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Runtime: 11:21


Zach King
Zach King - 4 måneder siden
oh...this is ackward...hi
Sharon Martinez
Sharon Martinez - 18 dager siden
Blinkhorn Family
Blinkhorn Family - 19 dager siden
Funny funny funny funny funny funny NOT
RivalX - 2 måneder siden
EMiJUJU - 2 måneder siden
Eliezar Miranda
Eliezar Miranda - 2 måneder siden
Sup zach
5:58 look at the people xD
World on Vlog
World on Vlog - 23 minutter siden
Yo where is his TikTok in the description
mebenothooman - 42 minutter siden
why were the honorable mentions better than most of the top 10
Wyatt The dolphins fan
Wyatt The dolphins fan - Time siden
Lazar was here
Jassmin Adlam
Jassmin Adlam - 3 timer siden
We Totally not snitch on you LOL
Sam Smyth
Sam Smyth - 3 timer siden
It’s a green screen
Snipy Sniper
Snipy Sniper - 3 timer siden
Hakrid:Your a wizard zach
Zach : :)
Unexpected Phantom
Unexpected Phantom - 3 timer siden
2:46 thank me later.
Cael Anguiz
Cael Anguiz - 3 timer siden
I eat trash
Orange Doggy
Orange Doggy - 3 timer siden
The so called toxic chemical waste is called elephant toothpaste
Donnie Pipkin
Donnie Pipkin - 3 timer siden
When broke down the door he reminds me of Trever from GTA
Aubrey Snyder
Aubrey Snyder - 3 timer siden
Lf R3dux
Lf R3dux - 4 timer siden
Who else saw that the numbers wer wrong
Nicholas Daehnke
Nicholas Daehnke - 4 timer siden
Laserbeam is the God
Browder Playz
Browder Playz - 5 timer siden
Lachy's merch how dare you
A Roblox channel
A Roblox channel - 5 timer siden
Lazar:Apparently everyone loves Harry Potter
Me:I’m not so sure about Harry I’m thinking of Draco
Waddle Frog
Waddle Frog - 5 timer siden
3:32 my favourite part ;)
Aleksandr Sergeev
Aleksandr Sergeev - 5 timer siden
Haha the mum fell
roi.Z YT
roi.Z YT - 5 timer siden
well, you got rickrolled xD
Lamia Haban
Lamia Haban - 5 timer siden
Sandy Myers
Sandy Myers - 6 timer siden
Js video 12334563267
Js video 12334563267 - 6 timer siden
Fresh a couple days ago : yo i am just playing this spell game
Lazerbeam : i am bored * waches sassy vids on tiktok when he is in relationship *
MEDツ - 6 timer siden
You are a wizard zack
Charlie Weeks
Charlie Weeks - 6 timer siden
I am a simp, wait
Super Jeff Super Jeff
Super Jeff Super Jeff - 7 timer siden
Zach Green
Zach Green - 7 timer siden
My name is zach
Julian Chan
Julian Chan - 7 timer siden
hey u got 21 mil views!
Julian Chan
Julian Chan - 7 timer siden
Constantin H
Constantin H - 8 timer siden
wearing the lachy merch
CHANDLER OLSON - 8 timer siden
Love ❤️ this channel😃🥺😅🥰
Elizabeth Stone
Elizabeth Stone - 8 timer siden
Elephant tooth paste
NTI ANIMATIONS - 8 timer siden
I am British and i do not condone with lazarbeam making fun of British culture
Storsatafiskarn Jr
Storsatafiskarn Jr - 9 timer siden
Love ur twerking lazar
Me1w1n - 9 timer siden
If he haven’t seen the wap dance how does know the dance??
legendary_gamerjay - 10 timer siden
Oh hey wadzee (awkward silence )
Sorry wrong person
Alexa John
Alexa John - 10 timer siden
You know why the dog didn’t go down the Fence because the Hurt his balls
SuperChicken Kebab
SuperChicken Kebab - 10 timer siden
ugAly mUllEt
OG CLAN - 11 timer siden
7:35 he looks a bit constipated
Evil Dread
Evil Dread - 11 timer siden
mr beam boi THICC
Addrie Darweez Shahril Fauzi
Addrie Darweez Shahril Fauzi - 11 timer siden
His word was like......…..…"i am bored"
Addrie Darweez Shahril Fauzi
Addrie Darweez Shahril Fauzi - 11 timer siden
I love his sound
Ian plush World
Ian plush World - 11 timer siden
Halil Ortas
Halil Ortas - 11 timer siden
shut up
Øyvind Riis
Øyvind Riis - 12 timer siden
Hello I am yeet I’m a big fan
Rajapriya Arumugam
Rajapriya Arumugam - 13 timer siden
U suck lazerbeam
Daniel Espinal
Daniel Espinal - 13 timer siden
The first onerable mention the thing that's toxic isn't toxic its ekaphant tooth paist
Detective Johnson
Detective Johnson - 13 timer siden
Why does everyone wear a suit for videos bro there so uncomfortable
Mohammed Al-Ramahi
Mohammed Al-Ramahi - 14 timer siden
Wow that acshily worked
bruh dude
bruh dude - 14 timer siden
Zach king is the best
bruh dude
bruh dude - 14 timer siden
Top 10 wtf how does that have so many views?
