Why My 2020 Sucked

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2020 is almost gone YAY!
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xoxo_. natalie
xoxo_. natalie - 18 minutter siden
the funny thing is that his favorite video he made is that that video is up next lol
Yusuf Sekandari
Yusuf Sekandari - 5 timer siden
No 2020 hasn’t even been close to the worst year do you know the Black Death millions died from that
Wedge Studio
Wedge Studio - 5 timer siden
Im still pissed you caused the virus
Idarian Nunez
Idarian Nunez - 8 timer siden
Rip fortnite lazar beam😭😭😭😭😭
Ice drift clan
Ice drift clan - 9 timer siden
i hate this year 2020 so much my mom stop seeing me i hate it so much.
TMN - 6 timer siden
It’s 2021
Aweird Randomkid 69
Aweird Randomkid 69 - 10 timer siden
A good game was being made in 2020 and it is called halo infinite
Jack Hilliar
Jack Hilliar - 10 timer siden
wait wait did the man who he calls dad finly fall over jokeying love you lazer
Sharon Mcdonagh
Sharon Mcdonagh - 11 timer siden
Lazarbeam 2021
Sliker SIKE gaming
Sliker SIKE gaming - 14 timer siden
can lazarbeam just pls be 1st at australia
DerekOmgMok - 18 timer siden
First the worst second the best
Lazerbeam: I'm glad i'm not number 1 in Australia
adam trolin
adam trolin - 18 timer siden
Fresh is Justin
Bad Turtle463
Bad Turtle463 - 18 timer siden
Plz play fn again meme alupic whith fresh mcreamy mou plz🙏
Dallas Gene
Dallas Gene - 23 timer siden
Cray's 5 persent power went on lazars face
Aidan Boyle
Aidan Boyle - 23 timer siden
Second place is just first looser🤗
Rafael Animations Martinez
My great grandma died in 2020
imnormal 4978
imnormal 4978 - Dag siden
The guy who dropped the soap

Woah :D
Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes - Dag siden
I have Been subscribe since the beginning
Kermit - Dag siden
*it wasn't just your's, lannan.*
Clushy - Dag siden
Lazars son here Fresh hes already taken and he is cracked att fortnite my guy uhhhhh
Frosty_ Playz
Frosty_ Playz - Dag siden
My 2020 was bad as well as my house was on fire
I'm Camman
I'm Camman - Dag siden
Adpocalypse was worse
Iron Eddie fn
Iron Eddie fn - Dag siden
PJ Alfieri
PJ Alfieri - Dag siden
I big brain in lazarbeam has died 1 vid said I’m coming lazarbeam he robbed idk I think big brain
Simone Thompson
Simone Thompson - Dag siden
So sad
Depressedkidinyour_ School
My friend here Freah he’s always taken and he’s Cracked at Fortnite my guy UHHHHH UHHHHHHH
Faze Dropz
Faze Dropz - Dag siden
Who was watching in 2014 I was the 26 sub
DEMO ApoLLo - Dag siden
I don’t know if you’re seeing what I’m seeing, but which section of the video was longer... 🤗
John Hammond
John Hammond - Dag siden
This guy on YouTube called grey still plays keeps fucking up ur country on universe sandbox 2
anson nong
anson nong - Dag siden
theres a vaccine
Corben Peach
Corben Peach - Dag siden
i miss the queen
Tech Nerd
Tech Nerd - 2 dager siden
I need the queen in the back round 😎
bubbly_colt8 - 2 dager siden
Did you quit fortnite
Nawal Almutawa
Nawal Almutawa - 2 dager siden
Hes cracked and taken uhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
Nawal Almutawa
Nawal Almutawa - 2 dager siden
Who knows lazer beam from 2015?
