TIK TOKS to watch in quarantine

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Jay Crisp
Jay Crisp - 43 minutter siden
Bloody legend
Boden Wadley
Boden Wadley - 3 timer siden
I am at billionaire because I’ve got a thing that spray is my booty talks every single day
Heyker Estrada
Heyker Estrada - 6 timer siden
I got toilet paper I’m a toilet paper triliner
Football45 D3v1ls
Football45 D3v1ls - 11 timer siden
mohd naveed
mohd naveed - 13 timer siden
like my comment'
mohd naveed
mohd naveed - 13 timer siden
mohd naveed
mohd naveed - 13 timer siden
u are better than fresh
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 15 timer siden
SELLOUT ALERT 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 15 timer siden
Lé lol
Mr.Snowolf - 17 timer siden
Play among us
Devin Goins
Devin Goins - 18 timer siden
Lazarbeam:talks about his sponsor
Me:wondering where the skip ad button is
Ben Crow
Ben Crow - 18 timer siden
5:20. It’s the kids fault for trusting that an 8ft tall man would give them free vbucks
faze peppa
faze peppa - 19 timer siden
5:22 I am dying
Adrian Shaul
Adrian Shaul - 20 timer siden
lol jk its 2021
Adrian Shaul
Adrian Shaul - 20 timer siden
so you guys are still in the disaster?its 2024
Mel D
Mel D - 22 timer siden
that thumbnail thoooo
Camsters_Cool - Dag siden
The mentos in coke has been proven to happen for over a hundred years!!!
Katalin Csermely
Katalin Csermely - Dag siden
Camsters_Cool - Dag siden
Danda Style
Danda Style - Dag siden
Ulul 8:50
Simonkijktyoutube Osibav
Who is here after coronavirus
P e a P o d
P e a P o d - Dag siden
Who's here after COVID?

Sorry getting a bit ahead of myself there
Russell Scott
Russell Scott - Dag siden
5:20 has nobody thought to try to tackle the giant statue guy
Maxence Beauchemin
Maxence Beauchemin - Dag siden
Maxence Beauchemin
Maxence Beauchemin - Dag siden
4:04 wait no the girl os suppose to ride tje guy:)😏😏
Tiffany Gorman
Tiffany Gorman - Dag siden
My name on Discord is Mike Wazowski
Sixin - Dag siden
Who’s here after coronavirus?
Tj Cunningham
Tj Cunningham - Dag siden
My brother thinks you’re bad at Fortnite
Zachary Caison
Zachary Caison - Dag siden
I love your videos
Stacia Prince
Stacia Prince - Dag siden
Got a mullet
Maria G Danylak
Maria G Danylak - Dag siden
im bored
Ablahs Lahssan
Ablahs Lahssan - 2 dager siden
Shut the hell up you shit
Gangsta gran 86
Gangsta gran 86 - 2 dager siden
5:26 that's kinda scary
Gangsta gran 86
Gangsta gran 86 - 2 dager siden
I'm wearing the same merch but youth
Drake Monson
Drake Monson - 2 dager siden
Remember when you swim in the summer smash event in Fortnite yeah good times
Drake Monson
Drake Monson - 2 dager siden
Free v-bucks trust it😈😍
Jameson Eaton
Jameson Eaton - 2 dager siden
Just read this comment and look back at it a year later
good for you you have friend to play with i dont even have one to play with
Charle Soukup
Charle Soukup - 2 dager siden
I subbed a long time ago but I still want toilet paper
David Escatel
David Escatel - 2 dager siden
At the straw challenge uhhh
Lily Lu
Lily Lu - 2 dager siden
is this for ur tic tac video XDDDD
Mason murnane
Mason murnane - 2 dager siden
Im ten years old and I have asthma so im probably gonna get covid
Who else tought the title was ice cream......

