Teaching My Nephew MEMES

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uncle lenny is the best uncle
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LazarBeam - 9 måneder siden
recorded this from stream so theres a few graphical glitches but bodhis cuteness makes up for that so enjoy
Oliverbullough123 Bullough
Oliverbullough123 Bullough - 11 dager siden
No I have
Alex Wong
Alex Wong - 26 dager siden
Yeah i can see that!
Lincoln Jurd
Lincoln Jurd - Måned siden
Ash - 2 måneder siden
lazar:lez teach my 8 year old nephew some memes me:daz my man lannon
vellichxrr - 3 måneder siden
jacobs vlogs
jacobs vlogs - 18 minutter siden
You should buy him APC
Tahir 1
Tahir 1 - 5 timer siden
I love jelly
VGame20 - 12 timer siden
My fav YouTuber is also jelly
Michael Iaea
Michael Iaea - 13 timer siden
lil does not know How to play fortnite
I play fortnite in 7 years
fry - 14 timer siden
Real name is bhodie sub titles:birdy
Allison MacPhail
Allison MacPhail - 15 timer siden
I used to watch jelly before I watched you because your a little better
Ally - 16 timer siden
Axel Aguilar
Axel Aguilar - 17 timer siden
I love jelly and lazarbean
Axel Aguilar
Axel Aguilar - 17 timer siden
I love jelly
Axel Aguilar
Axel Aguilar - 17 timer siden
That is my boy
Johnny Diaz
Johnny Diaz - 18 timer siden
when bodhi said jelly is his fav youtuber it looked like lazerbeam wanted to assainate jelly
MitchC73 - 19 timer siden
We need a Jelly And Lazar Colab
for Bodhi
Jamal Donnelly
Jamal Donnelly - 20 timer siden
It sounds like ur saying birdie
The 5 stars
The 5 stars - 21 time siden
When bodi got the kill lazarbeam YeS! YESSSS YES! AS HE TAKES OFF HIS HEADPHONES AND
Selim Nassar
Selim Nassar - 23 timer siden
Nephew is wearing jelly merch
kittenforever2006 - Dag siden
Why all the time I watch fornite a fornite add comes but when I watch Minecraft a minecarft add comes like what the hell
Spectrum Playz RBLX
Spectrum Playz RBLX - Dag siden
3:47 why is bodhi adorable when he says poo-poo
Toby Anderton
Toby Anderton - Dag siden
Jelly would be happe
Tatem Kilbride
Tatem Kilbride - Dag siden
Jelly is my best YouTube but you to
James Freddy
James Freddy - Dag siden
What do you mean we can definitely be jelly because he doesn’t even want a single match
Drew Keogh
Drew Keogh - Dag siden
Did anyone notice that this was updated on April Fool’s Day, which goes perfectly with the trolling?
jay hemaloto
jay hemaloto - Dag siden
Jelly sucks
Jayden de Bie
Jayden de Bie - Dag siden
Jelly is NL
P&D GAMING - Dag siden
I know jelly
Grogu - 2 dager siden
0:25 Time to put him up for adoption
Angelo Carino
Angelo Carino - 2 dager siden
Santana Hoskins
Santana Hoskins - 2 dager siden
Tyler Shane
Tyler Shane - 2 dager siden
Ismael Ojeda
Ismael Ojeda - 3 dager siden
Bodhi you betrayed the Gingy
Ruby Ratter
Ruby Ratter - 3 dager siden
LOVE YOUR vids!!
Fitzgerald JFLR
Fitzgerald JFLR - 3 dager siden
Fresh at 2:32 : get in the bush with your uncle
That is exactly what my uncle said to me on my 13th birthday. Lol
Sunshine Taddeo
Sunshine Taddeo - 3 dager siden
Jelly if the best
Eddie Panora
Eddie Panora - 4 dager siden
bodhi used to be so wholesome
Jose Pablo Treviño O.
Jose Pablo Treviño O. - 4 dager siden
Victor Ijeoma
Victor Ijeoma - 4 dager siden
Don't lie to your nephew.
Kieren Whittington
Kieren Whittington - 4 dager siden
0:32 he's a smart kid
Victor Ijeoma
Victor Ijeoma - 4 dager siden
Don't say hell and don't say damn.
Yorra - 4 dager siden
Jelly's channel is 🗑️🗑️🗑️
SPL _ - 6 dager siden
I thought he played on ps4
Landon Bevins
Landon Bevins - 6 dager siden
bowdy u fucking idiot
Landon Bevins
Landon Bevins - 6 dager siden
jelly jelly fuck jelly
Luke Ross
Luke Ross - 6 dager siden
u should get him a gaming pc setup or an xbox series x
Grayson Bomar
Grayson Bomar - 6 dager siden
Brodie lazer art he’s not your fan
Asia Babii
Asia Babii - 8 dager siden
A laser what are you what if you do I mean by just go on in the sand and waiting for people to come after you but when I get near there very sorry
Charlie Shaw
Charlie Shaw - 8 dager siden
Let’s tag jelly
Calan Fraser
Calan Fraser - 8 dager siden
eevann_ _ssaunderss
eevann_ _ssaunderss - 8 dager siden
Yo lan something tells me ur the weird uncle, u now what i mean
Christopher Mejia Flores
Christopher Mejia Flores - 8 dager siden
smart boy
Enis 0.7
Enis 0.7 - 9 dager siden
Aiiiiiii whats wrong whith jelly
Drop BEAT - 9 dager siden
Sarah Kissel
Sarah Kissel - 9 dager siden
Your only one grandson hates you lazer
Tenor Grundler
Tenor Grundler - 9 dager siden
does he still play
Ozzy 159
Ozzy 159 - 10 dager siden
Bruh jelly, out of all the millions of YouTubers he chooses jelly 👁👄👁
Anthony Feraco
Anthony Feraco - 10 dager siden
who tf disliked this???
