst maches
Malhoe Parveen
Malhoe Parveen - 18 dager siden
I kept repeating the intro so halarious
Destined harlan
Destined harlan - 19 dager siden
Pussy cat 😿😿 pain
Brady Wilkinson
Brady Wilkinson - 19 dager siden
You know what else is a twelve footer
banana clan
banana clan - 19 dager siden
In season 5 im pretty sure they added fuel to the sharks
Damian Vega
Damian Vega - 19 dager siden
when the season came out that day it was my broters b day
Martin BarritaMendoza
Martin BarritaMendoza - 19 dager siden
Idk why but season 3 did not last that long and also I didn’t like it that much because of the flooded map and the lack of updates and also the pack of unvaulted weapons they only unvaulted 2 snipers that season! But the battle pass was cool. Ngl but the season was meh for me.
Kyle ellen
Kyle ellen - 19 dager siden
L H Food Reviews
L H Food Reviews - 20 dager siden
I like it how when Lazar uses the chug he’s really hyped the when Fresh uses it he used a lower tone of voice
fortnite point
fortnite point - 20 dager siden
New season so cooked
Reymann Bros
Reymann Bros - 20 dager siden
I’m pretty sure every new season is the same thumbnail and title
ItsLouLegend - 20 dager siden
I know this is a bit late but imagine if they just had a dog sitting in a mech named willeh
Dylan Yazbeck
Dylan Yazbeck - 20 dager siden
Do make a video vert game you play in fortnite
Margarita Alvarez
Margarita Alvarez - 20 dager siden
Bud9 - 20 dager siden
The YEET Royale
The PS4 POSSUM - 21 dag siden
Anyone notice how he called dis "SEASON 3 MEMES (best season ever)" then two seasons later made a video called "SEASON 5 MEMES (best season ever)"? anyway possums r takin ovr da world. k bye
Ahamed Jaris
Ahamed Jaris - 21 dag siden
The last guy be like hello help me i am under the water
Dries Machiels
Dries Machiels - 21 dag siden
They needed to call it not a cat but a dog and it’s name is Willhe
Marcelino Romero
Marcelino Romero - 21 dag siden
its been 24 for years
Jayden Jimenez
Jayden Jimenez - 21 dag siden
Day one of new season omg shark day 56 of the season oh morning joe
Poopy Plays Games
Poopy Plays Games - 22 dager siden
Can we get a moment of silence for the shark that saved Lazar beams life
Frosty-Tinter - 24 dager siden
When lazar sing his song chug jug it hears like drunken men
Bigboss1612 Bigboss
Bigboss1612 Bigboss - 24 dager siden
9:28 fortnight
Grey Face
Grey Face - 24 dager siden
I miss this season(when he is under later)
Gregory Rice
Gregory Rice - 24 dager siden
The draconian screen initially balance because output outstandingly flood throughout a alcoholic psychiatrist. dear, low prepared
Shine - 25 dager siden
Do you know how many times I rewatched 1:35
Olly has Muscle
Olly has Muscle - 25 dager siden
It should be called the lazar launcher
Gabrielle Gresczyk
Gabrielle Gresczyk - 25 dager siden
Me: *scrolling down mah home of yt*

Also mEh: *sees the title*

Lazer god: cOme tO tHiS vId aNd uSe cOdE laZeRrrRrrRRr

Me: Ima just watch dis and then scroll throughout his posted ✨ I wAnT fIvE oF eM ✨ content! 🙂
Fanouris Grigs
Fanouris Grigs - 25 dager siden
9:29 anyone notice how he said fort nite that was kinda weird
will5 gamer6
will5 gamer6 - 26 dager siden
It was a good season
Kuba Biegun
Kuba Biegun - 28 dager siden
Who is here in season 5 chapter 2
Seagull - Måned siden
Why does it seem like Lannan is so much better in his own videos but he seems so bad in Fresh’s
Jackson Ahoia
Jackson Ahoia - Måned siden
Trey Brown
Trey Brown - Måned siden
Holy shit
Mac Mellon
Mac Mellon - Måned siden
I love how he said best season ever it was trash
tiktoker2000 - Måned siden
If you say a laser beam is mythic and when you take away the my then laser beam is thicccccccccccc I saw that because I saw that in the title of a video mythicc
tiktoker2000 - Måned siden
Who's the F am I I don't know anymore
Gavin McKinney
Gavin McKinney - Måned siden
What if it was called lazer’s yet lancher
CO2 drinker
CO2 drinker - Måned siden
donjeta pllana
donjeta pllana - Måned siden
your song is so funny!!!!!
Pro Plays YT
Pro Plays YT - Måned siden
Michael Nash
Michael Nash - Måned siden
shit mate
Diana Drappel
Diana Drappel - Måned siden
Who is watching and 2020 and thinking the AI guards are the new Marauders
Bala Somaraju
Bala Somaraju - Måned siden
2:27 look at what he got killed by
Antony Parkes
Antony Parkes - Måned siden
Lazarbeam is now a bot?
Agent Peely
Agent Peely - Måned siden
Lazarbeam is true Aussie especially at 7:58. He's the best.
HBK BOPS - Måned siden
I love his reaction when the shark jumps at him
Amanda Erieau
Amanda Erieau - Måned siden
Kokonutz - Måned siden
The mobile gang still in this season 😭
Aldrich Reynard
Aldrich Reynard - 15 dager siden
Yeah your right Im am a mobile player BTW
Pradip Panchal
Pradip Panchal - Måned siden
I wish he made a reaction video to season 4
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho - Måned siden
Michael Brayman
Michael Brayman - Måned siden
We're the covered briges huuuuuu.
TST Linkze
TST Linkze - Måned siden
Is it just me or does he say (Best season ever) in his title everytime theres a new season?
Griffin Kozey
Griffin Kozey - Måned siden
i laughed so hard at 1:35