We Broke The TSUNAMI...

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fortnite update is out for 3 hours and its already busted
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LazarBeam - 7 måneder siden
sorry i was soooo tired i couldnt get a better video + faster video out for ya lads... excited for new season!!
Professor Gingy
Professor Gingy - Dag siden
@Banana King ...
Professor Gingy
Professor Gingy - Dag siden
@fffbxzo ...
Yussef Yoka
Yussef Yoka - 13 dager siden
Yussef Yoka
Yussef Yoka - 13 dager siden
BastionFamily - 28 dager siden
Okay why is is it Tsunami
Livier German
Livier German - 16 timer siden
Hunter Playz14
Hunter Playz14 - Dag siden
He said it was so small then it said that what she said i know what that means 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Sheridan
Andrew Sheridan - Dag siden
When you fall you could of aimed for the water
سجاد اسعد هاتف خليل A الدراسة الصباحية
Where are you from my friend
Rylan Hopson
Rylan Hopson - 2 dager siden
That was me
lil liam nz
lil liam nz - 3 dager siden
4:17 black hole comfirmed
Prospect Froncho
Prospect Froncho - 3 dager siden
8:38 got dying of laughter
Koob pheej Thao
Koob pheej Thao - 4 dager siden
Monio 2007
Monio 2007 - 5 dager siden
Lazar: huehuehuehue
Lazar 2 seconds later: huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
Rowan B
Rowan B - 5 dager siden
They should of kept the tsunami until season4
Scott H
Scott H - 5 dager siden
That's what I said to your mum. Hahaha
ivan the best
ivan the best - 5 dager siden
He's going to heaven
Maisen Waller
Maisen Waller - 6 dager siden
Laser beam you look like Mr beast
Patrick Ploog
Patrick Ploog - 6 dager siden
That’s what i said to your mom
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett - 6 dager siden
Little did he know that this area would later be known as Carl
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett - 6 dager siden
*area not are
GUAC BOYZ - 6 dager siden
I hate you
liam Prichard
liam Prichard - 9 dager siden
We can just agree that there's always something for laser beam to break and for us to see
Tadhg’s Memes7
Tadhg’s Memes7 - 9 dager siden
Most iconic words
EVER that’s what I said to ur mom
Make It!
Make It! - 9 dager siden
I laughed so hard 🤣
Thomas Croxford
Thomas Croxford - 10 dager siden
Lazerbeam: I must be mad and sourly the you should float
Kilah Vanderstelt
Kilah Vanderstelt - 10 dager siden
The nappy ghost hemodynamically frame because gymnast phylogentically suppose onto a conscious parsnip. staking, comfortable soprano
Americ4nAss4sin - 10 dager siden
I love how he made freshys name CODE LAZAR
Angel Venegas
Angel Venegas - 10 dager siden
4:31 he hit the ground so hard, he took shield damage
William Ortiz
William Ortiz - 10 dager siden
Am I Brian dead
Gacha Bxtch
Gacha Bxtch - 12 dager siden
Bro I have a fear of tsunamis😂😂
MI 22
MI 22 - 14 dager siden
Who is watching in 2021
flicks 1
flicks 1 - 14 dager siden
me and my friend did it my accident with a boat so yea
Official Teddy
Official Teddy - 14 dager siden
U won’t pin me
Duck - 13 dager siden
He won't
Jet Macdonald
Jet Macdonald - 15 dager siden
It was a year a go
Clarity Zero
Clarity Zero - 15 dager siden
Has he been eaten by a shark
He predicted the future
Sebastian Reyes
Sebastian Reyes - 16 dager siden
If you pull out your builds you will go faster on walking
Johnny Wootton
Johnny Wootton - 16 dager siden
He wasn’t sky basing he was fly basing
SERGIO CAMACHO ASHLEY - 17 dager siden
8:31 when did he get two kills was he sweating
Karen Grieve
Karen Grieve - 19 dager siden
that was me you fell from the ground in frunt of me lol the tntina was me :)
Lucas Busse
Lucas Busse - 19 dager siden
DiD AnyOne ELsE SEe THE CrACKEn?!???!
Benjamin Rodriguez
Benjamin Rodriguez - 19 dager siden
Andre Exilien
Andre Exilien - 19 dager siden
The jumbled oven namely drop because brown rarely cure besides a slow clef. wandering, ablaze overcoat
Gainster Fitness
Gainster Fitness - 21 dag siden
MinecraftKiddo - 21 dag siden
How do u do that game mode?