Tatjana Janis
Tatjana Janis - 10 dager siden
How troublesome
Jacob Coleman
Jacob Coleman - 11 dager siden
lil lazar learning the rocket ride makes you wanna cry
Sad boy fog
Sad boy fog - 11 dager siden
Its convenient how as soon as he says he has jelly merch on I get a youtube notification that he posted
Pro Hero Gaming
Pro Hero Gaming - 11 dager siden
They nailed the c4 meme lol
Emilie Molt
Emilie Molt - 11 dager siden
I know this video is from a while ago, but I just wanted to say that your a really great uncle, Bodhi is beyond lucky!
Jennifer Sagastume
Jennifer Sagastume - 12 dager siden
Can you give me Vbox please
Senoritsar Fortnite - No Edits At All
I actually love to music when bodhi was rocket riding
Maanuel Vargas
Maanuel Vargas - 12 dager siden
Who else loves jelly!
Cassandra Allen
Cassandra Allen - 13 dager siden
jelly merch he lit braaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im a goat
Im a goat - 13 dager siden
Brodie at 5 = Playing fortnite
Me at 5 = pretending water bottle caps are shots
XD-bAnKs09 YT
XD-bAnKs09 YT - 13 dager siden
Friends IPS
Friends IPS - 13 dager siden
Bodhi no! Sub to lazar beam
Kevin Sakamoto
Kevin Sakamoto - 13 dager siden
bohdi is a savege
Lorz - 13 dager siden
I want to also be your uncle im ur better than evrrybody in da wrld
XanMan10 Kappos
XanMan10 Kappos - 13 dager siden
He had the smallest merchandise, jelly merchandise
SniperWolf. 06
SniperWolf. 06 - 14 dager siden
Bodhi is so cute ❤️😇 love the video
Christian Lara
Christian Lara - 14 dager siden
why did lazer now they where so little now that i think about it lazarbeam shoudlent be aloud near kid schools
Felix Pena
Felix Pena - 14 dager siden
you make the best vids
Ryda fortnight Sims
Ryda fortnight Sims - 14 dager siden
Love 💕
Positive IN
Positive IN - 14 dager siden
Why was your nephew having the Midas skin ????????????????
Olly England
Olly England - 15 dager siden
I’m 8
Elena Antoniou
Elena Antoniou - 15 dager siden
You got banned my friend told me and epic games sed not to tell them or you will never play FORTNITE
The dog channel Dog
The dog channel Dog - 15 dager siden
He lagged so much
Shafeeqa Hendricks
Shafeeqa Hendricks - 15 dager siden
Epic gamer /aquin0924
Epic gamer /aquin0924 - 16 dager siden
I love jelly
The pro gamer Calder
The pro gamer Calder - 16 dager siden
Yayyyyy Jelly fan
Keke F.
Keke F. - 16 dager siden
I like the way that That your son say little laser beam pet so cute
Noobjr.9 - 16 dager siden
Im here cause of the live stream
mbberryhill - 16 dager siden
stop swearing plz lazar
Memes - 16 dager siden
Sub to lazarbeam
Levi Merritt
Levi Merritt - 17 dager siden
I agree with Bodhi on jelly
Elias Rahmani
Elias Rahmani - 17 dager siden
Dits funy Real funy omg Real funy ting waht ta f*ck
Michael Oldham
Michael Oldham - 17 dager siden
Your nefew is so cute
Benji Clavijo
Benji Clavijo - 17 dager siden
If you want lazerbeam please support to 20 kk subscribe
ItZ SnowZ
ItZ SnowZ - 18 dager siden
6:49 wait... FRESH?!?!?!
Joshua Handoko
Joshua Handoko - 18 dager siden
He good uncle
King Zack1212
King Zack1212 - 18 dager siden
One lesson to all of us never trust loot on the ground unless u see the dude die
Swat Kyle
Swat Kyle - 18 dager siden
Cool nephew I don’t have one cuz ha I’m not human or should I say Goodman’s
Gary Boxall
Gary Boxall - 18 dager siden
This kid has the best uncle I'm kinda jealous
Vlog Off
Vlog Off - 18 dager siden
He was wearing a jelly shirt.......... he watches jelly you should 1v1 him on fortnite
Miguel Fillatre
Miguel Fillatre - 18 dager siden
jelly sucks
Miguel Fillatre
Miguel Fillatre - 18 dager siden
lazar forever
Derpy Enz
Derpy Enz - 18 dager siden
yes rico, kaboom.
BlazeRayYT - 18 dager siden
Tell bohdi he is so lucky to have you as a uncle
xd fishlipz
xd fishlipz - 19 dager siden
Bodhi is better than you at fortnite
P R - 19 dager siden
bodhi is cute but a lil dumb makes him the perfect kid 😂😂