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Wesley Wilkerson
Wesley Wilkerson - 29 minutter siden
2:09 a part of me wanted to laugh and a part of me didn't XD
Donovan Jones
Donovan Jones - 37 minutter siden
Me sleeping: My brain at 3:00 am 4:34
laila neyra
laila neyra - 40 minutter siden
5:44 im dying
Kaylab Kingston
Kaylab Kingston - Time siden
christian loggins
christian loggins - Time siden
Love trump too
Craig Turner
Craig Turner - 2 timer siden
2:51 lol
Carrie Cruz
Carrie Cruz - 4 timer siden
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Carrie Cruz
Carrie Cruz - 4 timer siden
The motionless engineering perinatally afford because shovel subsequently plant from a tan whistle. lively, bent parallelogram
Mike V
Mike V - 4 timer siden
Mike V
Mike V - 4 timer siden
I am nuts 🥜
Emmanuel Diaz
Emmanuel Diaz - 4 timer siden
FaZe Walter
Fire Reaper
Fire Reaper - 6 timer siden
Cj Gawne
Cj Gawne - 7 timer siden
Cecil Vaila
Cecil Vaila - 9 timer siden
Only boys would feel the pain at 1:09
Nicholas Bohlman
Nicholas Bohlman - 9 timer siden
Doggy man
Nicholas Bohlman
Nicholas Bohlman - 9 timer siden
I fill bat for the sick
Harrymickletoff - 9 timer siden
2:07 if you laugh your going to hell
r1sk fn
r1sk fn - 11 timer siden
Plot twist: Iron Man has always been Lazar Beam in a disguise
GibbyToons - 12 timer siden
1:11 pause on Lazars face XD
PocketQuasar723 - 12 timer siden
bureaca octavian
bureaca octavian - 14 timer siden
You are like Jack Sparrow XD
Izzy Renneedle
Izzy Renneedle - 14 timer siden
Lazar I have a phobia of rodents but I think the mouse is cute
Jagwinder Singh
Jagwinder Singh - 14 timer siden
6:40 I don't think that he is going to become a dad
Jeonaly Demapan
Jeonaly Demapan - 17 timer siden
gta 5
gta 5 - 17 timer siden
STARKNIGHT2000 G give - 18 timer siden
Listen to the one where the kid gets hit on the hard hat with a stick, with ur eyes closed😳😳
Lonnie Richardson
Lonnie Richardson - 18 timer siden
I’m also board and my little brother takes my money
Stephen Rash
Stephen Rash - 19 timer siden
9:10 is my second favourite and 0:35 is my favourite
Rc Experts
Rc Experts - 20 timer siden
Me and my fish vibeing
Jacquelyne Davis
Jacquelyne Davis - 20 timer siden
When a black man run I run to
Marisa Perry
Marisa Perry - 21 time siden
Strike -3C7
Strike -3C7 - 22 timer siden
Day 6 of getting famous off the comments so I can live the dream 🤙
Bbobb Yt
Bbobb Yt - 22 timer siden
The kid at five minutes in be like, "Congratulations, u acquired the achievement 'Brain Damage'"
Eriksen R007
Eriksen R007 - 23 timer siden
Waylon 98
Waylon 98 - 23 timer siden
Im am bored😂
Drew Fabian
Drew Fabian - Dag siden
Do not swear it’s inappropriate and violent
Landon Walker
Landon Walker - Dag siden
I agree with lasarbeam about the phobia about rodents
Deaconator2010games - Dag siden
Still haven’t learnt the thing in number two and I got a nerf rival in hand
Jacob Figueroa
Jacob Figueroa - Dag siden
Luca Benavides
Luca Benavides - Dag siden
Me too
Evil Dread
Evil Dread - Dag siden
we boys feel the pain when the kid shot his thing
Lewis Plays
Lewis Plays - Dag siden
Jennie Mahnoy
Jennie Mahnoy - Dag siden
yes its very weird
Charlie Fraser
Charlie Fraser - Dag siden
Allen Curtis
Allen Curtis - Dag siden
Watch his among us vids
Daily Dose Of BRUH
Daily Dose Of BRUH - Dag siden
bruh ^4
Daily Dose Of BRUH
Daily Dose Of BRUH - Dag siden
Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas - Dag siden
Woof wooof
Alyssa Kaminski
Alyssa Kaminski - Dag siden

Ur mom
Ur mom - Dag siden
GoD dAmM tHaT lEgGo
Lilac Dreams In Heaven
It’s funny because Biden is the one that is smelling 10 year old girls every chance he gets 😂
francisco cabral
francisco cabral - Dag siden
I feel will bad for that dogoo
Flamingrazor 737
Flamingrazor 737 - Dag siden
I..... Am...... Still bored
Alfie Johnson
Alfie Johnson - Dag siden
Did you uninstall fortnite because its all over tiktok and if its true then thanks for the memes we lost a legend
Ian plush World
Ian plush World - Dag siden
I laughed so hard
m1ke - Dag siden

Code lAZAR
JvstEli - Dag siden
mrbeast: gives 60k to people that are homeless
lannan: spends 60k on vbucks
Jack Tanner
Jack Tanner - Dag siden
My dog is blind
ScoopsAhoyBoy - Dag siden
2:56 *shotgun willie*
SarPl4yzEXE _
SarPl4yzEXE _ - Dag siden
am I, a 13-year-old male. a bad person for thinking this is funny. honestly, I think I'm a psychopath.