PandaPlays - 2 dager siden
My 2020 also sucked
Mike Derico
Mike Derico - 2 dager siden
I have a minus blood type so I have the lowest chance of getting coronavirus thank you god 🙏
Mike Derico
Mike Derico - 2 dager siden
Anna Hamilton
Anna Hamilton - 2 dager siden
this made me laugh my head off
Bakugos Waifu
Bakugos Waifu - 2 dager siden
Tomas Gallardo
Tomas Gallardo - 2 dager siden
Well one of my family members died:(
Aiden Cotter
Aiden Cotter - 2 dager siden
*Your* 2020?
ManuMomi - 2 dager siden
For me 2021 started in a hospital and ive been operated 😅
Grayson Bird
Grayson Bird - 2 dager siden
I love your videos
Noah winsten Dalsgaard
Noah winsten Dalsgaard - 2 dager siden
mason is not Happy
mason is not Happy - 2 dager siden
Sad man don't get no more channel strikes if u do we will miss you man
Jayesh Shrinivasan
Jayesh Shrinivasan - 2 dager siden
WHAT WAS SCUFFED SANTA DOING AT 2020 DECEMBER I WAMTED HIM TO GIVE MONEY TO CHARITY.....Did he die to covid..... if he did RIP Scuffed Santa
Maddison Embrey
Maddison Embrey - 2 dager siden
Bugger off
TDSB East - 2 dager siden
DrGreasys Alt
DrGreasys Alt - 2 dager siden
Wheres the cardboard cutout of the queen
ShivsterNinja - 3 dager siden
Can help your strem content like be on your stream
SSHale21 - 3 dager siden
Don't you get those "Lazarbeam died" videos every year lol??
Ethan Muza-Reigle
Ethan Muza-Reigle - 3 dager siden
SO they can wash them selfs
Ethan Muza-Reigle
Ethan Muza-Reigle - 3 dager siden
Redneck Vlogs
Redneck Vlogs - 3 dager siden
Why do i feel like going to bounce patrol and repor them so lazer get number 1
Tristan IsSomone
Tristan IsSomone - 3 dager siden
The lazerbeam is dead is back
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor - 3 dager siden
Lazer beam:*relaxeing*
Youtube and humanty:ima end this mans hole creer (sorry spellings)
Lazer beam: fak off
bobafy fett
bobafy fett - 3 dager siden
Best thing imo: mando season 2
Gaeun Lee
Gaeun Lee - 3 dager siden
Gaeun Lee
Gaeun Lee - 3 dager siden
Looser fruit
LCC Plays
LCC Plays - 3 dager siden
I am 9 years old and I like someone and she likes me(I am proud of FRESHY)
MOFFITRON - 3 dager siden
You used too be good. Pls go back to your old content...
YeetingKangaroo 1
YeetingKangaroo 1 - 3 dager siden
It's sick that someone would literally STEAL the best youtuber's things. Dude..
Alonzo Huerta
Alonzo Huerta - 3 dager siden
you thought your was worse k number 1 almost my whole family died cause of cough cough and my iPhone 11 got stolen. number 2 one day my food from mc Donalds got stolen by a poor man and i always had to wake up 4:00
DODO - 4 dager siden
That's really a good kiss 👁👄👁
Wilderness Fishing
Wilderness Fishing - 4 dager siden
In 2020 my house burnt down it's still burnt down and we're still looking for a place to stay but we've also got covid in our way and both my grandparents are in hospital 😓😥
Kierstin Ohlson
Kierstin Ohlson - 4 dager siden
right now u can visit someone in jail, but not someone in the hospital. 😔 it’s just so sad
Jeremiah Muttilib
Jeremiah Muttilib - 4 dager siden
only justin and fresh have acheived such awesomeness
Jackson’s Adventures
Jackson’s Adventures - 4 dager siden
We got corona on Christmas Day and we still have it and I’m scared but lazerbeam you help me in the bad times and I am really thankful that you are here. Thank you for always helping me and you have encouraged me to become a YouTube. Thank you
Kirsty Sugden
Kirsty Sugden - 4 dager siden
Someone broke into my house before aswell nearly at xmas and didn't steal anything
joseph wood
joseph wood - 4 dager siden
When your in england and there's a badder virus: welp this is great.
