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wow such good memes thanks everyone so good
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LazarBeam - År siden
I have also given a lot to the fires guys. I kissed my mate Cray on stream yesterday to help raise over 300k for the fires. All part of doing more :)
ImAstroLight - 2 dager siden
Cameron Waino
Cameron Waino - 7 dager siden
Why do I never ever see ads on your videos :|
emery brewer
emery brewer - 24 dager siden
If he can ask for 2 grand can I have 2 grand pls seems simple enough
Daredevil Gaming
Daredevil Gaming - 25 dager siden
Oh that’s normal
Bunny Bro
Bunny Bro - 25 dager siden
All for the good bro love you
Samantha Self
Samantha Self - 2 timer siden
What community together since when
2Brothers Studio :
2Brothers Studio : - 2 timer siden
Damn someone call terracid !!!!
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester - 5 timer siden
Happy new year!✌

Not today laser
Covid all around the wold
Kaden Bourquin
Kaden Bourquin - 21 time siden
6:24 that did not age well...
Collino - 22 timer siden
6:25 I wish I was half the man Carson was
That didn’t age well 👀
Bob Boring
Bob Boring - Dag siden
olivetheman is great
olivetheman is great - Dag siden
Lannan: "this is my first video of 2020! Happy new year!"
Me: "well, that didn't age well."
Owen Defosses
Owen Defosses - Dag siden
Carson pic did not age well 😬
Fishy - Dag siden
Little did Lannan know that 2020 was going to be a horrible year
Dry Boi
Dry Boi - Dag siden
Your in for a bad year
lI-Springer-Il - Dag siden
Only if he knew what’s about to come
The Horned Scorpion
The Horned Scorpion - Dag siden
le knife
Mtb Boys
Mtb Boys - 2 dager siden
That bike one was seths bike hacks
Emmanuel Scobie
Emmanuel Scobie - 2 dager siden
"What are you doing step bro" singlehandedly carried the video LMAO
Nolan Walters
Nolan Walters - 2 dager siden
Little did he know how bad this year would be
Mohd Sophira
Mohd Sophira - 2 dager siden
The guy who dropped his pasta is so funny cant stop laughing
BOOM BOOM - 2 dager siden
Baseball Bombers
Baseball Bombers - 2 dager siden
I loved the berm peak video I have seen it so many times
Tony V
Tony V - 2 dager siden
Mr. Beam: Yay 2020!! Happy New Year!
Me: ...were we so happy?...
Faris DAHABREH - 2 dager siden
1 year later boys
Mildred Owens
Mildred Owens - 3 dager siden
at the time 8:05 why did you laugh Lazer beam I'm generally an don't understand
Johann Daniel Dalida
Johann Daniel Dalida - 2 dager siden
I said stop replying
Mildred Owens
Mildred Owens - 2 dager siden
@Johann Daniel Dalida what did i do? i just have a question about what that was
Johann Daniel Dalida
Johann Daniel Dalida - 2 dager siden
Nothing just stop ok?
Mildred Owens
Mildred Owens - 2 dager siden
in the video
Mildred Owens
Mildred Owens - 2 dager siden
@Johann Daniel Dalida so? what did that mean at that time
Smells Trio
Smells Trio - 3 dager siden
Me in 2021 : *sigh* it’s not a happy new year lannan it’s not a happy new year...
Trollster Gamer
Trollster Gamer - 2 dager siden
It’s still 2020
Xavier Coghlan Rennie
Xavier Coghlan Rennie - 3 dager siden
Didn’t age well I don’t think u would still stick by that statement lannan
Iceboyfromhe - 3 dager siden
7:45 pls somone tell me what that video is pls it gives me soooooooooo much nastalga
Mr Pancake
Mr Pancake - 3 dager siden
“I wish I was half the man Carson was”
Quotes that aged well
Uninspirational Lizard
Uninspirational Lizard - 2 dager siden
He could be he just has to know what fans are under aged
Charm Lactose
Charm Lactose - 3 dager siden
What are you doing step bro should've been 1st
Fe4Rless - 4 dager siden
this man is crazy.
