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haha videos make me laugh very funny very cool
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LazarBeam - 5 måneder siden
sorry its abit short... i had to cut some parts out after the whole "channel strike" fiasco the last couple days lmaooo
Harry Kim
Harry Kim - 24 dager siden
Lazar bum play siren head
Gaming fortnite
Gaming fortnite - Måned siden
good job mr beam im reacting to this i shoted you out
Randi Dye
Randi Dye - Måned siden
I about pooped myself
Uzayr Zaheer
Uzayr Zaheer - Måned siden
Bruh a bear
Denise Arkin
Denise Arkin - Måned siden
Game player
Game player - 57 minutter siden
The dog one is funny and real sad and cute
Game player
Game player - 59 minutter siden
Ha ha ha
BlaDe_ CoolClub
BlaDe_ CoolClub - 3 timer siden
Pink the playlist in discription
Ahmad Elbadawi
Ahmad Elbadawi - 4 timer siden
VIDEOS that are Truley uncomfortible
Coochie Man
Coochie Man - 4 timer siden
6:07 so your telling me that tomorrow morning Imma walk out side and see Henry the stick man but with to sirens for a head?.
jaron Butterworth
jaron Butterworth - 4 timer siden
Bh lollypop Salama
Bh lollypop Salama - 4 timer siden
Guadalupe Sanchez
Guadalupe Sanchez - 4 timer siden
Search Memes on Tik tok
perser Brago
perser Brago - 5 timer siden
6:37 girls would never understand
Benjamin Zhang
Benjamin Zhang - 5 timer siden
More like Donald dump XD
Thicc Skelly
Thicc Skelly - 5 timer siden
Did anybody tell him that it didn't happen yet
Fury_Overscore - 7 timer siden
I wish tik tok did get banned
allison james
allison james - 7 timer siden
You are the most amazing person
Withering gaming 24
Withering gaming 24 - 7 timer siden
"no, enjoy your animals America. enjoy it. have fun getting eaten while watching dragon ball z or something" says the Australian...
Sawyer Wells
Sawyer Wells - 8 timer siden
Soutik Mukherjee
Soutik Mukherjee - 8 timer siden
You live in Australia and tiktok will get banned in usa
fitbit plays
fitbit plays - 9 timer siden
At least he was going to ban it for America
ikonik and ninja fan González
Siren head
Deeda Hiraan
Deeda Hiraan - 9 timer siden
Why do you care because you live in Australia
Emily Wolgin
Emily Wolgin - 10 timer siden
Huh tiktok is gonna banned? 5 months later still a thing
Shadows YT
Shadows YT - 10 timer siden
I want tiktok to be banned
Ham Fish
Ham Fish - 10 timer siden
6:37 thats like 2 frames
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve - 10 timer siden
FBearI open up
Andria Pilieri-White
Andria Pilieri-White - 11 timer siden
Hey laser luv u Man U will diy for uui
Harrymickletoff - 11 timer siden
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear - 12 timer siden
Best part to me is, 2:33
Memes Are like funny things
Memes Are like funny things - 13 timer siden
Awesome video
christian felan
christian felan - 13 timer siden
That is so 😭 sad . I want to help him ro her. That tiktok was very sad so sad
christian felan
christian felan - 13 timer siden
The dog one
Togger Akin
Togger Akin - 14 timer siden
Wtf this so manny likes
BOT GOD - 19 timer siden
I'm a bad person I laughed so hard At this video 6:35
Vardhen Op
Vardhen Op - 20 timer siden
Lazerbeam:he didn’t hit the ping pong bal but hit a ball
Me:eee boi I got
Snazzyant - 22 timer siden
6:35 Ouch
Aaron Gardea
Aaron Gardea - 22 timer siden
Lazarbeam I use your code in fort nite
angelic demons
angelic demons - 23 timer siden
And thus this was the day darth puppy was born
Archie Chavez
Archie Chavez - 23 timer siden
Lol us in 2021 acting like, trump has not done it yet because he’s not president anymore, YES!!
Jayda Playz
Jayda Playz - 23 timer siden
I’m one of those anti tic toc people..yes I am and..
I want it banned in australia
Abigail Martinez
Abigail Martinez - Dag siden
No we still have Tim tok YAAAAAAA
Coolman Gaming
Coolman Gaming - Dag siden
2:09 I think the fbi sent a bear
Ethan1234 Pringle
Ethan1234 Pringle - Dag siden
Waaaaaaaa I just want to know what the space ship joke means
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin - Dag siden
4:14 is that fresh in 2013 lmao
John Elledge
John Elledge - Dag siden
Gay gay gay gay
Biggy Cheese
Biggy Cheese - Dag siden
2:10 bro its just smarter than the average bear
Kristian OGRADY
Kristian OGRADY - Dag siden
Mullet gang
Liam McNamara (student)
Addvity - Dag siden
The yummy october effectively refuse because crown systemically man behind a filthy dictionary. important, political scanner
Logic Duh
Logic Duh - Dag siden
hes not president anyomore so YAY
YUBOI sucks
YUBOI sucks - Dag siden
yuyuyuyuyuyuyyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuuuuuyuyuyuyuyuyuyyyyyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyutyuyuuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuytuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyutyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyuyu try and find all three ts
YUBOI sucks
YUBOI sucks - Dag siden
you seem like a nice person , but bi
YUBOI sucks
YUBOI sucks - Dag siden
Kevindude123 - Dag siden
found them
IV Unlimited
IV Unlimited - Dag siden
The first vid WTF!!?
