smashing 100 keyboards

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LazarBeam - År siden
they were literally $5 keyboards none of you woulda wanted em lmao
Meme god Ur mum
Meme god Ur mum - 2 måneder siden
Kill me
Poké WishMaker
Poké WishMaker - 2 måneder siden
lol omg still $500 tho and omg 500th comment!
Anthony Kathireson
Anthony Kathireson - 2 måneder siden
U could have stacked like ten and use an axe to chop them
Parker Child
Parker Child - 2 måneder siden
I would want it
Saitama - 2 måneder siden
i need one of them the parts im making a improvizes one
Lisa Swint
Lisa Swint - 38 minutter siden
When he threw one of them against a wall(the fifth one) it wasent broken it only lost keys which can be bought
MrDoggo53 - 58 minutter siden
You could have given one to me even though the were 5 dollars
JoviNado - 59 minutter siden
Year later and they stil find keyboard keys around the office
Seth Longalong
Seth Longalong - Time siden
You said you like to smash stuff ok uhhhhh ilsa needs toy get out of there
Anthony Castillo
Anthony Castillo - Time siden
You broke so many keyboards and you use a tool to break the keybords to you throwed the keyboard and they broke
Bcl 100
Bcl 100 - 3 timer siden
Who else is watching this after lannan quit fortnite
Redacted - 4 timer siden
I feel like fully had too much fun
•Avøcadox• - 4 timer siden
You could make your name with all of those keyboard tiles
VR_ Slays
VR_ Slays - 4 timer siden
Lazar bean just willingly throwing keyboards of his own head
Ffc Gxx
Ffc Gxx - 5 timer siden
i don't have a kebord
Shazwan Lightning
Shazwan Lightning - 6 timer siden
Bro i can't afford a $1 keyboard why did you break 100 $5 keyboards I needed one😅
Black Hexagon
Black Hexagon - 7 timer siden
4:36, when you notice that you can spell any Word with keycaps 😂
Chubby_Buns931 - 8 timer siden
At 3:06 to 3:12 the resin he laughed is because a key reflected off the wall and hit his head
Look carefully and u will see the key
Sub to my YouTube channel @Chubby_Buns931
rey. li ӝ
rey. li ӝ - 9 timer siden
Tlc addicted to breaking keyboards
xoxo_. natalie
xoxo_. natalie - 10 timer siden
Don’t try this at home... try it at the park >;)
Lucas Ks
Lucas Ks - 11 timer siden
ragequitter in a nutshell
AV Animations
AV Animations - 13 timer siden
Brett Warren
Brett Warren - 14 timer siden
That laugh was fake
ABBY toube
ABBY toube - 17 timer siden
You could have really have those keyboards away😶
FortniteYT - 17 timer siden
I like to see mully smash keybords
Spectro GD
Spectro GD - 20 timer siden
I hate dubble impulse too
straightline guy
straightline guy - 20 timer siden
who else thought how they would clean that up or was it only me
MegaKaren - 20 timer siden
Lazarbeam: Smashing 100 keyboards!
16,061,497 people: Hmmm interesting
Zygmunt Jaslowski
Zygmunt Jaslowski - 20 timer siden
Zygmunt Jaslowski
Zygmunt Jaslowski - 20 timer siden
Why are you so bad well i probably is much worse cuz i get the account ready
Zygmunt Jaslowski
Zygmunt Jaslowski - 20 timer siden
You kicked the man wow
Zygmunt Jaslowski
Zygmunt Jaslowski - 20 timer siden
That was satisfying &;& ivgybjkwy9wy7inoszg8u yfactuvw5gr6gnan78togya g6869 😄
Zygmunt Jaslowski
Zygmunt Jaslowski - 20 timer siden
8 or 5 dollars was it why is that so cheap
Reivax - 20 timer siden
wonder how long it took to clean it up (my guess 2 days)
zippz - 22 timer siden
Matrix_Fxr - Dag siden
Once you realize he actually just threw the keyboard at his own face
KaboomOreos Gaming
KaboomOreos Gaming - Dag siden
he sounds like a cowboy 1:41
Young Racing
Young Racing - Dag siden
Legends say there’s still keys in the couch
Stewart Moran
Stewart Moran - Dag siden
Those keys shall become your very own nerf darts. Those things you lose track of then find five years later
Ryan Horn
Ryan Horn - Dag siden
Fortnite Challenge: you take all of the key caps off of a spare keyboard and try to win a game
Ryan Horn
Ryan Horn - Dag siden
Logan does nothing
Logan does nothing - Dag siden
That’s what he said
Scv7075 - Dag siden
10:50 key boards is mand kind the boys is 2020
Dr.QuickFix - Dag siden
Streamers:"Rookie Numbers"
James Fox
James Fox - Dag siden
Mullys tall
othergoodboy3421 - Dag siden
Mongraal 2.0
Where my money??
Where my money?? - Dag siden
Mully,more like Viking👿👿
CameraGuy1080 P
CameraGuy1080 P - Dag siden
Now that’s a lot a damage
MRG OFFICIAL - Dag siden
KiDs In AfRiCa CoUlDvE eAtEn ThOsE!