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Nery Solorio
Nery Solorio - 3 dager siden
Lazar beam: I have quarantined myself in the office. 1second later:*leaves office to get toilet paper*
Zicari Vaughns
Zicari Vaughns - 3 dager siden
The thum nail
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller - 3 dager siden
I’m subscribed
Olly Brooks
Olly Brooks - 3 dager siden
Olly Brooks
Olly Brooks - 3 dager siden
LOL yeah that's fine for this year?or maybe we yes I'm on it as soon be there to get ban....Please
Olly Brooks
Olly Brooks - 3 dager siden
no Fuck you
Jossi 1234
Jossi 1234 - 4 dager siden
Where is my toilett paper
Bennett TISDALE - 4 dager siden
who’s here in 2021 eating my poop
Travis cox
Travis cox - 4 dager siden
when he said tik tack videos LMAO
Randi - 4 dager siden
Funniest thing he says tic tac instead of tiktok
AceLeader - 4 dager siden
Who’s here after corona
He11oFace - 4 dager siden
4:56 Trys not to die when im supposed to do work
Abigail. Gacha555
Abigail. Gacha555 - 4 dager siden
I swear tiktok r not funny but u make them funny XD
Littlehillhutgaming - 4 dager siden
"I cut your balls off" -lazerbeam
Archie Rudwick
Archie Rudwick - 5 dager siden
Avatar Last Air Bender Music
Lazarbeam: laughs at baby get hurt
Me: is that even funny
Mekai hendricks
Mekai hendricks - 3 dager siden
Yes it is
Joel Haight
Joel Haight - 5 dager siden
Never say mean stuff to your dog again or I will never watch your YouTube channel and you're always get bottom lights and never get prescribed for me
Michael Berg
Michael Berg - 5 dager siden
Where’s my tp
Mason King
Mason King - 5 dager siden
who's here after coronavirus
Erick Atwood
Erick Atwood - 5 dager siden
1:57 then watch 2:07 it is funny
BFS cmhn
BFS cmhn - 5 dager siden
hey can i have some toilet rolll lol
Caz zy
Caz zy - 5 dager siden
Yo corona over
Zyler Man
Zyler Man - 5 dager siden
Bentley Gumucio
Bentley Gumucio - 6 dager siden
I am bord
Lance Feldmann
Lance Feldmann - 6 dager siden
When the dad yells at the kid for dropping the glass and says he is doing his tik tac videos
Sudhanshu Sonkusare roll no 73
The thumbnail of the video
Youtube=like the old day age restrict lazarbeam oh yeahhhh!!!
Mr. Mcgee
Mr. Mcgee - 6 dager siden
Where the frucking tp i subed because i unsubed then subed again and ill keep doing it untill i get all tp bitches
o k
o k - 6 dager siden
Whos here in 2021?
home of Raiders
home of Raiders - 6 dager siden
I am in 2021 there happy
Kyle Brissette
Kyle Brissette - 6 dager siden
nameless - 6 dager siden
Who's here in 2021???

(Sorry, I had to)
barbara Kostecka
barbara Kostecka - 6 dager siden
Carlos Aviles
Carlos Aviles - 7 dager siden
5:18 the demon is coming
Melissa Ortiz
Melissa Ortiz - 7 dager siden
ishanttell1 - 7 dager siden
Real video starts at
BJW - 7 dager siden
Who’s here after COVID?
Ryan West
Ryan West - 7 dager siden
4:17 kinda sounds like josniffy from Alpharad deluxe tbh
Paul Reece
Paul Reece - 7 dager siden
Gimme dat toilet paper 🧻
Marta Mapora
Marta Mapora - 7 dager siden
Braiden Gregory
Braiden Gregory - 7 dager siden
Rip Jennings
Rip Jennings - 7 dager siden
Kid me pretending to smoke

Now me who's massively addicted to shoving Legos up my bum
Bluesteel Games
Bluesteel Games - 8 dager siden
Thumbnail kinda sus😏
Joshua Melville
Joshua Melville - 8 dager siden
I love you lazarbeam
NOAH LEON - 8 dager siden
Can you do a colab with mr beast pls I love you you were very first YouTuber ever pls mate pls
Hannah Scarrott
Hannah Scarrott - 8 dager siden
Since corona almost end up as a zombie apocalypse will there be purge next time????
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 8 dager siden
whos here after coronavirus
Kombe Sikazwe
Kombe Sikazwe - 8 dager siden
All I'm saying cocococo
tony faz
tony faz - 8 dager siden
Tic tac videos
Drake Dynasty
Drake Dynasty - 8 dager siden
i love ur vids lannan, right now i have covid-19, and u r so funny so thank you for making these awesome vids
Eddan Bot
Eddan Bot - 8 dager siden
Thath first tik tok must have hurr
J - 8 dager siden
2:16 he just gently floats down
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera - 8 dager siden
3:40 for those who didn’t understand if a adult date or Or marries a teen or child its illegal so COVID age is 19 so it can’t date a child aka give him COVID
Banana Gamer
Banana Gamer - 8 dager siden
Who’s watching is 2021
enzo medina
enzo medina - 9 dager siden
who is here after coronavirus
Goku Kane
Goku Kane - 9 dager siden
Have a look at dog_lover1689 on tiktok and can u give a shout out
Benny vlogz
Benny vlogz - 9 dager siden
me: im not bord since im wathing laser. laser: im bord im very bord