MiniMadVikin - Dag siden
6:37 that is the thing that people say is worse than death
Jayesh Tiwari
Jayesh Tiwari - Dag siden
6:37 the entire avatar scene you can see the word “meng” if you watch it in 0.25 speed.
Bruh K
Bruh K - Dag siden
I’m so glad Joe Biden is president tik tok ain’t going let’s goooooooooo!
Nova Corp
Nova Corp - Dag siden
Andre Jonker
Andre Jonker - Dag siden
Im gping to mpve to ausin 2 months
qt_J.T - Dag siden
Must be nice 1:26 😢
Great All Star Gaming
Great All Star Gaming - Dag siden
Donald trump wanted to ban Tiktok..All the 18 year olds..Banned Donald trump..yeet
Fishy Gaming
Fishy Gaming - Dag siden
Watch shot on iphone
BENTLEY LOYD - Dag siden
Sorry lazar I’m I unsubbing for that intro and these vids
Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers - Dag siden
Cat becomes the watermelon😆
Melon Master
Melon Master - Dag siden
No one
Literally no one
I’m insanely uncomfortable
24 Barney
24 Barney - Dag siden
POV your whatching it when Biden is president
I have an adopted egg
I have an adopted egg - Dag siden
Tiktoks still here is 2021🤣
Shadow Ninja
Shadow Ninja - Dag siden
If that bear did that to me imma just wave and give it fish so it wouldn’t see me as a threat=skill
Tex gamer
Tex gamer - Dag siden
That thumbnail made me feel pain
Tex gamer
Tex gamer - Dag siden
That thumbnail made me feel pain
Ian Jacob De Vera
Ian Jacob De Vera - Dag siden
Avatar state be like : I am the avatar
Ulises Macias
Ulises Macias - Dag siden
Bro he is in Australia it wouldn’t be bann def
Radiation - Dag siden
7:00 Saddest anime moments
Just Evan Estepp.
Just Evan Estepp. - Dag siden
It’s a siren head ya hear about him?
Ollie’s Army
Ollie’s Army - Dag siden
I dyed from poop😂😂😂
Ollie’s Army
Ollie’s Army - Dag siden
Yeet Lasarbeem
Damiangames - Dag siden
[Lazerbeam] ferbie apple watch
[Me] hahahahha ooooooooooo that was funny
Slurp Playz
Slurp Playz - Dag siden
Lol Trump ain’t president no more we got BIDEN THANK GOD
Skullslayer6570 - Dag siden
I almost clicked off of the vid because I was laughing
とoiとoi - Dag siden
Fishy _ZR
Fishy _ZR - 2 dager siden
is it wiener that I have seen half of these
Keep the Oof
Keep the Oof - 2 dager siden
I still miss vines
TGP- Henry
TGP- Henry - 2 dager siden
2:34 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅
Cards and Cases
Cards and Cases - 2 dager siden
Have fun getting eaten says lazar bean the AUSTRALIAN
Max Hidden
Max Hidden - 2 dager siden
You made this on my birthday 🥳
Rose Cola
Rose Cola - 2 dager siden
Mullet Man
Neta Cohen-Arazi
Neta Cohen-Arazi - 2 dager siden
Cat has watermelon. Cat eats watermelon. CAT IS WATERMELON!
FROOTY BOI - 2 dager siden
muf1n - 2 dager siden
wen muselk playd save the wrold
Francis - 2 dager siden
HenryHype Official
HenryHype Official - 2 dager siden
god damit im guna #######
sophia Zerafa
sophia Zerafa - 2 dager siden
I GOT AN ADD!!!!!!!!
Yendrek M
Yendrek M - 2 dager siden
LazarBeam: Enjoy your grizzly bears america
Me: Enjoy your bird eating spiders LazarBeam ^W^
Aaron Shaltis
Aaron Shaltis - 2 dager siden
POV: donald trump isnt president anymore
Colt T
Colt T - 2 dager siden
7:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
golddiggers667 - 2 dager siden
Times a thousand nah nah nah it’s child birth times 999 quadrillion
Jelly G1LBY
Jelly G1LBY - 2 dager siden
The bear was funny
The football know it all
The football know it all - 2 dager siden
I grew a mullet just like u U LEGEND
Garrett Mihills
Garrett Mihills - 2 dager siden
odds are that was in Canada
James Guerrero
James Guerrero - 2 dager siden
hey he's gone now
scooter kid
scooter kid - 2 dager siden
where u from
Payton Hess
Payton Hess - 2 dager siden
Getting hit in the balls is = to a girl giving birth to 100 kids at the same time
Hao Bui
Hao Bui - 2 dager siden
Everyone: siren head is scary. Lazar: wdym it's a moving lamp post. 5:45
Makayla Urian
Makayla Urian - 2 dager siden
6:35 is the most hilarious one in the vid 😂
Patrick Fletcher
Patrick Fletcher - 2 dager siden
Canada be like bear bi open up give us honey