TIKTOKS to watch before its banned

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goodbye tiktok
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josh le
josh le - 5 timer siden
pls play fortnight wirth me
Benjamin Fernandez
Benjamin Fernandez - 8 timer siden
Everytime I see the spider man one I laff so hard
Chily Doggo
Chily Doggo - 13 timer siden
Iv always wanted tiktok but my dad has to be stupid and wont let me get it he wanted it to get band but nope
Cameron McGrath
Cameron McGrath - 14 timer siden
The baby lifting the big weight is trying to go super saiyin
Richard Weldon
Richard Weldon - 14 timer siden
Noooooooooo Tiktok 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
XI Kid
XI Kid - 16 timer siden
Lazar: tiktoks to watch before it’s banned
Me coming back to the vid 6 months later: wdym it’s still here
boogara_baby _
boogara_baby _ - 19 timer siden
Ceo of THICK
Caden Reilly
Caden Reilly - 20 timer siden
Cutest kitty ever
Pigeon Milk
Pigeon Milk - Dag siden
i think it was a baby cow spine.. or at least i hope it was O-O
Hybrid Penguin
Hybrid Penguin - Dag siden
Doc went insane
Dillon Meehan
Dillon Meehan - Dag siden
I am disturbed nothing about this is right
Dillon Meehan
Dillon Meehan - Dag siden
Respect the face cam at 8:29
Dane Hollyoak
Dane Hollyoak - Dag siden
My heart 6:13
Alix Bell
Alix Bell - Dag siden
If tick-tock goes Reddit comes back
Alexander Hamilfan
Alexander Hamilfan - Dag siden
Anyone else looking at the bread and thinking of Laurenzside
Stephanie Stokes
Stephanie Stokes - Dag siden
If u feed a baby steroids it will die
That. Infinity_ Gamer
That. Infinity_ Gamer - Dag siden
What the fuck Why did they kiss
CJFlash10 YouTube
CJFlash10 YouTube - Dag siden
dude the baby one just at the end XD
smg4fan30 - Dag siden
8:13 lazerbeam is on dregs
Mason Stiebs
Mason Stiebs - Dag siden
At 8:30 that was wack
Leyah Woods
Leyah Woods - 2 dager siden
Later I Love You ❤️
Emeraldguy 34
Emeraldguy 34 - 2 dager siden
Doc got shocked by twitches drone to death
firren gamer
firren gamer - 2 dager siden
dont watch 1:16
Caleb Ralovo
Caleb Ralovo - 3 dager siden
1:38 wha
Caleb Ralovo
Caleb Ralovo - 3 dager siden
JUSTUS VINCENT - 3 dager siden
Do you have a Mohawk?
Jesse Haydon
Jesse Haydon - 3 dager siden
8:32 no bro just no I give up
Andrew12 Guzman
Andrew12 Guzman - 3 dager siden
3:55 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Santiago Torres
Santiago Torres - 3 dager siden
Vincent O'Connor
Vincent O'Connor - 3 dager siden
Some of the bread was pancakes
Gamer god Try hard
Gamer god Try hard - 3 dager siden
Killer dog
Venson Ylanan
Venson Ylanan - 3 dager siden
10:19 that emu is actually reekid
Phoenix Gaming100
Phoenix Gaming100 - 3 dager siden
Not gonna lie... Almost damn near lost it at the baby part... Lol 😂
Khazaim Farruck
Khazaim Farruck - 3 dager siden
Lazar logic: We will not make any good content
Lazars video of making dum Sh**t 13mill views
Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper - 3 dager siden
Everyone from 16 to 10 is going to remember the Mario kart wii
Elijah Strother
Elijah Strother - 3 dager siden
i did look up emu war and it came up with emu war of 1932. vIsIbLy TrIgGeReD
Elijah Strother
Elijah Strother - 3 dager siden
quality content over at the lazarbeam channel
MATTHEW ARGUETA - 3 dager siden
When he kicks the popcorn from his hand
krakelig-pianist - 4 dager siden
The bread one is a Bulgarian meme
Micah Pieraldi
Micah Pieraldi - 4 dager siden
then there's the fifth were he's VOMITING HOT DOGS WTF
Micah Pieraldi
Micah Pieraldi - 4 dager siden
on the second one, i yelled when you think you have seen everything then I saw the fourth i questioned what the meaning of LIFE IS and I'm going to have to edit this so much GOD
Hunter_Dragon 6
Hunter_Dragon 6 - 4 dager siden
We won boredom mr lazer
J.D. Martinez
J.D. Martinez - 4 dager siden
Ravi Below
Ravi Below - 4 dager siden
the only thing im laughing at is lazarbeam not really the tik toks replay if same
JacePlayzGames - 4 dager siden
Echo gaming
Echo gaming - 4 dager siden
We won Mr. Lazar
zabun nahar Laboni
zabun nahar Laboni - 4 dager siden
Yeet - 5 dager siden
Wutter sheep 🐑 s back
Angely Dimaren
Angely Dimaren - 5 dager siden
What the fuck what the fuck was that shit
OneGuy - 5 dager siden
Lazarbeam: I wonder if you pumped a baby full of steroids how strong could it get
Me: insert a picture of Buff Stewie
BH Crxsh
BH Crxsh - 5 dager siden
7:03 Lannan felt bad for him and was nice :)
Lil Tjay21
Lil Tjay21 - 5 dager siden
3:50 got me🚁
SEWERYN Zablotny
SEWERYN Zablotny - 5 dager siden
I hate tik tok it actually has China spys
Mazvydas Talacka
Mazvydas Talacka - 6 dager siden
The start told me i was in for a treat if you know what i mean 😏
junk food universe cat
junk food universe cat - 6 dager siden
Who ever is watching the "I am bored" series in 2021 is truly bored
Adel Abaza
Adel Abaza - 6 dager siden
5:50 lannan is true
Garen Krikorian
Garen Krikorian - 6 dager siden
Sentence of the day why is there so much bread lazarbeam-2020 at 1:59
Andrew Munoz
Andrew Munoz - 6 dager siden
Low key finna go look it up
Andrew Munoz
Andrew Munoz - 6 dager siden
7:00 same my guy. Same.
