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im bored again
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LazarBeam - 8 måneder siden
that babys fucking gigantic
Demon Playz
Demon Playz - 7 dager siden
BTW lazar when big Jill falls off the treadmill the treadmill doesn’t get any faster because Morgz used a TV remote, I have the same remote
Ruben Melendez
Ruben Melendez - 12 dager siden
Remains - 18 dager siden
Or it’s a middle aged man
dewansh chowdhary
dewansh chowdhary - 23 dager siden
He said baby’s not baby
Bl00d_ch0ke_999 - 27 dager siden
cricky!!! btw im your biggest fan
Lincoln Thorpe
Lincoln Thorpe - 38 minutter siden
How they are rotating 😂🤣
Jay Crisp
Jay Crisp - 57 minutter siden
Fuck all you haters
John Boyd
John Boyd - 2 timer siden
Wolf wolf I ammad
Annalise Dobbins
Annalise Dobbins - 2 timer siden
you cinda look like mrbeast
Tyler Eccles
Tyler Eccles - 2 timer siden
Biggest fattest baby
Tyler Eccles
Tyler Eccles - 2 timer siden
David Grig
David Grig - 3 timer siden
How did the baby make the bottle flip
Midnight Dzi
Midnight Dzi - 3 timer siden
3:10 even the baby knows
Nicholas Damico
Nicholas Damico - 5 timer siden
Woof I’m offended
FlipTryp - 5 timer siden
I just realized that this video was uploaded on my dad`s birthday! :D
Xander McComb
Xander McComb - 6 timer siden
I now rite
Freya Thompson
Freya Thompson - 8 timer siden
Bark bark bark bark bark woof woof
Ben Clifford
Ben Clifford - 11 timer siden
3:42 haha up the irish
wee 5069
wee 5069 - 15 timer siden
Fun fact Tanner doesnt have a nono square its clearly an circle
Lukas Herrera
Lukas Herrera - 16 timer siden
I’ i’m going to your no-no square if you don’t sto
Radi Tamimi
Radi Tamimi - 16 timer siden
What the fuck is that
Galaxy Bruh
Galaxy Bruh - 16 timer siden
Welcome to the gu..
Bubba Blair
Bubba Blair - 16 timer siden
That baby looks like you
Frankie Dodd
Frankie Dodd - 17 timer siden
Gman Topinko
Gman Topinko - 17 timer siden
I know what that means
Sayeed Hassan
Sayeed Hassan - 18 timer siden
4:27 I cried but....

From laughter
Anthony Kelly Quinn
Anthony Kelly Quinn - 18 timer siden
I'm 10 and I know the good girl one means😔😕😔😕🤫
Mysticalfoxgaming - 20 timer siden
Education is trash you've thought everybody a good lesson drop out of high school
Mysticalfoxgaming - 20 timer siden
Education is trash you've thought everybody a good lesson drop out of high school
C H - 20 timer siden
No matter how much i watch these they never get old
Xavier Sissins-Roffey
Xavier Sissins-Roffey - 22 timer siden
I don't you realise that if a mosquito drinks tequila it will die
Zachary Wefel
Zachary Wefel - Dag siden
I am a child and I got the dog joke lazar
Camsters_Cool - Dag siden
That good girl joke is so funny
Lee Koffman
Lee Koffman - Dag siden
Good girl hahahah
Phil Hopkins
Phil Hopkins - Dag siden
thoes headphones are 600$ usd
Harrydabcat - Dag siden
We she says she's home alone 9:40
Valor Ren
Valor Ren - Dag siden
jessica felton
jessica felton - Dag siden
thanks for mentioning our rugby team lannan!