Roller - 4 dager siden
Little did he know it would all go down hill
Jake from state farm
Jake from state farm - 4 dager siden
"I wish i was Half the man Carson was" are you sure buddy?
Joel Garside
Joel Garside - 4 dager siden
Anyone know what Lazar beams discord sever is?
Roczilla.gaming Shipton
Roczilla.gaming Shipton - 4 dager siden
“I wish I was half the man Carson was”
Me: so... you don’t know
Zack Fritz
Zack Fritz - 4 dager siden
2021 anyone
Mister Goble
Mister Goble - 4 dager siden
Little dose he know What coming in 2020
SilverBatStudios - 4 dager siden
6:23 "I wish I was half the man Carson was"
So I guess he wants grooming aligations like Carson
Max Charbonneau
Max Charbonneau - 5 dager siden
Yay first time watching this in 2021
Dylan Grorud
Dylan Grorud - 5 dager siden
Wow, it’s really been a whole year since this came out. Feels like it’s been a month
Jeremy Love-Shaw
Jeremy Love-Shaw - 5 dager siden
oh no i k what the what r u doong step bro is hhahahhasaahhahhahahahahahahah
powzer - 5 dager siden
this was on my birthday
Ali Ali
Ali Ali - 5 dager siden
Happy bad year

I know I am late lol
Maria Valencia
Maria Valencia - 6 dager siden
Lazar the mike was understandable
Travis cox
Travis cox - 6 dager siden
the cat in #3 lmao
Casey Taylor
Casey Taylor - 6 dager siden
If only he new what was to come in the next year 😔
Cliz Gaming clips
Cliz Gaming clips - 6 dager siden
man the shit he didnt know was gonna happen later in the year
Grootey - 6 dager siden
Sup brudda Yeah.........
Clay Russo
Clay Russo - 6 dager siden
Me seeing Lazarbeam at the start of 2020:
“Little did they know...
Some human
Some human - 6 dager siden
2020 sucks
CC 2224 Commander Cody
CC 2224 Commander Cody - 7 dager siden
Happy new year! ( me in 2021) lazar you should’ve seen what would Happen tsk tsk
Cambell - 7 dager siden
He's so hyped about 2020, but little does he know it would be one of the worst years ever
Colin Crew
Colin Crew - 8 dager siden
“I wish I was half the man Carson was”
That didn’t age well.
unnecessary content
unnecessary content - 4 dager siden
sigh...... it certainly did not.
Ferretboy56 - 8 dager siden
First video of 2020
A year later
Gerald Albert V. Rivera
Gerald Albert V. Rivera - 8 dager siden
Use code Lazar
Trevor Lester
Trevor Lester - 8 dager siden
Ayyyo berm peak
Mark Banuelos
Mark Banuelos - 8 dager siden
My name is mark :/
Leslie Bolt
Leslie Bolt - 9 dager siden
At #2 I got an add for tic toc and I was like in interesting number 2
zero crew
zero crew - 9 dager siden
what are u doing step bro 8:09
Monty O'Connor
Monty O'Connor - 9 dager siden
He never knew what would happen in 2020
Arsen Vivcharik
Arsen Vivcharik - 9 dager siden
2019Lazarbeam: happy new year
2020Lazarbeam: please end me
Cringe Toob
Cringe Toob - 10 dager siden
Who is in 2021 one
Biganetic Gaming
Biganetic Gaming - 10 dager siden
step bro shoulve won
Art Fleming
Art Fleming - 10 dager siden
"Happy" New Year
NeoProdigy - 11 dager siden
6:18 idk if that's a compliment anymore....
