Teaching MY DAD Fortnite

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lazarbeams dad plays fortnite very funny
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LazarBeam - 3 måneder siden
My dad is my hero so i hope you enjoy this wholesome content
Dennisdailycom1 - 10 dager siden
@Tumford mm
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto - 13 dager siden
Your dad is my hero too kkkkk
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me - 14 dager siden
I sure did
Tolol Kali
Tolol Kali - Måned siden
Random Guy
Random Guy - Måned siden
How's your dad doing by the way
Chocolate Marshmallow
Chocolate Marshmallow - 10 timer siden
Who saw the lama 5:58
Devin Aubertin
Devin Aubertin - 17 timer siden
Lazar and his dad went muddin
mustafa - 18 timer siden
Your so looks new
Sam Nowicki
Sam Nowicki - 21 time siden
5:58 there was a llama
gingerboy - Dag siden
good job lazarbeam dad lazarbeam your dad did good
Ez clapz 6969
Ez clapz 6969 - Dag siden
Who else is watching in 2021
Blxtz Dylan
Blxtz Dylan - Dag siden
We need more of these it’s so wholesome😊
AcePlayz - Dag siden
Even if Lazar’s dad is bad at Fortnite, it was still really cool to see them both play
TheBoat Landing
TheBoat Landing - Dag siden
What war did lazar dad fight in
xphProduction - 2 dager siden
Dalandra Peska
Dalandra Peska - 2 dager siden
I did enjoy this content
Dalandra Peska
Dalandra Peska - 2 dager siden
Xander Travis
Xander Travis - 2 dager siden
lazar and hid dad are better than fresh combined
Amanda Kidd
Amanda Kidd - 2 dager siden
Who saw the lama
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan - 2 dager siden
Who else saw the secret llama
Liddle dude
Liddle dude - 3 dager siden
was that a liama when he was teaching his dad to drive or am i just crazy
kayden scoot
kayden scoot - 3 dager siden
Anyone See the lama
VIHAAN VINOD NAIR - 3 dager siden
5:59 u can see a llama in the background
Bata-llion HZ
Bata-llion HZ - 3 dager siden
The best fortnite player I see better than ninja tuv
Clayven CTV
Clayven CTV - 4 dager siden
lazer beam didn't saw the lamma when he was teaching his dad how to drive
baoyuan gao
baoyuan gao - 4 dager siden
Was it on bot mod
Jesus Arcos
Jesus Arcos - 4 dager siden
Was it just me but did anyone see a lama
Akio Luves U
Akio Luves U - 4 dager siden
Lazar: “and that’s why I play with fresh
Lannans dad:”oh my grandson?”
He knew 😂
Nai Crafter
Nai Crafter - 4 dager siden
Vakil S
Vakil S - 4 dager siden
Who saw that llama
Christopher Bragalone
Christopher Bragalone - 4 dager siden
Why does all of his family have pearl white teeth 🦷
HT1 - 5 dager siden
7:37 watch it again
Ree kid 2.0
Ree kid 2.0 - 5 dager siden
6:00 I am I the only person who saw the llama near the hills?
Short Animations
Short Animations - 5 dager siden
Lannins dad is friking funny
Micah Tibbs
Micah Tibbs - 5 dager siden
Kdmdcbcdjskdlcockckdkeled if lfocofeoeow fixing logo Hugo digo 1 no no no nono nono no no
mixedboyonthatbeat - Dag siden
YtGhostGamer254 - 5 dager siden
They missed a llama
Ali Fathih Fayaz
Ali Fathih Fayaz - 6 dager siden
Your an embarrassment
Tanim Azad
Tanim Azad - 6 dager siden
You guys missed a llama lol
RoyalGamer326 - 6 dager siden
did lazarbeam realise the lama next to the pump while teaching how to drive
KHASAN - 7 dager siden
He’s lost
Astral_ _Valkyrie
Astral_ _Valkyrie - 7 dager siden
I could beat your father in 5 seconds 😂😂😂😜🤫
Micah Hanson
Micah Hanson - 7 dager siden
who else saw the llama
Exify Leader
Exify Leader - 7 dager siden
Who else spotted the llama on the side the mountain 6:00
Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen
Sahalaldeen Kamal-deen - 7 dager siden
lazerbeam dad is like uncle iroh from avatar hes the best
Lazer:your winning dad
BIG splodzie
BIG splodzie - 8 dager siden
Rowdy - 8 dager siden
He could probably beat me.
phoenix playz
phoenix playz - 8 dager siden
wholesome 100
Reem Deng
Reem Deng - 8 dager siden
Have youer dad played fortnitte ever
Nitro - 8 dager siden
Anyone realized they missed a lama at 6:00
SupremeXClan Snipezz
SupremeXClan Snipezz - 8 dager siden
you missed the llama
Legionbliss2309 Official
Legionbliss2309 Official - 8 dager siden
plot twist Lannan's dad is actually pro he is just pretending to be bad for the video and the memes
Firaz Mahmood
Firaz Mahmood - 10 dager siden
When two bots play together
Luke Taggart
Luke Taggart - 10 dager siden
I liked my own comment. Deal with it
Liam Waldron
Liam Waldron - 10 dager siden
5:59 lmao there's just a lama chiling there
Haziq Mustafa
Haziq Mustafa - 10 dager siden
Lazarbeam’s dad vs Bhodi 1v1
Luffy Taffy
Luffy Taffy - 10 dager siden
Who else noticed the llama in the back 5:58 5:59
jaja gamer
jaja gamer - 10 dager siden
Pt 2 ???