Katalin Csermely
Katalin Csermely - 16 timer siden
Ciasha Jauregui
Ciasha Jauregui - 18 timer siden
Going back to this vid tik tok should be called simp tok
MAXX - 19 timer siden
i simp for u
Mini - 21 time siden
I love how I am revisiting this vid after 4 months but I watched it within 10 minutes of it being posted. And I only come back because I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every yt vid and lazar ran is a cool kid
Vardhen Op
Vardhen Op - 21 time siden
Lazerbeam:where r my simps
Me:me shouting I’m a simp
Alex Georgiou
Alex Georgiou - 22 timer siden
3:19 weeeeeeeeeeeee
Justin Marzullo
Justin Marzullo - 23 timer siden
are u in pwr
Lucas Sipas
Lucas Sipas - 23 timer siden
you cant dance just for a fyi
Dylan Sword
Dylan Sword - Dag siden
Call my sister is watching Disney+ I’m watching YouTube probably watching stuff that’s weirder than anything in the world
Meredith Masel
Meredith Masel - Dag siden
I like how he comes in the room with a blazer and then underwear
ameer harati
ameer harati - Dag siden
But you look like a tuetal
Sadie Bagley - Snugglycatbug
hunted_ fighter3
hunted_ fighter3 - Dag siden
Zack king is probably cutting out frame by frame on a super good editing app
Eric Williams
Eric Williams - Dag siden
0:29 lazarbeam damilio
Madeleine Pope
Madeleine Pope - Dag siden
“oh it’s another Addison Rae TikTok.”
Madeleine Pope
Madeleine Pope - Dag siden
Do more fortnight!!!
Kobieboxed u
Kobieboxed u - Dag siden
You already know lazar beam was injoying it when he is editing it
david t
david t - Dag siden
Um... there is more views on these tiktoks than more people in America.
Nathan Edward
Nathan Edward - Dag siden
Lazar 5:00 I wasn’t here leave the room
Ryan&Ruby! - Dag siden
is it just me or am i happy that charlie is not on the list
Caleb Gallacher
Caleb Gallacher - Dag siden
OoOoohHH LOoK It’s DaVID DobRiCk
ItzHarryXKyla - Dag siden
Lannan: it’s just simps watching it over again!
Also lannan: *watches the tiktok over again*
Filip Dworski
Filip Dworski - Dag siden
The fist one is a elephant toothpaste
Temperature: around 300 c soooo... Good luck?
FL4K Gifted G
FL4K Gifted G - Dag siden
Turtles 152
Turtles 152 - Dag siden
Lazar will not replie to this coment
Malakai Cottrell
Malakai Cottrell - Dag siden
00:02 same
Owen Gabbard
Owen Gabbard - Dag siden
I like how he is wearing pwr merch
Among us Official
Among us Official - Dag siden
Just click this 😂😂😂 5:00
Jacob Thomson
Jacob Thomson - Dag siden
Your dancing should be top 10
ff gangstaa
ff gangstaa - Dag siden
and 7 ads
Johnny Leveck
Johnny Leveck - Dag siden
like how he is wearing power merch
Philip Ayres
Philip Ayres - Dag siden
I an surprised that Charlie Damieleo is not in the top10
Joshua Shaw
Joshua Shaw - Dag siden
itsssssssssssssss zachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mason Montana
Mason Montana - Dag siden
Lazarbeam: Coming in at 653.2 Million Views.. It's Zach King!
Ads: No, it's ESPN+ and Conor McGregor
CARLY DERR - Dag siden
I hope why does this feel so scary why does it look so scary at all I described it and used in your cooler is really so I hope your eye hope you’re doing fine with your videos by peace
Fox boy Altman Godoy
Fox boy Altman Godoy - Dag siden
Ummm how did he know that dance
Juicy Tomatoes
Juicy Tomatoes - Dag siden
Fun fact: you can jump in elephant toothpaste it is not toxic but it’s very hot when it first explodes like that so just wait a little bit
thurman cabral
thurman cabral - Dag siden
am following the person in 6 place :D
The Freetimer
The Freetimer - Dag siden
I love how he’s wearing a pwr sweater
Diamond BrodiX
Diamond BrodiX - Dag siden
Mind bending bull crap LOL
Canaan Storie
Canaan Storie - Dag siden
who he dating
Mike GAMING - Dag siden
05:02 he was never here don’t know watch ya talk’n baut
Klebonas La
Klebonas La - Dag siden
Maddux Munnecke
Maddux Munnecke - Dag siden
My AirPods are screaming cause there at 5%
999 Killz シ
999 Killz シ - Dag siden
My girlfriend never saw me watch addison
Tomas Porta
Tomas Porta - Dag siden
I will simp fo u :)
coco _ razan gamer
coco _ razan gamer - Dag siden
YA BOI JU - Dag siden
Wonder how mad ilsa was wasted when he said i just have to become an adorable female
D3VØUR Samyaak
D3VØUR Samyaak - Dag siden
Where are my simps me watching this for the 15th time lol
Brittani Landrum
Brittani Landrum - Dag siden