Ryland Brody
Ryland Brody - 11 dager siden
ya happy new year 2020
im not telling him you guys do it
Non Existant
Non Existant - 11 dager siden
“Wish i was half the man carson was”
That aged well
Alvan Edgina haryono
Alvan Edgina haryono - 11 dager siden
What will it be like when 2019 lazar beam saw what happened in 2020
Kate Grind
Kate Grind - 11 dager siden
yexotic gaming
yexotic gaming - 12 dager siden
Lazarbum : 20k
The other 2k I'm agwy
Gabriel Palma
Gabriel Palma - 12 dager siden
I’ve been using your code for almost a year
T_ Squar3d
T_ Squar3d - 12 dager siden
I'm watching this in school
Chincillabowyang - 12 dager siden
Little did he know what was coming that year
Tristan Surprenant-Nolan élève
Terracid is a french YouTube
Tristan Surprenant-Nolan élève
Nateplayz - 12 dager siden
The way sullies eyes widened at the what are you doing step bro
Ajay Boggess
Ajay Boggess - 12 dager siden
6:23 uhhmmm sooo abt that
cameronjpg - 13 dager siden
6:25 that did not age well
M1TrOツ - 13 dager siden
It’s funny that lazarbeam doesn’t know tyler1
Oskar Hein
Oskar Hein - 13 dager siden
Not a happy year for sure
Inward Storm
Inward Storm - 13 dager siden
Whos here in 2021
NickGAMING - 14 dager siden
6:08 @BermPeak & BeemPeakExpress
I.AM. DUMB - 14 dager siden
Me and the boys lookin for comments saying the thumbnail didn't adage well
Jayden Gallego
Jayden Gallego - 14 dager siden
*looks at calendar*
*looks at date this was posted*
Me: huh I guess I’m celebrating 2 New Years eve’s
Ashley Stockard
Ashley Stockard - 15 dager siden
Lannan: happy new year
Us later in 2020:

Basically the worst fcking year in history
Saliha Gubartalla
Saliha Gubartalla - 15 dager siden
Dang Lallen
GOOFYGOOBERGAMER - 15 dager siden
whos watching this in 2021
Nathan Pagett
Nathan Pagett - 15 dager siden
The Carson one didn’t age well
#4 aka if you are in 2021 if you you don’t know you know
Prixxton - 15 dager siden
Roses are read vilots are blue im in the organge and black logo and it rymes with corn
XZQ_KayBando - 15 dager siden
Lazarbeam: I wish I could be half the man that Carson is
Me: should not have said that, should not have said that
TigerMeme Fortnite
TigerMeme Fortnite - 15 dager siden
My ears hurt but I still listen
Blue Tiger999
Blue Tiger999 - 16 dager siden
I bet he doesn't want to be even close to the man that Carson was now
GS Robot
GS Robot - 16 dager siden
Am I the only one that took a screenshot and zoomed it in when there were word on his head
BurgerBees - 17 dager siden
They put in berm peak wow that’s so cool lol
Just Eva
Just Eva - 17 dager siden
a year late
Vectron 24
Vectron 24 - 17 dager siden
this video is now 1 year old
Euan Rodgers
Euan Rodgers - 17 dager siden
1 year later corana
Ikonik BTW
Ikonik BTW - 17 dager siden
The best one was monster inc one 😂
Goated Fate
Goated Fate - 17 dager siden
This was a year ago today
Brandon Will
Brandon Will - 18 dager siden
Theo video came out 1 year ago today.
Eco potato stuff
Eco potato stuff - 18 dager siden
8:05 his face makes it ever more perfect
Bluesky - 18 dager siden
1 year old today

Still the best vid ever😁
HIre - 18 dager siden
1 year today
Wrinkly Rockers You Tube
Wrinkly Rockers You Tube - 18 dager siden
Did u really give 2k to some guy who really should not have won? If so, why?!
Greyson Riegel
Greyson Riegel - 18 dager siden
The Seth bikes hack one 😂