Colton Samora
Colton Samora - 6 dager siden
4:56 when m mom takes my Xbox and ps4
Luiza Azizi
Luiza Azizi - 6 dager siden
5:12 The More You Know
Timothy Howell
Timothy Howell - 6 dager siden
Kallywally 2010
Kallywally 2010 - 7 dager siden
4:57 throws the wait and screams🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 7 dager siden
2:23 Jesus died so your sins could be forgiven
Claire Cox
Claire Cox - 7 dager siden
Xavier Hajduk
Xavier Hajduk - 7 dager siden
Where are the kittens eyes
GamingGorilla - 8 dager siden
1:59 there’s no such this as too much bread
Charlotte Knight
Charlotte Knight - 8 dager siden
if you watch your own videos you shall not be 😑
oce_fishbowl - 8 dager siden
no hate to lannan but he's already used that intro
Mahd Ahmad
Mahd Ahmad - 8 dager siden
Sad lazarbeam
Kobe fat fingers
Kobe fat fingers - 8 dager siden
When you said that you were disturbed when that redhead was talking a.k.a. dancing I love so bad well I was eating a candycane it fell out of my mouth
Flamingo ITS ya boy cletus
Flamingo ITS ya boy cletus - 8 dager siden
When people say bread sucks 1:55
Pokemongenix Coffman
Pokemongenix Coffman - 8 dager siden
That emus like get the fuck back here
Hunter Reno
Hunter Reno - 8 dager siden
We did it boys we found the cure for saddness 6:12
Kristine Fleis
Kristine Fleis - 8 dager siden
Very funny
ash greninja
ash greninja - 8 dager siden
ok so good
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez - 9 dager siden
2:59 me: “Alabama”
Cadaeo Crowe
Cadaeo Crowe - 9 dager siden
Aj Mc
Aj Mc - 9 dager siden
Me in my dreams be like...
Mr, beard
Mr, beard - 9 dager siden
Jeremy Rigmaiden
Jeremy Rigmaiden - 9 dager siden
Well honey I fed the birds 1:54
samantha lyden
samantha lyden - 9 dager siden
serious "I am" Lazar "BORED"
Dawn Green
Dawn Green - 9 dager siden
3:45 yer boiiiiiiiiii wooooo wooooo also at 3:53 off hahahahahahhahhaahahhahah kid lol 😂 also at the point no we can never ban TIKTOK
Dawn Green
Dawn Green - 9 dager siden
I know what happened at 2:38 he died of TTV OH GOD NO NO GOD NO PLEASE NO
Dawn Green
Dawn Green - 9 dager siden
Tristan Murphy
Tristan Murphy - 9 dager siden
Person: wow the sunset is amazing
Dog: don’t mind my poop rolling down the boat
Tyler MHT
Tyler MHT - 9 dager siden
Jackson Green
Jackson Green - 9 dager siden
Can’t believe big Chungus has a baby
Mateo Castellanos
Mateo Castellanos - 9 dager siden
2:17, ok I admit I am religious and I find this offensive
ThatOne Issac
ThatOne Issac - 9 dager siden
I'm gonna commit sin
A sin so bad...

GuffGuff Fortnite
GuffGuff Fortnite - 10 dager siden
Caller: Miss, your dog is possessed
Woman: don’t be silly
2 years later: possessed doggo
Dariusyw - 10 dager siden
AUZZIE ADVENTUREZ - 10 dager siden
4:55 pretty sure that’s baby reekid
huggermuggercon Pascua
huggermuggercon Pascua - 10 dager siden
thet man neebs hellp thet sud mete
JacePlayzGames - 11 dager siden
Healthy soap 5:45
JacePlayzGames - 11 dager siden
Patrick 6:01
JacePlayzGames - 11 dager siden
Baby 4:53
Grace Bates
Grace Bates - 11 dager siden
Leon - 11 dager siden
Reason why there so many bread is bc is expired and people let it dry in the sun so they can give them to the farmers to feed there animails
molly Williams
molly Williams - 11 dager siden
5:17 when u check if they forgot your zinger burger