Brandon Higbee
Brandon Higbee - Dag siden
i love this it makes meh calm
Josh Milverton
Josh Milverton - Dag siden
I even smashed my tablet on my head
Josh Milverton
Josh Milverton - Dag siden
I do that with my phone and tablets and ipad smash them on the floor hard😈
AJTV - Dag siden
Yea boi
Moi olen Suomalainen
Moi olen Suomalainen - Dag siden
Its all fun and games till you have to clean it up
Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie - Dag siden
people in quarentine: :)
keybords (covid): oof XpX
Cheryl Moore
Cheryl Moore - Dag siden
Him:I spelt a word MAP ME:what da f meagain:laughs
sahabn 1337
sahabn 1337 - Dag siden
Legend has it there still cleaning
arsh Salam
arsh Salam - Dag siden
If you wanted broken keybord go just ask lannen
Ashton Pellegrini
Ashton Pellegrini - Dag siden
I love how lazer didn't curse sooo he gets a cookie
Bogdan Dronca
Bogdan Dronca - Dag siden
Why are you copying mongral
Leanne Fotheringham
Leanne Fotheringham - Dag siden
8:30 the traps sound so satisfying
Bia - Dag siden
If you do it again at the end then say yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt
Ningning Jocson
Ningning Jocson - Dag siden
5 x 100 is 500, so he spent a total of 500 aussie money on it
Callum Shoesmith
Callum Shoesmith - Dag siden
Just one word...
The Broken Badly
The Broken Badly - Dag siden
now he realises do not try at home makes me now wnat to try it now
EPICRMF - Dag siden
Can we talk about how many keyboards hit Lanons face on the wall.
Norman Jackson
Norman Jackson - Dag siden
Why did you quit fort nite
Sono Italiano
Sono Italiano - Dag siden
Man vs Keyboard (MVK). This is the war! 😡 🆚 ⌨⌨
Rat - Dag siden
**i consider it therapy** me too m8, me too
Dumb Face
Dumb Face - Dag siden
So funny and I’m subbed to you lazerbeam and this is so funny
Magnus Hansen
Magnus Hansen - Dag siden
I wonder if he still has little Key binds that he fines every so often
Joel Fecher
Joel Fecher - Dag siden
please play fortnite again
Erkhes Erdene
Erkhes Erdene - Dag siden
i amFRA
i amFRA - Dag siden
okay, but Mully being a rockstar was cute. 😭
KARSON TSANG - Dag siden
Imagine the people that don’t even have a key borad
Flynn Searies
Flynn Searies - Dag siden
U know, a bunch of aussies just smashing keyboard. CLASSIC.
meme man ha ha ha
meme man ha ha ha - Dag siden
there is no perfect raging vide..
this vid: helo yeetman
Ethan Negron
Ethan Negron - Dag siden
That's a lie I could have sold them for money
Mister Peeebody
Mister Peeebody - Dag siden
I want a un edited version
Leland and chases Youtube
I feel bad for the person that cleans up the mess
Lolsom Games
Lolsom Games - Dag siden
He said protection in da past insert bob da builder theme here 😂
Hudson Antony
Hudson Antony - Dag siden
The title should of been we are cleners
Celo 1710
Celo 1710 - Dag siden
Dam spongebob
rile0760 rile0760
rile0760 rile0760 - Dag siden
Noooooo way I didn’t think you would actually reply
Thomas games
Thomas games - 2 dager siden
That was content
Greatdude12 Gaming
Greatdude12 Gaming - 2 dager siden
*When Amazon is out of stock*
Me: *Comments on Lannan's vid*
the comment says:Hi Lazar do you have any spare keyboards after that vid?
Lannan:Nope , smashed em all
Artemise - 2 dager siden
Nobody gonna mention the James Charles picture on the top right shelf?🤔11:29
Gregory Given
Gregory Given - 2 dager siden
I love doing this to
Noah’s Memes
Noah’s Memes - 2 dager siden
I’ve never seen you rage so hard
King Connor
King Connor - 2 dager siden
He doesn't even smash the keyboards. Smashing the keyboards would be lets say smashing it with a hammer, he just tears them apart so the title is click bait.
stephanie Robertson
stephanie Robertson - 2 dager siden
Btw every time he rages to take out the rage he can smash a keyboard
Quiet Kid
Quiet Kid - 2 dager siden
Legend has it there are still f’s in the office
Default Name
Default Name - 2 dager siden
5:42 the brand new robotic windmills in the robotic future
Jacob Peers
Jacob Peers - 2 dager siden
Lannan best video by far
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - 2 dager siden
Ninja when he places #2 to a boy or a stream sniper
wonderful1618 - 2 dager siden
easy peasy lannan squeezy
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 2 dager siden
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 2 dager siden
Nardi005 - 2 dager siden
i really like this video because it brings back memories of old lazarbeam
Elaine Walsh
Elaine Walsh - 2 dager siden
Is joshdub in the morning
Infinite Days
Infinite Days - 2 dager siden
Where were those paramedics for your fortnight character/I love watching mulls‘s channel
lazyeggz gaming
lazyeggz gaming - 2 dager siden
I went to sleep with this
miniscutt1 - 2 dager siden
code lezr
HeyimFrost - 2 dager siden
so he spent 500 dollars on all those keyboards plus tax thats a lot of money
DAMIAN SHULTZ - 2 dager siden
fresh looked scared when he broke one
CWNC_Wills1024 - 2 dager siden
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