Freya Heaton
Freya Heaton - 4 dager siden
Ikr it sucks
Judi Dixon
Judi Dixon - 4 dager siden
Judi Dixon
Judi Dixon - 4 dager siden
Julianne Bassler
Julianne Bassler - 4 dager siden
Alexander Fangmann
Alexander Fangmann - 4 dager siden
I love to see lannan blow up though i dont actively follow him anymore
Leanne Witeszczak
Leanne Witeszczak - 4 dager siden
Lazar this is for you yeet
Scott H
Scott H - 4 dager siden
I just watched a live lazar video. The entire time he was begging for donations. How pathetic. Dude has how many millions of subscribers and easily makes 7 figures from youtube revenue. But he needs to beg for money from people that work hard to make little money? Sad.
GoldrushGaming - 3 dager siden
Oh dear
CharlieHughes YT
CharlieHughes YT - 4 dager siden
Who remembers the queen that was in the backgrund
BryanPlayz - 4 dager siden
Who else can still taste the communion wafer from Church ?
ELI does stuff
ELI does stuff - 4 dager siden
This meant a lot because my grandpa died last wea its been so hard for me and my family thank you Lazarbeam
2020 was a hard time for everyone, I just want to say thank you for putting in your time, to entertain the world through the dark times.
JERONIMO CANCINO (Student) - 4 dager siden
I understand there’s COVID but anyways if there wasn’t COVID you never come out
Justin Weisberg
Justin Weisberg - 5 dager siden
Everyone around the world:
yay 2020 is over woo hoo
Wait?? 2020 ended?? What happened??
Why r we still on fire 🔥?? Also, The pumpkin man tried taking over on the 6th and everyone hates each other. It’s like 2020 never ended M8.

Oh and to make everything worse old m8 lazarbeam became a streamer btw.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith - 5 dager siden
Lazarbeam:fuck off covid
Me:I got COVID my brother did and my dad is in intensive care...........I fucking agree
MID gaming
MID gaming - 5 dager siden
Wow 3 videos this yr alrdy
Nolan Toscano
Nolan Toscano - 5 dager siden
The fire with in
TMN Fiveshot
TMN Fiveshot - 5 dager siden
Worst year ever
tinytin 07
tinytin 07 - 5 dager siden
iv missed 3 videos my notifications was of :(
Andreas Kvamme
Andreas Kvamme - 5 dager siden
I was on like 7 houers in total on the ets2 stream and can u make another one, realy enjoid it ❤️sorry bad righting im norwegian 😅🇳🇴
Shawn Valera jr
Shawn Valera jr - 5 dager siden
LazarBeam: talks about corona. The guy that has been asleep for 7 months: what’s coroana
Miles Williamson
Miles Williamson - 5 dager siden
Please bring back learning with lazarbeam.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez - 5 dager siden
i like your videos
Thechillgamer - 5 dager siden
I’m srry about ur family member in the hospital.
MonzterMusic - 5 dager siden
I am going to watch Free Guy if it's coming in theaters! You are in the movie! Excited!
Rayan Ahmed
Rayan Ahmed - 5 dager siden
mark rober lost in the first round in trivia too, the guy is a genius still
Jean Beauchamp
Jean Beauchamp - 5 dager siden
AUK-Ali - 5 dager siden
Check out my fortnite montage Spicy!
Rocket2536 - 5 dager siden
K A - 5 dager siden
Were is the queen 👑
Aidan Comiskey
Aidan Comiskey - 5 dager siden
GUYS. chad wild clay released a video talking about who stole one of the spy ninjas play button. and they think that lazerbean stole it! insane right.
LovedogAll Meh
LovedogAll Meh - 5 dager siden
For everyone 2020 is the worst
Quinn Smith
Quinn Smith - 5 dager siden
You know what rhymes with nose