The meme eater
The meme eater - Dag siden
His edits are the only thing that make me laugh
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera - Dag siden
1:59 what does that say PIANO
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera - Dag siden
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera - Dag siden
benji dumaswiebe
benji dumaswiebe - Dag siden
I have a 20 kill win
GHT Nasty
GHT Nasty - Dag siden
That’s not just any dog. That’s Walter RIp
Michael Barringer
Michael Barringer - 2 dager siden
Pain equals good
dave coleman
dave coleman - 2 dager siden
Who ever through that paper your moms a foe! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ReedoPresto - 2 dager siden
That was my dog :( 2:05 he is blind and that might of been my brother or my sisters tiktok
Pro_tyler_23 - 2 dager siden
I can’t believe u didn’t pick the vid of u I edited
victoria white
victoria white - 2 dager siden
Comment your kill record mines 24
Ari Yo TV
Ari Yo TV - 2 dager siden
No words 1:50
Toxic Cookie
Toxic Cookie - 2 dager siden
Me :Watches Video Also me: I haven't seen endgame
Thomas Mutchner
Thomas Mutchner - 2 dager siden
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Thomas Mutchner
Thomas Mutchner - 2 dager siden
Thomas Mutchner
Thomas Mutchner - 2 dager siden
Chase Yost
Chase Yost - 2 dager siden
It's amazing in how the beginning he looks exactly like Tony
Ismael Ojeda
Ismael Ojeda - 2 dager siden
OMG When Trump Was Talking The Hater Of Fortnite Was There >:(
Logz - 2 dager siden
Why did you rage at fortnite and uninstall it
Dorothy Kelly
Dorothy Kelly - 2 dager siden
That lego man 🖕🏻
Caleb Smallwood
Caleb Smallwood - 2 dager siden
Hi lazar your my favourite youtuber
Skulls 20
Skulls 20 - 2 dager siden
James Ross
James Ross - 2 dager siden
It’s the I’m DYING for me 0:40
Franjo Zalac
Franjo Zalac - 2 dager siden
What kind of fucking crap is happening
Julie Purwin
Julie Purwin - 2 dager siden
We have all felt that boys
It’s ya Boi U N K N O W N
It’s ya Boi U N K N O W N - 2 dager siden
Simon Francis
Simon Francis - 2 dager siden
thanks for the epic content bro
Simon Adams
Simon Adams - 2 dager siden
I’m watching this (normal) and then I get an ad for tik tok
meril amos
meril amos - 2 dager siden
I love the entertainment of people killing their self(my head)DAT BOI SUS
TRISTAN LIAM - 2 dager siden
I feel bad for the blind doggy
Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones - 2 dager siden
1:11 that happened to me with a rival gun
HAZE GAMING - 2 dager siden
I love ur vids
Mike ultra
Mike ultra - 2 dager siden
9:17 wait I paused wait they should RUN!!!!!!!!!!,!,!,,!,!,,!,,!,!
Mike ultra
Mike ultra - 2 dager siden
8:09 SMASH! 😍
Mike ultra
Mike ultra - 2 dager siden
7:22 this is weird
Mike ultra
Mike ultra - 2 dager siden
2:22 this is gonna end bad
Stephen Greene
Stephen Greene - 2 dager siden
u dumby ali a
Stephen Greene
Stephen Greene - 2 dager siden
haha funny lazar beam
Kevin StembrdigeIII
Kevin StembrdigeIII - 2 dager siden
thalilpumkin - 2 dager siden
My highest kill record is the 20 BOMB take that kid on video