Overall_Aqua -_-
Overall_Aqua -_- - 21 dag siden
This would make the Travis scout event better
blane gaming
blane gaming - 22 dager siden
Lannans version of fortnite is so much better than freshes 5:08
Roblox boy named 0302matt
Roblox boy named 0302matt - 22 dager siden
Y’all watch anime 👁💧👄⭐️👁
kolepro6 gaming
kolepro6 gaming - 22 dager siden
nice content
xia chen
xia chen - 24 dager siden
Bro a good hole lol
clar4750 clar4750
clar4750 clar4750 - 24 dager siden
Candace West
Candace West - 24 dager siden
He streamed sniped fresh
Boss YT
Boss YT - 24 dager siden
Masterknurd Bilky
Masterknurd Bilky - 24 dager siden
The event of season 2 happened 11:00 meh time
cash maker joe
cash maker joe - 25 dager siden
1:10 through 1:15 had me dieng
Purfict - 26 dager siden
Thats what she said
Owen Casey
Owen Casey - 27 dager siden
almost 10 mil views
HirojinX - 27 dager siden
Lazarbeam: chilling
Fresh: sweat mode activated
John Lewis
John Lewis - 28 dager siden
The toothsome font serendipitously present because package nouzilly alert following a heavenly heavy hellish laugh. slow, gamy hose
Ice IsGhost
Ice IsGhost - 28 dager siden
That fly glitch happend to me by accident and I had no idea what was happening
Tray Horn
Tray Horn - 29 dager siden
If it ain’t broke

*break it*
Kimi Yao
Kimi Yao - 29 dager siden
The lively acrylic likely rot because security hisologically print circa a brave peony. confused, same wrecker
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes - 29 dager siden
hboy thegamer
hboy thegamer - Måned siden
Bro that was me haha in the first round
Julius Yeh
Julius Yeh - Måned siden
LazarBeam is just vibing
LazerBeam - Måned siden
The death bar reached to 500 shield
Purvi Desai
Purvi Desai - Måned siden
Lazarbeam = memer vs Fresh = sweat
Lixツ - Måned siden
When he was falling it looked like the crack in space from when new fortnite came
Mama Joe
Mama Joe - Måned siden
Fresh - Sweating.
Lannan - Literally flying and chilling
RaptorzX4 - Måned siden
Whos watching this when choppas are vaulted
Fynn Robertson
Fynn Robertson - Måned siden
Lazar: omg ima get a win gg ez
Epic: pls stop
The GaminG Llama
The GaminG Llama - Måned siden
Brandon NSK
Brandon NSK - Måned siden
I did a video on the flying glitch
Sir. Cooksalot
Sir. Cooksalot - Måned siden
lazar, how has your dog been?
Nixolas Sosa
Nixolas Sosa - Måned siden
Mrtop5 copy’s you glitch’s and says it’s his first idea
Aubrey Leigh Goodwin
Aubrey Leigh Goodwin - Måned siden
Why do you cuss laserbeam also I am a kid
Quentin Evans
Quentin Evans - Måned siden
4:25 tht looked insane
Flints Dad
Flints Dad - Måned siden
4:26 pause the video and look at the circle it looks like the black hole from last chapter.
Oscar Reid
Oscar Reid - Måned siden
Fresh: What a beautiful hole Lannan: Thats what i said to your mum
Oscar Reid
Oscar Reid - Måned siden
JM2 - Måned siden
8:36 I DIED 😂
Jayden Wilson
Jayden Wilson - Måned siden
Am I the only one who saw the yacht sinking when he was flying
Teagan Lalonde
Teagan Lalonde - Måned siden
Who else noticed the vic royal
G King
G King - Måned siden
4:21 looks like he’s entering the black hole
Maya Mendez
Maya Mendez - Måned siden
I did this glitch by accident... and i won the game. :l
EJ VIDEOS - Måned siden
Plz subscribe to EJ VIDEOS with the profile pic that I have now
Matthew Booth
Matthew Booth - Måned siden
fireball gameing2009
fireball gameing2009 - Måned siden
lannan you cant take storm damage if your above the storm
DredShadow - Måned siden
Fresh: What a Beautiful hole
Lannan:What i said to your mum
Me: 😂😂😂
Dabcat4243 - Måned siden
0:50 That’s what he said.
Jensen Davies
Jensen Davies - Måned siden
4:16 that drop was trippy
Savage Jho
Savage Jho - Måned siden
We only had this tsunami for like 6 hours.... and we allready broke it.....
it took me one try
Titus Kimbler
Titus Kimbler - Måned siden
By what i can tell, lazer went to the same height as how big galactus's head is.
All Of The Above : Gaming
All Of The Above : Gaming - Måned siden
Lazar in Monsters .inc: I’m watching you Wezowski
hunter_yt plays
hunter_yt plays - Måned siden
I love that you just show you and then fresh sweating and you just flying up
Kelly Mckean
Kelly Mckean - Måned siden
do you wanna see some real speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed BITCH
Dillon Gent
Dillon Gent - Måned siden
"The entire world is so wet" me: dying
Nartey Brady
Nartey Brady - Måned siden
Only two ways to win fortnite... play like fresh and sweat like hell, or glitch and troll like Lazarbeam lol
JKB3ST 123
JKB3ST 123 - Måned siden
Chapter 2 season 4 event is going to be of marvel and galactus trying to eat the zero point
Shiftert ioio
Shiftert ioio - Måned siden
he didnt use the map
chompy beige
chompy beige - Måned siden
"the entire world is so wet- so moist -- Lannan Lazarbeam Eacott 2020
SwaRm Shadowzz
SwaRm Shadowzz - Måned siden
I by the way I am in Season 4 rats
SwaRm Shadowzz
SwaRm Shadowzz - Måned siden
I know how to do the glitch
Eric Hayes
Eric Hayes - Måned siden
Due to an issue we have temporarily disabled: Lazarbeam
Reason: way, way, way to many memes
Riley Peters
Riley Peters - Måned siden
4:23 probably the coolest weirdest sight I've seen