FliptheCookie Gaming
FliptheCookie Gaming - 10 dager siden
Just like your son helped you get better-at the game you’re helping your father get better at the game
Deku fanboy ;-;
Deku fanboy ;-; - 10 dager siden
So Gez Z isn’t the only ppl that play video games
The legend Of TT Gaming
The legend Of TT Gaming - 10 dager siden
Lazars dad won a game in season 4 but a 10 year old didn’t:(
Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct - 11 dager siden
Your a Monster to let your dad use a controller in an FPS Game......
Fogz FN
Fogz FN - 11 dager siden
To be honest I like LazarBeam’s Dad’s setup a lot more than LazarBeam’s.
Eyobed Ayele
Eyobed Ayele - 11 dager siden
Fact: Lazarbeams dad is better than him cause he played the whole match with a pistol and got the final kill.
라일리 - 11 dager siden
Chris DeVille
Chris DeVille - 11 dager siden
Your dad is a bot
Yosuf Gaper
Yosuf Gaper - 11 dager siden
this is probably the best video i have ever watch 💕😂
Spencer Hanson
Spencer Hanson - 11 dager siden
Lazrbem so you have sap hate
Only_Dubs_Kool- Aid
Only_Dubs_Kool- Aid - 11 dager siden
Best dad ever
Pro Hero Gaming
Pro Hero Gaming - 12 dager siden
This video was quiet funny to watch ngl
Katie Dawson
Katie Dawson - 12 dager siden
Your dad is so funny
Go Random with Keelie and Natasha
The llama is near at the hill
Abby’s Awesome Adventures
Abby’s Awesome Adventures - 12 dager siden
Me watching the video and then realize I drive like a 65 year old man😅
Good Guy
Good Guy - 12 dager siden
Dads teaching there kids to fish in 2040 😂😂
Mick Moonen
Mick Moonen - 12 dager siden
Your father should use aimbot :)
Taslim Arif
Taslim Arif - 13 dager siden
Teach your dad minecraft
Kevin Sakamoto
Kevin Sakamoto - 13 dager siden
wy didnt you get the lama
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto - 13 dager siden
How old is Lazarbeam ?
Mason Cheung
Mason Cheung - 13 dager siden
I love this it is sick nigy
Jerome Morales
Jerome Morales - 13 dager siden
blake morabito
blake morabito - 13 dager siden
You are a good teacher lazarbeam
uyahid 666
uyahid 666 - 13 dager siden
What is hes support a creator
C0NST&NC3s - 13 dager siden
This is wholesome as fuck
Joojoo N
Joojoo N - 14 dager siden
What the heck-
Hayley Carroll
Hayley Carroll - 14 dager siden
Your dad is funny content 😂
Hayley Carroll
Hayley Carroll - 14 dager siden
This vid was the best
josh 333
josh 333 - 14 dager siden
I've never thought I would see something like this
Fishy boi7484
Fishy boi7484 - 14 dager siden
The fish died lol
Fishy boi7484
Fishy boi7484 - 14 dager siden
But I’m sad
Fishy boi7484
Fishy boi7484 - 14 dager siden
He ate the fish :(
Archie Stewart
Archie Stewart - 14 dager siden
Lazers dad lazer and fresh
Maria Wilcox
Maria Wilcox - 14 dager siden
Your dad can be better than u one day
Colton Snook
Colton Snook - 14 dager siden
Are you real lazarbeam
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me - 14 dager siden
Aussie 4 ever
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me - 14 dager siden
Were you playing duos with him or solos teaming
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me - 14 dager siden
He is a great person so are you
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez - 14 dager siden
5:59 who noticed the llama they passed
F1shy Gaming
F1shy Gaming - 15 dager siden
One day his dad was beating him for a challenge and now there playing fortnite together
Callie Rempillo
Callie Rempillo - 15 dager siden
His dad thought him how to fish and drive
Lazar: I'll teach u how to drive and fish-
Callie Rempillo
Callie Rempillo - 15 dager siden
Don't worry Lazar we both are scared of spoons 😔😔😔
Dane Howerton
Dane Howerton - 15 dager siden
He’s like my dad when he first started playing fortnite
Zane Eyak
Zane Eyak - 15 dager siden
Iain Miller
Iain Miller - 15 dager siden
6:00 LAMA in the background
gweby - 15 dager siden
"give us an intro" gday gday fellas
SSSniperking YT
SSSniperking YT - 16 dager siden
If your dad needs help on controller I can help
jonathan2010katie - 16 dager siden
Nice one