Dane Hollyoak
Dane Hollyoak - Dag siden
jeziah hernandez
jeziah hernandez - Dag siden
Ok I'll stay away from your sis nono Square
Pabi Biswa
Pabi Biswa - Dag siden
Devin DDanielski
Devin DDanielski - Dag siden
your a baby too because tou cant nail a bottle flip
Ashly Foote
Ashly Foote - Dag siden
I am a golden rtryver
will pp
will pp - Dag siden
woof woof so afending
Martha Vila
Martha Vila - Dag siden
9:00 that not even a square lol
Hannah Galon
Hannah Galon - Dag siden
3:37 do you see the smoke coming out of the diaper
Naz Kash
Naz Kash - Dag siden
Play with fresh
Nautical Champ
Nautical Champ - Dag siden
That was 😂😂😂 when that guy's foot looked like
Caden Reilly
Caden Reilly - Dag siden
That baby landed a bottle flip
Hachie Girls21
Hachie Girls21 - Dag siden
I have your Murcia it's so cool
VENOM XD - Dag siden
Ruff ruff bark bark bark
Max Gallagher
Max Gallagher - Dag siden
I am a dod woof woof
Lisa Veddegjerde
Lisa Veddegjerde - Dag siden
What a fuck is it with that baby
Rebecca Gillespie Clarke
DoritoBoy - Dag siden
When mom take all your electronics

You: 3:19
Maria G Danylak
Maria G Danylak - Dag siden
Dam right
Grapeman - 2 dager siden
Ashley Nichole
Ashley Nichole - 2 dager siden
I’m an 11 year old kid and I understand the dog one
ANOUNYMOUS WEIRDO - 2 dager siden
the no no square was a triangle..... THE NO NO TRIANGLE! I AM A GENIOUS
Squishy Animates
Squishy Animates - 2 dager siden
Ira dog
Shaun Foard
Shaun Foard - 2 dager siden
Gacha_FN _YT
Gacha_FN _YT - 2 dager siden
That dog was a dobber (Robber)
Lazer Beam
Lazer Beam - 2 dager siden
I live in ireland
Khloe Carranza
Khloe Carranza - 2 dager siden
I am 9 years old and I knew what @LazarBeam meant is that a good thing or a really bad thung
Khloe Carranza
Khloe Carranza - 2 dager siden
Peyton Ugle
Peyton Ugle - 2 dager siden
Omfg you're vids are AMAZING
Aiden's animation time
Aiden's animation time - 2 dager siden
Lazarbeam 20 years later as a teacher
Student: hey teacher i wonder why do you have the words "code lazar" on your arm.
Lazarbeam: *gets Vietnam flashbacks of him giving advice of how to leave school early.* no reason...
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 2 dager siden
You’re my favorite YouTube
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 2 dager siden
Corbin Westra
Corbin Westra - 2 dager siden
One time I fell asleep eating u and woke up watching peppa pig
Jeffrey Carrillo
Jeffrey Carrillo - 2 dager siden
Oh my god
Jeffrey Carrillo
Jeffrey Carrillo - 2 dager siden
I like when he tuched the eltrexcidy
Gunnar Krueger
Gunnar Krueger - 2 dager siden
Hayden - 2 dager siden
I am an golden retriever
Kyleigha Gutierrez
Kyleigha Gutierrez - 2 dager siden
Woof woof gerr
Cynthia Tyner
Cynthia Tyner - 2 dager siden
That's I big bsby
Marcus Escamilla
Marcus Escamilla - 2 dager siden
Bark bark how could you saw that BARK
Amal Hindi
Amal Hindi - 2 dager siden
Amal Hindi
Amal Hindi - 2 dager siden
Isabelle Wright
Isabelle Wright - 2 dager siden
When u live in the UK and u can drop out of school
Caitlin Farrow
Caitlin Farrow - 2 dager siden
I know
LOHAN - 2 dager siden
Tanner: no no don’t touch me there, this is my no no square.
Me: that’s a triangle?
Peter Potosnak
Peter Potosnak - 2 dager siden
I tried to listen to THAT MAN but the power of Parents defeated me.
yung yolo yolo
yung yolo yolo - 2 dager siden
love you lazar
Archie Chapman
Archie Chapman - 2 dager siden
Fuck you yeet
True Noob Gaming
True Noob Gaming - 2 dager siden
3:32 everybody’s favorite part
David Machado
David Machado - 3 dager siden
Lisa Veddegjerde
Lisa Veddegjerde - 3 dager siden
Koduke - 3 dager siden
Is that a sloth though?
Jcp 302
Jcp 302 - 3 dager siden
Take my money
Marissa Badzioch
Marissa Badzioch - 3 dager siden
I need to kill that mysceto
Marissa Badzioch
Marissa Badzioch - 3 dager siden
Khalifa alkamdah
Khalifa alkamdah - 3 dager siden
How is the baby better than you at naling the bottle flip dood
Khalifa alkamdah
Khalifa alkamdah - 3 dager siden
The sloth was exactly the same as the movie sloth
Khalifa alkamdah
Khalifa alkamdah - 3 dager siden
You are my favorite YouTuber
Hawk Or lose
Hawk Or lose - 3 dager siden
That baby have some sick move after that bottle filp
Adrian Ortega
Adrian Ortega - 3 dager siden
I was about to die when the baby flipped the bottle
Beast Boss
Beast Boss - 3 dager siden
Seth Naarstig
Seth Naarstig - 3 dager siden
Thats fucking giant fuck this
Tristen Uhlenhake
Tristen Uhlenhake - 3 dager siden
this got to 20 mill
Goldengoat - 3 dager siden
Hello random person scrolling through the comments
FNCG clan
FNCG clan - 3 dager siden
3:30 sweet home alabama
The Dooley Brothers
The Dooley Brothers - 4 dager siden
Did that baby eat another baby??????
Crazy Pokemon Friends
Crazy Pokemon Friends - 4 dager siden
and drunk
Crazy Pokemon Friends
Crazy Pokemon Friends - 4 dager siden
and stupid